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Trump Betrayed By Greedy Ex-Lawyer Cohen’s Fame Grab


Trump Unfazed By Cohen’s Lies

Trump is experiencing betrayal stings coming from those once closest to you, that as Michael Cohen – his former personal lawyer and self-proclaimed “fixer” – turns against him. Cohen is now aligning with Trump’s enemies, raising serious doubts about his motivations.

But when Trump became president, the spotlight beckoned Cohen. He got a taste of fame and wanted more. So when legal troubles hit, Cohen betrayed him to help himself. He handed evidence to prosecutors and squeezed money out of exaggerated media stories about Trump.

Cohen pretends to have incriminating info on Trump, but never delivers. He just wants to stay relevant. But his secret recordings of Trump for “insurance” reveal Cohen’s own unethical duplicity.

Michael Cohen sold out his loyalty for greed. Now he desperately grasps for relevance, even if it means destroying his credibility. Meanwhile, Trump remains focused on serving America, not wasting time on Cohen’s lies.

Cohen once had everything working alongside Trump, but threw it away. The depth of his betrayal says more about his character than Trump’s. Now Cohen just looks like a pathetic hanger-on trying to profit from Trump’s success.

But he is resilient against these endless partisan games. As Cohen grabs headlines with more hollow allegations, Trump is keeping his eyes on the prize – victory in 2024.

Cohen Gambles Trust For Greed In Trump Allegations

Michael Cohen was once a loyal ally to Donald Trump, serving dutifully as his personal attorney and fixer. However, in recent years, Cohen has turned against his former boss and aligned himself with Trump’s political enemies. This dramatic shift from devoted follower to bitter critic raises serious questions about Cohen’s credibility and motivations.

In 2016, when Trump was running for president, Cohen worked tirelessly on his behalf. He helped negotiate hush money payments to women like Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels who tried to damage Trump’s campaign with allegations of affairs. Cohen even took it upon himself to secretly record conversations with Trump to ensure he had evidence to back up Trump’s innocence.

After Trump won the presidency, his enemies went after anyone close to him. Cohen was targeted by Mueller and the FBI. Faced with financial crimes and potential prison time, Cohen flipped on Trump. He turned over the secret tapes he had made as “insurance” to the authorities. It seems Cohen was only loyal to him until it no longer suited his own interests.

At that point, Cohen decided to cash in on his connection to Trump. He spread salacious stories to the media, exaggerated his insights about Trump’s business dealings, and got book and TV deals. Cohen was all too happy to be the left’s new anti-Trump hero if it helped him make money and reduce his sentence.

In court, Cohen continues to pretend he has secret knowledge that could damage the former president. But as several Republican senators pointed out, Cohen is a convicted liar with zero credibility. His secretly recorded tapes were supposed to prove Trump’s role in payoffs to mistresses. But they only demonstrate Cohen’s own duplicity and betrayal.

Cohen’s testimony about taping Trump shows how far he has fallen. What kind of lawyer secretly tapes confidential conversations with a client? Cohen knew the tape was illegal but did it anyway. And now he admits to taping him without consent as part of a premeditated plot. 

Republican Ohio Sen. JD Vance, who was seen attending court with Trump on Monday, responded to Cohen’s testimony on X, where he balked at Cohen admitting to secretly recording him. 

“Michael Cohen admitting he secretly recorded his employer. Just totally normal conduct, right? The best part is he said he did it only once and only for Trump’s benefit. A standup guy!” he posted.

Vance, alongside fellow Republicans such as Sen. Tommy Tuberville, held a brief press conference Monday regarding the trial, where Vance continued in his condemnation of Cohen’s testimony.

“This guy is a convict and felon who admitted in his testimony that he secretly recorded his former employer, that he only did it once, allegedly, and that this was supposed to help Donald Trump. Does any reasonable, sensible person believe anything that Michael Cohen says? I don’t think that they should,” Vance said.

Supporters See Through Cohen’s Greedy Lies

Trump rightly feels betrayed by the actions of his former attorney. But he has not let Cohen’s lies distract him or impede his productive post-presidency. Trump continues focusing on important issues and fighting back against partisan witch hunts. Even as Cohen tries to falsely blame him in court, Trump is already looking ahead to the 2024 election.

Michael Cohen had everything when he was part of Trump’s inner circle – money, access, power. But he lost it all when he turned on his former boss. Now Cohen is desperately trying to profit from his connection to Trump and reduce the consequences of his own crimes. In the process, he has lost all credibility with the public.

As we know, during the final stretch of the 2016 election, Ms. Daniels was threatening to go public about an alleged affair from 10 years prior. 

Cohen was seeking only to protect his longtime boss, and took it upon himself to deal with the situation. Using his own personal funds, he arranged for Ms. Daniels signed a non-disclosure agreement and accepted $130,000 in exchange for her silence.

Of course, arranging such a substantial payment on short notice presented logistical difficulties. But out of devotion to Trump, Cohen overcame them, even taking out a home equity line of credit to cover the $130,000 himself. 

Clearly, Michael Cohen’s only aim was protecting Donald Trump, even at substantial personal cost. But how does he repay that loyalty now? By turning against him and pretending the payments were somehow nefarious. In truth, they were Cohen’s voluntary actions as a dedicated attorney and supporter.

Donald Trump deserved steadfast devotion in a difficult situation, which Cohen provided for years. To see him now use his own generous acts against him is disgraceful. His testimony should be seen for what it is – the betrayal of a once-loyal ally now cynically posturing for his own interests against a boss who only deserved his fidelity.

Trump Resilient Against Cohen’s Hollow Accusations

Moreover, Michael Cohen’s stunning betrayal of Trump shows how low someone will sink when greed and ambition take over. Cohen went from being one of Trump’s most trusted allies to publicly backstabbing him to gain fame and make money.

Cohen spent over a decade as Trump’s personal attorney and self-described “fixer.” He handled sensitive matters, negotiated deals, and made problems disappear before they reached him. 

But when Trump became president, the spotlight was bright. Cohen got a taste of fame from his proximity to power. When legal troubles mounted, Cohen saw the upside of flipping on him. He turned over tapes and documents to authorities to minimize his own crimes. 

Cohen then squeezed every dollar he could from his connection to Trump, getting lucrative book and TV deals to shady up Trump with exaggerated or false claims.

In court, Cohen continues to pretend he has the goods to damage his former boss, while giving excuse after excuse for why this evidence never actually materializes. But the truth is, Cohen is a failed wannabe who never had the access or insights he claims. 

His secret recordings of Trump demonstrate Cohen’s own unethical duplicity, not any wrongdoing by Trump.

Michael Cohen threw away a lifetime of loyalty for short-term gains. He is so desperate to remain relevant that he has destroyed his credibility. Meanwhile, Trump has barely wasted a thought on his ungrateful former lawyer. He remains focused on fighting for the American people against partisan witch hunts.

This staggering breach of ethics proves Cohen’s word cannot be trusted.

Trump has withstood an onslaught of baseless investigations and media attacks in the years since taking office. Michael Cohen’s latest testimony is just another example. While Trump’s critics will breathlessly hype Cohen’s allegations, I believe the American people can see through his act.

Michael Cohen is a convicted criminal who cannot be trusted. His secret recording of Trump to gain leverage shows his true character. Cohen is now just a pathetic hanger-on trying to profit from Trump’s success. But his betrayal says more about his own character than anything else.

While Cohen sold out for selfish reasons, President Trump remains resilient and focused on the issues that matter to the future of this nation. I look forward to seeing him emerging from this latest storm as strong and determined as ever. Trump has already moved on to laying the groundwork for victory in 2024.

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