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Trudeau is Exposed by His Friends and Family


His Darkest Secrets Lay Bare

Buckle up, because we’re about to take a wild ride into the warped and corrupt mind of Canada‘s very own narcissist-in-chief, Justin Trudeau.

The curtain has fallen down, and Trudeau’s true self has been exposed with a new book detailing the chronicles and dropping some bombshells exposing his lowest of lows and the rot that lies behind them.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Because his own friends, his former colleagues, his advisors, and even his ex-wife will tell you in exact detail how Trudeau came to be and what he really is behind all the glamour and the grit of the political scene.

Prepare for what feels like a eulogy for a Prime Minister that is counting down the days till he is finally booted from his position of power.

Trudeau and Basic Narcissism

Narcissism can be many different things to many different people, with some viewing it as a mental illness more than anything. But for what it is worth, Narcissism is often defined as a personality style that is characterised by the individual seeing themselves in a much better light than everyone else.

It is the intense and excessive preoccupation with oneself that can – and will, most times – be at the expense of other people, hurting them greatly in the process of benefiting oneself to the highest degree.

Although it is quite normal in small quantities so that people don’t end up depressed and hating their own skin more than anything, the line is oftentimes crossed into the abnormal state and expression territory.

Now, you must be wondering why I started this piece by explaining what Narcissism is? It is because I am trying to provide a framework; A context through which I can propose to you ideas and questions about the state of Canada without any confusion. And the only question I am interested in right now, relates to our dear Prime Minister.

Tell me, isn’t the narcissism description quite fitting for Justin Trudeau? It feels like it perfectly explains him; A man obsessed with himself and his “wacko” policies that come at the expense of Canadians.

But you know who also agrees about this description of Trudeau? His ex-wife and his liberal colleagues.

Trudeau Betrayed by his Friends and Family

In a recent book detailing the chronicles of Justin Trudeau – with some of his life’s highs and mostly all of his lows, three former liberal ministers confirm that Trudeau suffers from an acute case of narcissism.

They explain how Trudeau actually believes his own trash is diamonds in the eyes of Canadians.

The shocking revelations about Trudeau’s warped psyche come from none other than veteran journalist Stephen Maher’s new book, The Prince: The Turbulent Reign of Justin Trudeau. After extensive interviews with over 200 political insiders, including Trudeau himself, Maher exposes the stark reality behind the facade.

Trudeau is described by his closest circle as having a saviour syndrome, where he honestly believes he is doing good and is still doing good for the people of Canada.

In spite of his closest allies advising him, and in spite of all Canadians rejecting his message and ideology, Trudeau really believes he operates above mortal existence. Like an angel sent to Canada to save and elevate it, only to fumble every step of the way and end up deep in the bottom.

Keep in mind that this is his former colleagues’ words, and it is further corroborated by close friends who go further and explain how Trudeau’s narcissism and saviour complex eventually led to him losing the love of his life.

Trudeau is so ignorant and high off his own smell, that when it came down to choosing between stepping down in 2023 and giving the reins to another Liberal to lose to Poilievre, or save his marriage with Sophie, Trudeau chose running the country over his relationship without a second thought.

And the examples that point to the true face of Trudeau don’t stop there. One prominent event that was highlighted in the book was the free trip to the Aga Khan’s luxury island that Trudeau took with his family while stupidly thinking it won’t ever backfire in his corrupt face.

Well as it turns out, Trudeau was actually advised by his inner circle and team that his trip would be a horrible idea. But Trudeau was so stubborn and incessant on this useless vacation trip for some odd reason, that the team started begging him to at least give them the opportunity to inform the public and control the narrative before the news break.

But we all know how that story turned out at the end of the day. And as you can expect Trudeau’s team was disappointed but shockingly expected this outcome. In their own words, If Trudeau wants something, nothing will stop him. What a sane and just individual that should definitely be running a first world nation.

A Cycle Feeding Trudeau’s Ego

Everything Trudeau touches fails depressingly, and we have speculated for years about his rotten personality that is exuded everytime he opens his mouth. But now we have clear confirmation from the closest people to Trudeau, and now a lot of things make a lot of sense.

I mean yeah it is understandable how Trudeau can be lambasted and called out day in and day out in regards to the failing and abysmal economy that he is leaving behind, only for him to introduce more harmful and counterproductive policies while doubling down against every Canadian with common sense.

And it is pretty in line for him after he was slapped in the face with a reality check by a reporter that wanted to highlight how the liberals are barely trailing behind the conservatives in the polls, only for Trudeau to smugly dismiss all her concerns and sneak a jab at his conservative opposition without any sort of self reflection or accountability.

And don’t even get me started once again about Trudeau announcing an increase in military spending in a grand press conference that promised Canada to finally abide by the NATO defence percentage, before Canadians were met with the true dire reality of the situation at the hands of the Minister of Defence himself.

And you would think Trudeau would just shut his mouth and try to reach the agreed upon goal, but it was too late with U.S senators and the whole world laughing at the state of Canada and Canadians.

After nearly a decade of Trudeau’s leadership, Canada is weaker, more divided and less prosperous.

And all the blame lies on the shoulders of many Liberals, but mostly one corrupt and rotten man.

It is high time that Canadians get what they truly deserve, and that is a competent and honest leader, leading with common sense and grace.

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