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About Us

Street Politics is an independent news organization that aims to cover unfiltered news.

Unlike other news organizations, we are clear and upfront about our biases. We produce opinion-based conservative content that matches our beliefs and how we live our lives.

We picked the name Street Politics because we wanted to give the people what they wanted: real news without an agenda

Are we a not-for-profit organization?

Quite the opposite, we are a for-profit media organization that aims to disrupt the broken old news business model. 

With most mainstream media operating under the influence of their donors and political funders, it’s hard for them to operate without being influenced by an outside agenda. 

A quick look at their finances shows that most of these organizations are not profitable, forcing them to cut jobs, overwork employees, or worse, corrupt their message for profit.

Where are we based?

We are based out of the United States. Still, we proudly utilize services and employees from around the globe, with most of our backend work (Video editing, website maintenance etc..) being done in Egypt and India in partnership with Geek Labs Agency.

Where do we get Our Funding?

We are 100% self-funded using our savings; we have not accepted any funding from political parties, PACs, investors, or businesses.

We rely on revenue generated from YouTube and Google and your kind donations, so if you would like to support us, please feel free to check our Premium Content Plans.

Where are our Teams based?

We are very proud of our diverse in-house and freelance writing team that spans 4 Continents, all with a shared love for covering political news.

Our editorial teams are based out of every sub-brand’s respective country, which as of now are Canada and the USA.

Who Owns Street Politics?

Street Politics is owned and operated by Geek Labs Holdings, an up-and-coming media company based out of the US.


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