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Trump Blasts “Backstabbing Liar” Cohen Over Latest Deceit


Trump Upbeat Despite Biased Trial

Trump appears in the latest episode of political betrayal, Michael Cohen admitted under oath to deceitfully pocketing thousands meant for another company. As the prosecution’s star witness, can any testimony from this proven duplicitous liar be trusted?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump remains upbeat despite New York’s biased prosecution, buoyed by impassioned grassroots supporters. He definitely proclaims even blue states are in play with his populist appeal.

However, anemic fundraising reveals Joe Biden’s lack of voter passion. In contrast, Trump continues breaking records, his war chest overflowing from the grassroots.

This saga underscores the high stakes. Trump vows to fight on, proclaiming his movement undefeated. Yet questions swirl whether Cohen’s damaged credibility from admitted lies can withstand scrutiny.

With Cohen’s latest confession fueling suspicion, political and legal drama looms ahead. Trump’s trials in New York spotlight the powers arrayed against him. But he bets his enduring populist vision can overcome the odds and hostile forces seeking his defeat. This remains an unpredictable clash for the ages.

Cohen Know No Bounds As It Comes To Betrayal

Michael Cohen’s backstabbing betrayal of Donald Trump seems to know no bounds. This duplicitous fraudster admitted to brazenly stealing $30,000 from the Trump Organization even after publicly declaring his steadfast loyalty.

Cohen’s admission proves yet again that he is a pathological liar who will say anything to save his own skin. He told bald-faced lies to Congress about paying hush money to Stormy Daniels with his own funds. Now we know he fraudulently siphoned the money from Trump’s company.

This deceitful scheme paints Cohen as a conniving crook with no moral compass. He ruthlessly deceived and stole from the very man who rewarded him with a privileged position and wealth. Every word out of Cohen’s mouth must be treated as deceitful venom from a serpent who would slay his own benefactor.

Cohen testified Monday that he went to TD Bank and withdrew cash over a couple of days to pay Red Finch for its services, which he stored in a brown paper bag. The cash ultimately totaled about $20,000, which he gave to Red Finch’s CEO, according to Cohen, but he said he never gave the company the total $50,000.

During a 2017 meeting on the repayment plan, Cohen said he told Weisselberg he paid Red Finch $50,000 – meaning he pocketed a $30,000 difference.

“You stole from the Trump Org, right?” Trump attorney Todd Blanche asked Cohen Wednesday morning during the trial.

“Yes, sir,” Cohen responded. 

Cohen knew the stolen $30,000 was meant for Red Finch Solutions, but he pocketed the money anyway in a shocking display of avarice. This betrays his supposed remorse as utter fiction – no contrite person would ever rob tens of thousands from an employer already betrayed.

By lying to Allen Weisselberg about the payment amount, Cohen revealed his readiness to double-cross even longtime colleagues to cover up his financial felonies. This sinister charlatan will throw anyone under the bus and subvert all ethics to serve himself.

Cohen’s supreme act of self-serving treachery was turning on the Former President who made him wealthy and respected. Rather than showing loyalty or gratitude, Cohen wielded lies as daggers aimed at the heart of the man who had done so much for him and his family.

Trump treated Cohen generously, entrusting him with great responsibilities. In return, Cohen exploited that trust in a Judas-like plot to stain Trump’s name in exchange for leniency. This monumental betrayal should disgust all people of conscience.

That the justice system rewards admitted liars and deceivers like Cohen shows its corruptness. His campaign to bring down Trump with deceit should have earned more punishment, not less. But conniving criminals often evade full consequences for betraying innocents.

With every shifting lie Cohen tells, he further destroys what little credibility he ever had. This latest admission of stealing, exposes this pathetic fraudster as someone no honest person should ever believe. His duplicity knows no limits – he will even rob his so-called friends.

