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Trudeau is Roasted for Another Tone Deaf PR Video


Another Day, Another Embarrassment

Justin Trudeau is on another tone-deaf social media bender. This time, the Prime Minister has now taken to Twitter to defend his misguided capital gains tax hike.

In a cringeworthy video riddled with condescension and spin, Trudeau desperately tries framing this massive tax grab as taking from the ultra-rich to give to the middle class.

But his socialist soaked sales pitch rings hollow. This clumsy PR stunt exposes his capital gains tax increase as an embarrassing political blunder.

Rather than retreat from a policy that threatens doctor shortages and pummels small business owners, Trudeau has tripled down.

He’s resorting to Shark Tank theatrics and class warfare rhetoric to divide Canadians and save face.

But his ignorant video has achieved the opposite, shining a spotlight on this tax scheme’s epic flaws.

Canadians see through the spin and recognize punishing productivity is no path to prosperity. It’s time someone with common sense scraps this tone deaf tax on capital gains.

Trudeau Preaches Socialism

If it wasn’t enough that Trudeau is using all his time to shock us with his stupid and corrupt policies every day that ends with “y”, he is now trying to triple down on his costly capital gains tax increase that he and his liberal establishment can’t seem to get out of their minds.

But if you thought he would just do it normally in a speech, or through a press conference, then prepare to be embarrassed as Trudeau takes the PR dive once more and posts an out of touch twitter video in an effort to garner support by declaring a class war.

The 3 minute video Trudeau took the liberty to post online – before ever making sure if he could do it in a less embarrassing and inept way – started with Trudeau blatantly lying about the capital gains tax increase only affecting less than 1% of the Canadian population, in spite of the massive media coverage it had gained since the budget revelation.

Trudeau tries his hardest to steer the conversation to his tune by treating Canadians like middle schoolers who have no grasp of the economic severity of the tax increase. It is honestly petty and sleazy the way he talks down to people and explains the difference between income taxes and taxes put on external asset profits. Maybe he should focus more on fixing the issue and axing the increase instead of resorting to weak liberal propaganda.

He liberally states how this is not fair for hard working Canadians at all, but then he goes and tries to convince these same hard working Canadians about his plan by describing what can only be explained as basic socialism.

Trudeau is talking a grand game about getting the ultra rich to pay a fair share so that every generation in Canada may reap the benefits. If this is not just taking money from the rich and distributing it between everyone else then I don’t know what is.

It is quite shocking that a leader of a first world country like Trudeau not only goes online to post cringey PR videos, but fills these videos with socialist propaganda for all to see. It is almost as if he is challenging us with this narrative since he is fully aware he won’t be held accountable til the general elections.

Trudeau Forgets About the People

What is even more shocking is how he carefully uses terms like “the 1%” and “the rich” in contrast with hard working Canadians. Trudeau is very clearly trying to start somewhat of a class war here to get people riled up enough to support his corrupt capital gains tax increase.

But if this tax scheme was truly fair for every generation then why did Trudeau immediately turn a deaf ear to doctors warning that his planned capital gains tax hike could worsen physician shortages and threaten healthcare access for millions of Canadians.

The Canadian Medical Association explains that most doctors would be significantly impacted because they incorporate to deliver medical services and invest for retirement within their corporations. But you will never hear a beep coming from Trudeau trying to explain his position and how he will avoid all the innocent people in his liberal crossfire.

Trudeau can preach about making the wealthy pay more, but many doctors are not wealthy. They have invested prudently for retirement so they can continue caring for patients into their senior years. This tax grabs their nest egg and jeopardises their ability to keep practising medicine.

So I guess the capital gains tax is actually affecting the hard working Canadians, unlike what Trudeau would have you believe. I wonder why he would lie about such a thing.

What are They Hiding?

Moreover, if the capital gains tax is truly beneficial and will not affect most Canadians, why is the capital gains tax not included in the costly and corrupt 2024 liberal budget?

It was all part of a cynical political move, that Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland did to split off the capital gains tax hike from the budget bill and then introduce it separately in the future. But why exactly, if you are so sure of your policy?

The answer is simply because they wanted to affect the conservatives’ focus on voting off the tax increase and the budget bill with different motions to lessen either blow. Clearly Trudeau wants to deny the Conservatives a straightforward opportunity to vote down the tax hike.

It’s a sneaky, underhanded trick that manages to be both ruthless partisan politics and weak leadership. Real leaders stand up for what they believe is right. They don’t bury unpopular policies in separate legislation.

And they especially don’t try to parrot these same policies in propaganda videos on the internet filled with insane lies, all while they play political games in the background and hide the most egregious parts of the policy behind their backs.

This is not the first time Trudeau was cornered by his own blatantly corrupt policies just for him to resort to PR tactics and out of touch advertisements.

He did it several times trying to explain his inept rent policies that are somehow also “fair for every generation”, and when he tried to advertise his equally corrupt and incompetent cardboard housing plan.

It is always the same tactic with desperate Trudeau, but Canadians are much more aware and more open minded to actual logical and good ideas, not some “woke” liberal and socialist propaganda disguised as a tax policy in favour of the people.

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