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Hillary Clinton Slams the Democrats in a Shocking Interview


A Warning to All Democrats

In a shocking display of momentary self awareness, Hillary Clinton just dropped a truth bomb on her fellow Democrats as she lambasted them for lacking the organisation of the Republicans.

An absolutely scathing indictment of the Democrats, especially coming from their beloved Democratic queen.

Hillary admitted that the republicans run circles around the democrats in terms of funding, organisation, and general support. It must have felt awful for her to come to terms with objective reality for the first time.

Naturally however, Hillary couldn’t resist squeezing in a few unhinged partisan attacks too. She’s now raving that we’ll never have fair elections again if Trump returns in 2024.

But what she lacks in regards to addressing Trump and his policies, she certainly didn’t lack when it came to criticising and putting all democrats on notice.

Which begs the question, will this rare moment of honesty from Hillary spur the Democrats to get their act together? Or are they doomed to rightfully keep losing over and over again to Trump?

Hillary Drops Truth Bombs

Our time on earth will be graced by many different things that are unexpected. But what could be more unexpected than a self reflective Hillary Clinton using her platform to lambast her fellow corrupt democrats in a direct comparison with the republican party and all its members.

What brought this to discussion was Hillary being shocked at how good the republicans can recoup after a loss – no matter how big and drastic – and then come back united and stronger than ever. In comparison to the Democrats, who are absolutely suffering from a clear case of party disorganisation.

“It’s tremendously impressive the way that they operate. And we have nothing like it on our side.” stated Hillary as she highlights the underfunding of the Democratic party and the lack of general support and enthusiasm compared to the Republican party and all of its supporters.

Hillary bluntly said Democrats failed to build party infrastructure on par with influential conservative groups like the Federalist Society. This lack of organisation has weakened and obliterated any chance of future political influence for the Democrats.

Lamenting how the Democrats do not have well-funded think tanks and advocacy groups to generate ideas and formulate policy, Hillary compared them once again to the conservatives who have invested heavily in such institutions over decades and will continue to do so.

And it is pretty evident how the Republican party and the conservatives in general have held a strong grip on the political scene for decades; It is because they aggressively fund their ideas and their policies, and fight every chance they get for what they ultimately believe in, even if it might cost them in the short run.

Too bad Hillary couldn’t see that what she described here is the normal for any political party fighting for what’s right. She is too focused on the details to realise that what the Democrats have been doing for decades is considered a grift.

No cooperation, no funding, and no fighting tooth and nail for what you believe in should always lead to you failing and contributing nothing negative to our civil society.

Hillary Predicts a Fantasy Apocalypse

But from her perspective, the lack of organisation and funding – while dismissing the bigger picture – is exactly why the Democrats lost in 2016, then came close to losing the justifiably controversial 2020 elections, and will probably lose while taking a much greater hit in 2024.

But of course not everything good or right will last forever, so Hillary reverts back to her usual self and continues to whine about her 2016 election defeat and how the democrats and the voters didn’t believe her unhinged and insane warnings about a Trump presidency and how they will very likely not listen to her again warning about the 2024 elections being existential.

And existential it will be, but not for everyone – not for every hard working patriotic American – it will be however for every Democrat and every leftist voter. Their greatest nightmare is America succeeding and prospering, so of course Hillary would think any scenario where that is possible with Trump is straight up the actual apocalypse.

She is so afraid of the consequences of her party’s very much expected failure in the next election, that she is insanely predicting there will never be another democratic election because Trump is going to somehow turn it into a right wing fascist state. This is the level of leftist delusion that we are dealing with, everyone. And then people like her turn around and ask why voters and Americans are not taking them seriously.

What the Future Holds…

But what if we don’t take her words for granted? What if we actually take in every detail she wants us to remember at heart? If we analyse everything she said we realise that her Trump rhetoric is absolute bullshit, but when it comes to her Democrats one – it appears to hold the last semblance of truth that Hillary could utter.

The democratic party is the party of division and disorganisation. I mean you can see a clear example with a recent episode of the staunchly liberal program titled “The View” where the hosts argue between themselves over the Biden campaign and the Democrats not doing enough of anything for that matter.

They are obviously still condescending in their nature and dismissal of Donald Trump, but for a brief introspective moment they realise the problems with their preferred political party and how they are doing nothing of value to circumvent the conservative opposition.

You can see how they are arguing amongst themselves about who is right in regards to Biden and whose ideas should be implemented with no issues. And this is just one of many forms of liberal and Democrat infighting – that Hillary specifically talked about – and is negatively affecting the Democrats duty to their supporters.

But will this lead to the apocalypse like Hillary predicts? Not really, no.

What this infighting and division however will lead to is the loss of confidence in the party’s front man and the current president Joe Biden.

What this disorganisation of ideas will lead to is heightened anxiety and more failures to strategize when you are trying to account for the impossible and forgetting about the absolute basics.

Don’t believe me? Well you better believe Biden’s advisors, supporters and political experts scrambling to find the words to justify their leader’s continued losing against a stronger opponent.

And of course when you can’t find a sensible solution you resort to playing by your opponent’s rules even if it is ultimately at your detriment.

No weak party with absolutely no resolve will ever stand against a strong party with a strong conviction. The difference might seem simple in retrospect, but this is how the Democrats will spell their doom come the next election.

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