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Wall Street Journal SHREDS Trudeau


Canada was called a military free-rider in NATO by The Wall Street Journal, which published an editorial about how Trudeau embarrassed Canada at the NATO Summit this year, saying it is too bad there was no kid’s table for Trudeau to sit at with his pathetic contributions. While some countries are surpassing NATO’s required spending target, Canada did not even come close to reaching it, and Trudeau is promising even more. Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite, right? Why should Trudeau find a kid’s table to be at? How is he embarrassing Canada? Stick around to find out how Trudeau, once again, made a fool out of himself and his country.

The Prime Minister was attending the NATO Summit last week in Latvia, and of course, he could not stop himself from embarrassing Canada, as always. He pretty much left The Wall Street Journal no other choice but to write what is basically an exposé of one of Canada’s biggest international embarrassments. One way to see this is an awakening from the Wall Street Journal as they expose Trudeau on the international stage for the hypocrite he truly is. This editorial is just another proof that Justin Trudeau is beyond repair and we need to find someone else as soon as possible because he has effectively ruined Canada’s reputation on every front.

NATO members agreed in 2014 to a spending target of at least 2% of their GDP on defense by 2024. Only 11 out of all NATO members have achieved that target, and Canada is not even close to reaching that target. At an embarrassing 1.38%, Canada ranks sixth among NATO’s spending on defense targets with only a little bit over 26 thousand dollars. The target did go up from the even more shameful 1.01% that was in the past nine years since 2014, but it still falls short of the spending target and is no excuse.

What’s worse than Canada’s pitiful current participation in NATO, is that the Prime Minister has no actual plans to reach the NATO military alliance’s defense-spending target any time soon. According to a leaked document that was acquired by The Washington Post, it shows that during the start of this year, Trudeau privately told NATO Officials that Canada is never going to meet their spending targets, ultimately harming the pact’s collective security. If he knew he could not meet the spending targets, why did he ever commit to them in the first place? Why is he promising even more now? Is he really that delusional?

This lack of defense spending is better highlighted by the Canadian army’s shortage of troops. With more than 10,000 unfilled positions, which is worse than the 2020 shortage when the army was short of around 7,000 troops as the lockdown forced them to close for months. Despite knowing about the shortage, he recently committed to deploying more than double the troops already deployed in Latvia, claiming he would send over 2 billion dollars in funding over three years to support this and send more than 2,000 Canadian troops for deployment. How could he possibly send troops he does not have? Another empty promise that will likely never be fulfilled by Trudeau, or even worse, it will be achieved at the expense of more important things. The Wall Street Journal was right, Trudeau has no place among world leaders discussing global security, he should be on the kid’s table instead.

How is it possible that Trudeau keeps giving Ukraine millions upon millions in handouts to help them repel the ongoing Russian invasion, but somehow at the same time Canada cannot meet the defense-spending target that NATO requires? Ukraine has received 4.85 billion dollars in total from Canada since the start of the war. How is it that he can give billions to Ukraine but cannot even meet his own defense targets? It seems suspicious, perhaps Zelensky is running a money laundering scheme for Trudeau and other so-called “Leaders” to siphon some of their nations’ money into offshore accounts, who knows? All of this becomes far more ridiculous and absurd when taking into consideration Ukraine’s pitiful counter-offensive, how is it possible to make virtually no gains with all of this funding and stockpiles of advanced weaponry? If Trudeau won’t meet the target that is already there, why does he keep promising them more? 

The Wall Street Journal’s scathing editorial on Trudeau could not have come at a better time. He has been embarrassing Canada left and right, and he does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. How incompetent can a man be for one of the most reputable international news publishers to call him a military free-rider and state that he deserves a chair at the kid’s table? How bad could it be for them to call his contributions pathetic? Trudeau has long been promising NATO empty promises and offering sugar-coated words when in reality he cannot even deliver on a target set in action almost a decade ago, how is it that he can fulfill it in and exceed it less than a year? It is extremely unlikely. That is a man who cares more about Ukraine than his own military, a man who spends billions on trivial things while the people he pledged to care for are struggling, are we even wondering why The Wall Street Journal exposed him? We should be wondering why they didn’t do it earlier. 

The Wall Street Journal has stated that Trudeau seems to think his military is a social project more than a fighting force, which is, to say the least, true. In December 2021, in Trudeau’s mandate letter to the new minister of defense, he wrote, “Your immediate priority is to take concrete steps to build an inclusive and diverse Defence Team, characterized by a healthy workplace free from harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, and violence.” which leads me to believe that he values his woke agenda being implemented everywhere more than anything else, other countries are literally building warriors . His “wokeness” has cost this country too much and he needs to be stopped soon. If he is not going to care about the security of the world he lives in, let alone the country he swore to protect, who will? If he does not want to protect his own country, others will do it for him, but he won’t be here to witness it.

The climate hysteria-obsessed Trudeau seems to have turned himself into a laughingstock in Latvia where he lectured his troops about climate change and global warming when he hypocritically burned tons of fuel to get to Latvia – arriving in a private jet to do what could’ve been easily done via video link or a simple call. He really is that idiotic. While those troops are actively worried that a nuclear-fueled World War III might break out at any moment, Trudeau seems to think that the biggest threat his military could face is climate change. How out of touch could that man be? Didn’t anyone explain to him that NATO’s purpose is to prepare their forces to deal with real threats? 

All in all, Justin Trudeau seems to think that there are more pressing things other than the looming prospect of cataclysmic nuclear war. Canada has been missing its NATO targets and Trudeau seems to believe that giving Ukraine more money is more crucial right now. While other countries such as Poland have surpassed the spending target by a lot, reaching 3.9% now. I would have to agree with The Wall Street Journal when they stated that NATO members need to keep their commitments. The G7 has an obligation to set an example for other countries to follow, and if Canada, is not going to play that role, maybe they should consider a replacement such as Poland. If Trudeau does not step up and achieve the targets, he is going to be easily replaced, and it is going to haunt Canada forever.

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