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These are Articles and Videos that the MSM Platforms like YouTube and Meta wont allow us to publish. Here we have the freedom to properly dive into these topics, thanks to your Support and Generosity.

Trump Slams Biden Over Open Border Policy

Trump took the strong initiative and blasted crooked Biden and his radical open border ideology for enabling the preventable death of Laken Riley at...

Conservatives Pressure Trudeau in the Courts

Justin Trudeau – the failed Prime Minister of broken promises and never ending corruption scandals. After lie upon lie to Canadians, Trudeau now faces...

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Port Strike Continues After Trudeau’s FAILURE

In Canada, a liberal politician is a person who will willingly sacrifice YOUR life for their own welfare—a narcissist who will completely disregard your...

Gay Alliance Attacks Woke Agenda

How did the Pride parade turn from an event celebrating oneself into an extravagant display of hypersexualized branded ideals? A huge part of the LGBTQ+...

TrudeauForPrison Trending On Social Media!

Trudeau has been abusing his power for so long with a long list of scandals that have no end, and Canadians are reaching their...

Trudeau’s WEF-Sponsored Master Plan

Not only is Trudeau out to destroy Canada with his failed economic policies and his out-of-touch agendas, but he is also trying to completely...

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