Michael Cohen is the very personification of disloyalty and dishonesty. His betrayal of Trump branded him as the lowest form of ingrate. By his own admission, nothing Cohen says can be believed. His vile vilification of Trump should be seen as the words of a proven deceiver obsessed with destroying his innocent former boss.

Trump Predicts Victory Despite Biased Prosecution

Meanwhile, Trump once again called out the biased New York justice system that is persecuting him with sham charges. He lambasted the politically motivated prosecution as a chilling example of how the left tries to criminalize political differences. Despite this witch hunt, Trump remains optimistic he can win even deeply Democratic New York.

Trump has cited famed attorney Alan Dershowitz in noting that this case puts New York’s corrupt criminal justice system itself on trial. The prosecution’s reliance on Michael Cohen, a proven serial liar, shows their desperation and lack of actual evidence. Still, Trump loves New York and believes his message can resonate.

Pointing to other past New York cases against him that were dismissed, Trump decried the state’s pattern of partisan witch hunts. Time after time, rabid liberal prosecutors have tried abusing their powers to attack him, only for their bogus claims to unravel.

Trump lamented how this trial has kept him away from the campaign trail supporting America First Republican candidates. While he should be rallying voters, he instead sits in a freezing courtroom subjected to prosecutorial misconduct.

Trump rightly framed these petty charges as political retaliation for daring to oppose Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency. They aim to abuse the system to hinder Trump, who remains Biden’s most potent political foe.

Still, the enthusiasm displayed at Trump’s recent massive New Jersey rally proves his enduring cross-party appeal. These sham trials cannot contain his America First movement or stop disaffected voters from flocking to him.

By citing trial obligations, New York courts have severely constrained Trump’s ability to campaign nationwide. This looks like deliberate partisan manipulation to hinder Republicans in the midterms.

Trump has proven his resilience by remaining competitive despite every attempt to rig the system against him. If he can win over deep blue New Jersey, even New York may be in play for a man of his talents.

The pettiness of the charges over Stormy Daniels payments shows the prosecution’s desperation. Trump committed no actual crimes, so they have to trump up exaggerated technicalities. But the political nature of the case remains obvious.

In the end, the biased New York system cannot contain a leader as potent and beloved as Donald Trump. He will be vindicated, his movement will grow, and his endorsed candidates will sweep the midterms. Trump remains undefeated.

Biden Campaign Flounders With Weak Donations And Support

Moreover, The latest fundraising numbers reveal Joe Biden lagging far behind Donald Trump, a worrying sign for Democrats. Biden and the DNC reported raising just $51 million in April, less than Trump’s $76 million haul.

Biden’s April total represented a massive drop from the prior month, down nearly $40 million from March. In contrast, Trump has shown fundraising momentum by shattering records with a single $50 million event.

The anemic April numbers suggest Biden is struggling to energize his donor base. Despite touting a record number of small dollar donors in 2020, Biden now relies more heavily on deep-pocketed Hollywood elites and Wall Street tycoons for support.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to dominate with working class grassroots donors giving small amounts.

While Democrats point to their organizing infrastructure, Trump’s campaign is rapidly catching up with more offices and staff. And he can leverage his raucous rallies to mobilize supporters and attract independents disenchanted with Biden’s radical agenda.

Biden clings to a polling lead, but his weak fundraising and low approval ratings spell trouble as Trump turbocharges his prolific fundraising operation.

No matter how much money the elites pour into helping Biden, they cannot buy the type of organic grassroots enthusiasm powering Trump’s movement. These latest fundraising numbers show unmistakably where the energy lies for 2024.

In conclusion, Michael Cohen’s testimony cannot be trusted given his proven record of lying. This fraudulent witness admitted he previously committed perjury and has a stated vendetta against Trump. Relying on his claims to bring charges sets a dangerous precedent.

Meanwhile, Trump remains defiant in the face of New York’s biased prosecution, buoyed by his loyal grassroots supporters. If he can win over deep blue New Jersey, even claiming New York in 2024 seems possible with his potent populist appeal.

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