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Biden Supports Can’t Find Excuses for his Poll Numbers


Polls Speak The Truth

The walls are closing in on Joe Biden and his crumbling presidency. His approval ratings lie in ruins while Trump surges in the polls. Now even Biden’s staunchest supporters are waving the white flag of surrender.

The data leaves CNN analysts astonished at the “absolute disaster” facing Democrats.

Biden backers can conjure no spin for polls revealing his “worst nightmare” – an electoral thrashing by a resurgent Trump.

And as Biden loyalists everywhere, even on The View, begrudgingly fret over his prospects, desperation has set in.

They now acknowledge the ugly truth – voters are fed up with Joe. After two painful years of his failed leadership, Americans are flocking to Trump’s tested brand of prosperity.

The polls leave no doubt. Biden’s supporters have no rebuttal. A reckoning awaits at the ballot box.

Biden Crumbling in the Polls

The Democrats little corruption castle headed by an incompetent and weak leader in Biden, and holding up the progress of this great nation supposedly leading the first world may soon come to an end, and even Biden’s biggest supporters can not help but admit early defeat.

But what could have resulted in this kind of response that ushered in absolute doom and gloom for anyone that dares to support Biden and the crooked Democrats? Recent polls of course. It is always the polls and the votes that slap these jaded fools back to objective reality. The reality where Trump is on top.

Recent polls from what these Democrats deem “respected” sources like the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer reveal the – not so shocking anymore – reality that Donald Trump is actually leading corrupt Joe Biden in 5 key battleground states as the 2024 election approaches.

Despite the Democrats’ insistence and constant whining that these polls are outliers, the data, alongside other popularity polls, reflect a real yearning for change among voters disgruntled with Biden’s failed leadership. And even CNN political analysts can’t help but agree.

Who could blame them when surveys clearly show Trump ahead by 10 points in Georgia, 7 points in Arizona and Michigan, 3 points in Pennsylvania, and 2 points in Wisconsin. With less than 6 months to the presidential election, Trump is inching closer and closer to his rightful place in the oval office. And that thought frightens the “woke” Democrats.

They can’t accept that their precious leader is barely tailing Trump when it comes to the American youth, alongside black and hispanic voters. The same group of individuals that the Democrats claimed to have powered up Biden’s 2020 election campaign. Now they have gained some perspective after four years of Democrat and liberal corruption, and they want back in with Conservatives and Trump.

Nearly 20% of Black voters now back Trump, potentially the highest Republican support yet. Such shifting allegiances do not bode well for Biden clinging to power in the foreseeable future.

The polls puncture Democratic delusions that Biden is sailing towards an easy re-election. Despite Biden blanketing battleground states with campaign cash, voters feel the sting of his failed economic policies.

Voters vented their frustrations to the Times, citing inflation and social dissatisfaction as motivations to abandon Biden’s rudderless leadership. Further evidence of growing dissatisfaction with the status quo under total Democrat control.

Remarkably, almost 70% of voters demand major systemic changes, if not outright tearing the systems down entirely. Almost as if they have realised how bad the liberal stench is infecting the white house and they demand Trump back to drain this corrupt and slimy swamp.

Biden Lambasted by Experts and Talk Show Hosts

No wonder any analyst will view these polls as nothing but a catastrophe waiting to hit the Biden administration.

CNN’s Data reporter Harry Enten simply called the results an “absolute disaster” for Biden.

Enten explains Trump now holds the advantage in the race to 270 electoral votes. Biden clings to slim leads in just Michigan and Minnesota. Analysis shows Trump could rebuild his winning coalition if these polls hold.

The polls are concerning and should act as a huge red alert for the Democrats, he said. This is yet another data reporter and an analyst at CNN spelling objective reality unto Biden’s camp.

What could Biden even do at this point but accept defeat and bow down from the race gracefully? When data analysts and reporters can’t give you a satisfying excuse to cash in to the public for more support, you know things are dire.

But when talk show hosts lambast your performance in between their usual virtue signalling, then you know you have hit the absolute rock bottom in terms of declining support and trust.

This is what you get when hosts of the staunchly liberal “The View” program can’t help but discuss how poorly Biden has been performing in the approval polls, and how quickly people are warming up to Trump rightfully being president of the United States one more time.

You can feel how the hosts talk condescendingly about Trump, and how easily he is getting more eyes on his campaign and delivering a message that is listened to and accepted by a huge chunk of the American people. You can tell how it is hard for them to admit that is actually the majority of Americans and not just a good chunk, but I guess they are slowly facing their dire reality one concession at a time.

Obviously they couldn’t say one slightly good thing in Trump’s favour, so thay had to hamfist their arguments with excuses about Biden’s campaign being outshined, even though it is very much clear that Biden’s campaign is lacking in terms of management and structure. Funny how Biden runs the country in the exact same manner, and then he has the audacity to preach prosperity and success never before seen with Trump.

The View Delivers Insane Takes with Some Self Awareness

One of the hosts disagrees outright with the simple notion that maybe Biden and his team are just incompetent when it matters. And this is when the excuses start flooding to justify failure and reject reality.

They think the media is to blame for not covering Biden’s accomplishments enough. They want more media coverage on Biden and his speeches so that it may influence and encourage more voters who are dissatisfied or on the fence.

Now let us take a moment to digest how absolutely insane that sounds; They are just publicly admitting they want the media to stop talking about Trump every hour of every day so they can easily influence voters into accepting Biden.

And the irony in this whole scenario is them talking about Trump throughout the whole segment more than they have uttered Biden’s name. So maybe start with yourself if you think everyone is so obsessed with Trump? Who am I kidding there is no logic or reason with people like this. It is always just thoughtless propaganda shoved down your throat.

Except for the brief moments of clarity and self awareness where they admit that Biden’s numbers are looking worse off in comparison to Clinton and even Obama.

And the main reason may just simply be the abhorrent and negative approach that the Biden administration takes against any and all opposition. From belittling to outright ignoring, this is not how you should treat people you serve, protect, and are trying to get to understand your point of view.

“The View” hosts think it is the wrong approach to take and just resort to advising parents and families to talk to one another and explain the situation to their kids in a respectful manner so that they may choose on their own accord.

Brief excuses and some bad takes but overall it is clear what they think of Biden and his chances running against Trump, in spite of their hatred for anything republican.

So, will Biden learn from his mistakes as he witnesses his fans and allies turn against him while scrambling for any excuses? Will he back down and let a true strong leader take the reins once again? Or will he soldier on thinking it is still 2020 somehow and he has the upperhand?

I guess only time will tell. And time seems to be a cruel mistress for Joe Biden.

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