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Biden Defies Allies and Challenges Trump to Debate


A Challenge is Made

Joe Biden just lit the fuse on a political firecracker by agreeing to debate Donald Trump.

His shocking decision defied all convention wisdom and left his terrified handlers scrambling for cover.

Supporters and political advisors like Nancy policy have expressed their concern regarding Biden’s consequential challenge to Trump.

Biden’s allies have long worked to minimise unscripted scenarios that could expose his perceived cognitive decline. And now everything has gone into a spiral because of a rapid decision.

Trump’s renowned combativeness and flair for verbally demolishing opponents heightens risks for Biden in free-flowing debates.

But some argue that the benefits outweigh the risks for the losing Biden campaign as the only way to prove your worth is to challenge America’s favourite former president.

Will Biden’s gamble succeed though in spite of his allies’ advice? Only one way to find out.

Biden Thinks He has a Chance Against Trump

Well, would you look at that? Corner the democrats and prove they are worthless and going to fail to secure the 2024 presidential win, and you will get Biden defying his allies, advisors, and all experts – that have a vested interest in him defeating the former president Donald Trump – and secure two debates in agreement with Trump, just so he could look tough standing up against the opposition. Funny how he is revealing himself from behind the curtain after pulling the strings for so long and hindering Trump in the courts.

The announcement came in the form of a 15 seconds twitter video featuring our dear president Biden attempting to be funny and charismatic like Donald Trump, as he lambasts him for what he deems as 2 losses in the 2020 presidential debates. And as we can see here, Biden is clearly forgetful because he thinks a corrupt and stolen election means he somehow did better in the debates that came before it.

But then he has the gall to challenge Trump to two more debates, with one being in June and the other being in September.

Where do you get this amount of confidence out of nowhere? Because to put it into perspective here, Biden challenged Trump to expose his incompetence and weakness not once, but twice. What was he thinking?

Biden Lists Weird Demands

It turns out he might have been thinking too hard about these debates lately. Because he has a whole laundry list of requirements and rules for these debates to even have the chance to take place.

The list includes the names of a few media companies that he considers reputable enough to hold these discussions. Names like CNN and NBC are prominent enough to understand how he wants to utilise the bias for the Democrats against Trump on the public stage.

Other amusing and specific demands are the exclusion of any third party in the debate – which would just be highlighting RFK Jr. in the current time, the exclusion of any form of crowd whatsoever, and finally the request to mute an opponent’s mic when the other person is talking and expressing a point. Demands that seem to be a burden for Trump and a facilitator for Biden, until you realise that it is merely a ploy that further confirms Biden’s weak strategy going into the presidential election.

Speaking of strategy, Biden could have also not been thinking one bit when he challenged Trump. And that is something that is evidently a pattern with Biden. He jumps into an opportunity without first checking whether he is even capable of tackling it head on.

Advisors and Supporters Hate the Debate Idea

What is shocking in all of this is that Biden’s biggest supporters agree. Nancy pelosi being one of the most prominent examples criticising Biden for his decision and stating how a better strategy would have been to avoid the most popular man in America right now.

In Pelosi’s view, Biden should avoid a debate at all costs. Because letting everyday Americans see candidates interact live, and witnessing the utter failure and humiliation that awaits Biden will surely threaten the Democrats’ grip on power.

Pelosi fretted that Biden lacks the mental fortitude to withstand Trump’s criticism on a debate stage. She referenced Trump “stalking” Hillary Clinton in 2016 as evidence for why Biden shouldn’t go through with it, unable to grasp that forcefully challenging an opponent’s record is normal debate conduct. But what would the Democrats know about normal conduct anyway?

In the real world however, Democrats aim to shield Biden from situations revealing his diminished and nonexistent capacity to engage with arguments from the other side.

A debate offers voters the transparency Pelosi wants to deny them. Seeing candidates think on their feet provides insights into judgement and leadership. Shielding a candidate displays elitist arrogance toward citizens assessing who should lead them.

So in an effort to appear impartial and not reveal herself as the crooked democrat she is, Pelosi proposed separate town halls where Biden would only face sympathetic questioners. She wants political theatre not a hard hitting political debate.

But she is far from the only one urging Biden to rethink his strategy. Because his advisors and handlers were desperately trying to rein him in themselves long before the debate announcement.

Who could blame them really? No one wants their representative to take a dump all over their hard work trying to prop him up.

They understand Biden’s declining mental state could be embarrassingly exposed on the debate stage. So despite Biden himself claiming he would be “happy” to debate Trump, his staff aim to prevent that at all costs.

This stark reality was acknowledged by Politico’s Jonathan Martin on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Martin stated Biden’s team doesn’t want to “risk exposing” him by letting Trump directly challenge the president. Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tellingly did not dispute Martin’s assessment.

Their comments confirm what is obvious to unbiased observers – Biden is simply not up to a substantial debate anymore.

Without teleprompters and scripted speeches, he often appears confused and unable to articulate coherent arguments. A cognitive decline is evident to all but the most partisan Democrats.

Another thing confirmed here is the lack of respect any of Biden’s supporters and supposed advisors have for the man himself. It is outright pathetic how these people are so clearly uninterested in anything Biden has to say or do but are propping him up just because Trump is on the other side.

No one respects the old man, even the very few that support his debate idea are only doing it because they think Biden is losing heavily and the only way for him to go from here is up.
As Chuck Todd of NBC News bluntly put it, “the Biden campaign is self aware about losing and they need to do this now more than ever”

This whole clown show reeks of a desperate party throwing their weak leader into the lion’s den without a second thought. It is a move so controversial party members and supporters are clashing with each other on whether it was a smart idea or not.

Biden may well pay a heavy price for this act of political vanity. But the deeper damage will be to public confidence in Democrats’ basic competence to govern. A party unable to coordinate around their feeble leader cannot be trusted to run a country.

America cannot endure four more rudderless years of Biden bungling major crises while Democratic factions quarrel over succeeding him.

The grownups need to retake charge in Washington before this administration runs the nation fully to the ground

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