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You Will NEVER Own A House Under Trudeau


Ever since Trudeau took office, the number of houses built has dropped significantly, housing prices have doubled, rent has doubled, and the mortgage rate has increased by 3% in just one year, could it get any worse?

Our population reached 40 million on the 16th of June, where will he put all those people? Stick around and we’ll show you how the housing crisis took a turn for the worse over the past eight years, and how it could be better.

Canadians from all backgrounds and communities, specifically younger generations, are struggling to find affordable housing because of Trudeau’s failed policies. It seems everything he touches goes to ruin, how incompetent can that man get?

In April 2022, Trudeau announced the 2022 federal budget along with his supposed “plan” to fix the housing crisis. How did that work out? 

He planned to increase supply and demand by partnering up with municipalities, increase families’ ability to save up, and address the unfair practices of foreign businessmen that buy houses as investments and make it impossible for families to enter the market nowadays.

To simplify that for you, he made a $4 billion fund to help them increase the construction of houses, he intended to help families open up a $40k-tax-free savings account for first-home buyers, and he also intended to help prevent the foreign investors from buying homes in Canada for two years by prohibiting foreigners and people who are not resided permanently in Canada from buying houses. Which all sounds great on paper, but as usual it was just another short-sighted promise that failed to consider all variables. Trudeau failed to account for the needed human labor required to fulfill his promise. He was only interested to champion himself as the savior of all, on the back of another empty promise.

Since then, everything has practically gone to hell. We are now in mid-June 20 23 and the housing costs have doubled, the rent has doubled, and even the mortgage interest rate has doubled, how far downwards will we spiral, Mr. Prime Minister?

Let me break it down for you; there are not enough houses for people. According to the Question Period that was held on the 16th of June, they made a Housing Accelerator Fund in 2022 and ever since then, housing construction decelerated by 19% and in May, housing construction was down 33% relative to the preceding year. Aren’t they supposed to increase after paying $4 billion to build more houses?

Since Trudeau took office in 2015, the number of houses per capita has decreased while the average mortgage payment is up by 122%, the mortgage interest rate is up by 3% in one year and by 4.25% over the last three years, the average rent has gone up by over a hundred percent, and the average downpayment is also up by over a hundred percent. Because of his reckless spending sprees, Trudeau’s government has been consistently running on deficits, which in turn drove up inflation, along with interest rates and subsequently doubling housing prices. Simply put, he left no chance for younger Canadians to ever own a house.

In stark contrast to Trudeau’s $4 billion “affordable” housing scheme, fewer and fewer houses are being built, so where is all that money going, Mr. Prime Minister? And why are we not seeing any change? We cannot buy houses that do not exist or that have doubled in price, Mr. Prime Minister. But despite that, your cabinet seems to think everything is going great. I mean, the Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, Ahmed Hussen, is quoted saying: “We have done a lot of work on housing and we are continuing to get the job done.” [insert video] How, exactly, have you gotten the job done? By driving Canadians out of their home because they cannot afford it? By increasing poverty and rates of homelessness? Please, enlighten us, how exactly have you gotten the job done?

Construction permits under the Liberal government’s ridiculous regulations are not only expensive, but they are also extremely slow to obtain. 

Pierre Poilievre, however, gave us a rough idea of his strategy for tackling the housing crisis in Canada should he become Prime Minister.

When Pierre Poilievre was minister, the average cost of a house was 450k, now it is well over 700k, the average mortgage cost was fourteen hundred, now it is over three thousand, the average rent was one thousand, now it is well over two thousand, everything kept getting worse under Trudeau’s reign of terror, and yet somehow he is still desperately clinging to power as if nothing had happened, as if he never betrayed Canadians.

Pierre Poilievre wants to He wants to streamline the process to accelerate the construction of buildings by 15%, require apartment buildings to be around all federally-funded transit stations, he wants to convert unused governmental buildings into affordable houses for Canadians, and issue fines to provincial governments who block construction. He wants to make the process easier and more affordable for all Canadians, unlike the person who complicated it all in the first place. This is what we need in a Prime Minister, not a hypocrite with an out-of-control spending problem who will keep borrowing to satisfy his addiction, constantly driving our economy to new lows. 

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