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Trudeau Warned by U.S. Senators over Defence Spending


A Warning and a Criticism

Our dear prime minister, Justin Trudeau, couldn’t help himself before managing to humiliate Canada once again on the global stage. This time, the NATO spending target is in question.

Trudeau’s incompetence was so great that nearly a quarter of the U.S senate managed to work together to write a scathing letter to Trudeau, lambasting him and his liberal government for not reaching the NATO defence spending target in time.

Talk about an international disgrace. But should we really be surprised? When it comes to national defence, Trudeau has proven himself utterly clueless time and again.

With equipment and technologies ageing like never before, you would think this is the time Trudeau and the minister of defence would step up and hold responsibility.

But all you get is Bill Blair and Trudeau scrambling for excuses while trying to reassure everyone that Canada is definitely on the right track.

The writing is on the wall. Trudeau has no real plan to fix Canada’s defences. And now both U.S political parties are fed up.

The NATO summit this summer promises to be very awkward.

Trudeau Receives a Humiliating Letter

Another day, another clear Trudeau showcase of incompetence that humiliates Canada on the global stage and in front of all our allies. This time once again, it concerns Trudeau and his lack of proper defence spending to the point of disappointing almost all our NATO allies.

We are already familiar with Trudeau’s utter failure to reach the agreed upon NATO spending commitments, but it seems that his almost non-existent efforts have drawn the ire and disdain of nearly a quarter of the U.S senate.

In the letter written by 23 senators – shockingly representing both political parties in the U.S – it is clear that the U.S is greatly disappointed in Trudeau and Canada’s effort to match the 2% defence spending requirement.

They lambast the liberal’s incompetence in only being able to bring the defence spending to 1.3% of the GDP and all the recent efforts – as part of the corrupt liberal 2024 budget – that may or may not increase it to a measly 1.7%. It is not up to par and is in fact quite pathetic coming from a first world nation.

What is hilarious about this very much expected statement coming from our strongest ally in the U.S is that it came just days after the Liberal Minister of Defence, Bill Blair, boasted about accom plishing a very fruitful and important trip to promote Canada’s defence strategy in Washington. I guess the senators took a glimpse of Trudeau’s awful military plans and decided against giving him the benefit of the doubt anymore.

They would only need to watch his abhorrent virtue-signalling speeches that are 80% liberal appreciation and praise, and 20% actual and honest to god information regarding whatever part of Canada Trudeau wishes to ruin this time around.

Trudeau is Not Doing Enough

And it is pretty clear they did take a glimpse because they detail in the scathing letter addressed to Trudeau, how they feel slighted by Canada’s slow development and modernization of the aerospace warning system in the arctic, which the senators claim is an essential part and an upgrade for the North American Aerospace Defense Command that desperately need Canada’s help.

Canada’s failure to upgrade NORAD and its ageing early warning systems in the Arctic should be more concerning to Trudeau. With Russia increasing its military activities in the Arctic, North America’s northern approaches are more vulnerable than ever.

Things are so dire in the eyes of the U.S senators that they are vowing to bring this issue to the forefront at the next NATO summit taking place in Washington in July. The U.S vows to lay out their priorities and expect other NATO allies to similarly lay out their achievable strategies working towards the required 2% spending target.

But do you know how Trudeau and his liberal cronies responded to these damning requests and urges by the U.S senators? If you said anything other than the usual liberal PR speak and false reassurances then you still have too much faith in Trudeau and the liberal establishment.

The Ignorant Lies

The Minister of Defence Bill Blair, you know, The one with a defence spending strategy so awful it got senators from opposing political spectrums to come together and express their disdain – has responded with the most unfounded confidence he could ever wish to exude by claiming he will reassure the senators in due time about Canada being a productive and strong ally to NATO.

This statement is just absolute liberal bullshit with not a single shred of evidence to back up the claim. As a matter of fact, the evidence is actually in support of the exact opposite and they come from the mouth of the lying minister of defence himself.

I know that some people may forget small declarations and confessions but the Canadian people will never brush off any signs of corruption from the Trudeau government, and that’s why when Blair introduced his defence strategy that would – in his eyes – hopefully bring the defence spending to 1.7% of the GDP in the next five years or so, people were not amused and in fact quite agitated at a plan that still falls short of the finish line.

So the people propped further and questioned Trudeau and Blair about the budget and spending to the point of exerting so much pressure that Blair cracked and revealed that Canada would need a gargantuan amount of additional spending if they ever hope to meet the NATO target, with the added caveat that he himself does not feel Canada will be able to meet the target anytime soon.

Keep in mind that this is the same individual that claims to have confidence in reassuring the senators about Canada reaching the NATO target. If he couldn’t even help himself before revealing that all of this is a lost cause, why should we believe him now when it comes to Canada’s defence spending?

So yeah, this was all just tough talk coming from a government that can’t back it up even if their lives depended on it.

And to add insult to injury while hammering home further the idea that Trudeau and the liberals don’t have a plan and don’t know what to do exactly, Trudeau responded to the U.S senators’ letter by doing the same schtick trying to paint his government in a better light, and highlighting their non-existent work and accomplishments while throwing slight jabs at his political rival Pierre Poilievre.

Trudeau likes to talk a big game about his support for the military and all our brothers and sisters in the armed forces, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that even retired generals contradict his every word and expose him for the liar and conman he actually is.

It has been never more clear than now; Trudeau needs to step down and give away leadership to a strong common sense individual that will lead Canada without the risk of embarrassment from our closest global allies.

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