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Trudeau, Singh Hit Rock Bottom as Poilievre Surges in Polls


New Poll Exposes Trudeau Sinking Ship

A massive political bombshell has just exploded as Trudeau and Singh’s approval went down in flames while Poilievre took off like a rocket. New poll reveals Trudeau and Singh have crashed to the lowest ratings in history for a sitting Prime Minister and NDP leader.

Meanwhile, Poilievre’s approval is skyrocketing closest to the floundering Trudeau’s. These numbers are a scathing indictment of Trudeau’s failed leadership and Singh’s complicity.

The Canadian people have utterly rejected their corruption and incompetence by flocking to Poilievre’s Conservative vision in unprecedented ways.

The writing is on the wall for the disgraced Liberal-NDP coalition of chaos. A Conservative political revolution is surging under Poilievre’s principled leadership.

The embarrassing poll is the clearest sign yet that the Trudeau-Singh disaster is doomed while Poilievre’s star power ignites a Conservative future for Canada.

Will Trudeau and Singh continue to desperately cling to power even as Canadians overwhelmingly reject them?

Canadians Reject Trudeau Leadership, Embrace Poilievre’s Vision

The latest poll numbers are a total train wreck for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. After a solid eight years at the helm, Trudeau has managed to steer his party right into its worst approval rating in half a century.

And it’s not just them taking a nosedive—Jagmeet Singh’s supposedly progressive New Democratic Party is also hitting rock bottom in the polls. While Trudeau and Singh keep sinking, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is on the rise.


According to data analysis from the nonpartisan Angus Reid Institute, Trudeau now has a net approval rating of -38 points.

This factors together his favorability and unfavorability numbers to determine his overall popularity with voters.

A net rating of -38 is catastrophically bad. It signifies that nearly 40% more Canadians now disapprove of Trudeau’s leadership than approve of it.

The Institute’s report explains: “The Prime Minister’s numbers become even more dire when one looks at the trending direction.”

It adds: “In data from this decade, Liberal and NDP leaders start out with net positive numbers of around 10 in 2020, while the Conservative leader (then Erin O’Toole) has a rating of -43.”

But in just four short years, the tables have turned dramatically. While Conservatives have gradually improved their standing under Poilievre, Trudeau and Singh have been in utter freefall.

Trudeau’s net approval has collapsed from +10 down to an abysmal -38. Singh has gone from +6 down to a pathetic -14. Their support has cratered so rapidly that we’ve now reached a historic low.

Trudeau’s polling collapse is especially remarkable when compared to Liberal leaders of the past. As the Angus Reid analysis notes, “In 2011 Jack Layton (NDP), Michael Ignatieff (Liberal) and Stephen Harper (Conservative) were all in negative territory, but the intensity of dislike towards Layton was relatively slight.”

However, we must take the NDP’s traditionally decent polling numbers with a grain of salt. While some voters may appreciate the NDP’s outwardly progressive stances, the party has failed to gain widespread support despite never forming government.

The report adds: “In the late 1980s both John Turner (Liberal) and Brian Mulroney (Conservative) were heavily disapproved of, but Ed Broadbent soared in public opinion polls.”

Again, while the two major parties were unpopular, the NDP leader supposedly bucked the trend. But let’s not forget – the NDP has never come close to gaining real power. Clearly their left-wing policies do not resonate with most Canadians.

The Angus Reid Institute suggests this is because “the NDP’s supply and confidence agreement with the deeply unpopular Liberal government has increased Jagmeet Singh’s profile and influence enough that he, too, is now garnering considerable criticism.”

In propping up Trudeau’s failing government, Singh has made himself complicit in its unpopular policies. He is paying the price. Their coalition is falling apart, and Canadians aren’t buying into their games anymore. They’re seeing through the lies, the endless screw-ups, scandals, and all the mismanagement.

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party is gaining traction thanks to their common-sense policies and Poilievre’s fiery speeches, which are striking a chord with Canadians sick of Trudeau’s eight-year mess.

Pierre Poilievre’s approval rating has shot up from -43 to a real-deal -12. He’s quickly catching up with the widely disliked Trudeau, showing that more and more Canadians are getting behind Poilievre’s Conservative agenda aimed at cleaning up Trudeau’s messes.

The Institute’s historical data reveals a clear trend: “Usually the decline of one federal leader engendering the rise in favorability for an alternative; see the elder Trudeau’s fall and the corresponding rise of Brian Mulroney.”

Now, we appear to be witnessing this dynamic again, with Justin Trudeau’s abysmal polling numbers lifting Poilievre’s Conservatives.

Prime Minister Trudeau is basically following in his dad’s not-so-great footsteps. Pierre Trudeau’s popularity tanked back in the ’70s thanks to some serious inflation issues, paving the way for Brian Mulroney to swoop in.

And now, history seems to be repeating itself under Justin Trudeau’s watch as inflation hits Canada hard, setting the stage for Poilievre’s rise.

Jean Chrétien was like the ultimate Liberal boss, pulling in crazy high approval ratings, hitting up to +42 back in the ’90s. But let’s be real, Justin Trudeau isn’t Chrétien.

His current -38 net approval rating is the absolute worst for a sitting Liberal Prime Minister. And if history’s anything to go by, once Liberal leaders start tanking, they hardly ever bounce back.

Trudeau is still clinging to power, with a little help from Jagmeet Singh’s NDP, but the polls are screaming that this government’s on its last legs. Trudeau is basically leading his party right off a cliff, scoring the lowest Liberal approval rating in 50 years.

Meanwhile, Pierre Poilievre is quietly rallying the Conservative troops for a big electoral breakthrough. The latest numbers give us hope that Canada might finally see some brighter days under a responsible, fiscally common sense government.

Canadians Are Ready for A Change

But haven’t Canadians seen this coming? Year after year, we’ve been hearing about scandals, failures, and taxpayers’ money going to woke pet projects, all while Trudeau stands by and watches.

More Canadians are lining up at food banks, struggling to put meals on the table, and what does Trudeau do? Nothing. He keeps handing out more money to his corporate pals, without batting an eye at Canadians screaming for him to be a more fiscally responsible Prime Minister.

A real Canadian Prime Minister should put Canadians first, especially in uncertain times like these. But Trudeau is too busy pandering to special interests – immigrants, Ukrainians, global elites at the WEF. He acts like he represents everyone except the hard-working taxpayers of this country.

Trudeau needs to stop the virtue signaling and start standing up for the interests of Canadians. Our money should go to empowering and strengthening our own citizens and communities, not his politically correct pet causes. And it’s time Trudeau started positioning Canada strongly on the world stage again instead of cowering behind our allies.

Canadians are clearly fed up with years of scandals, out-of-control spending, and unaffordable policies from this Liberal-NDP tag team. Trudeau and Singh have sent the country spiraling deeper into debt, fueled painful inflation, and mismanaged crisis after crisis.

Their coalition is rightfully crumbling under the weight of its own incompetence. While Trudeau and Singh play political games, Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives have put forward a constructive policy vision focused on restoring competent government and getting Canada’s economy back on track.

The polls show Canadians have had enough of Trudeau’s weak and self-serving leadership, as Poilievre rapidly closes in on Trudeau’s dismal numbers.

The decline of the Liberal-NDP coalition presents a significant opportunity for the Conservatives to establish a responsible government that prioritizes the needs of ordinary Canadians.

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