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Trudeau and Singh Scheme: New Grocery Taxes


Trudeau-Singh Plot Grocery Tax Grab

Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have morphed into the ultimate tax vampires, unleashing an insidious new scheme to bleed your family dry at the checkout line. 

In an unholy cash grab, Singh is strong-arming a vote to slam you with punishing new taxes on groceries. All to bankroll the Liberals’ endless spending spree and secure NDP votes.  

With Canadians crushed by crazy inflation, the power-mad pair still want to pickpocket even more from your wallet. As if we aren’t bled enough already!

Conservative MP Philip Lawrence warns this is pure “corporate greed” that will just keep jacking up costs higher. But all Trudeau and Singh see are dollar signs. Real solutions be damned.

Singh is exploiting outrage over insane grocery prices to ram through this predatory tax swindle. But he conveniently ignores his own role in fueling the mess, backing Trudeau’s job-killing policies every step.

This is Socialist Gaslighting 101 – create economic havoc, then demand more money to “fix” it. Rinse and repeat. But Taxed-Out Canadians have had enough.

With this sinister grocery tax vote, the NDP-Liberal have shown their true colors – power at any price, citizens be damned. 

Trudeau and Singh Scheme to Pickpocket Families with Grocery Taxes

Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau have officially formed an unholy alliance to bleed Canadian families dry at the checkout line. In a staggering display of greed and callousness, Singh is forcing a vote to impose punishing new taxes on groceries. All to fund more wasteful Liberal spending and shore up NDP support. 

Canadians are already feeling the pinch with crazy high prices, but that’s not stopping these two from teaming up on this nasty grocery tax. It’s like they’re on a mission to empty our wallets even more.

As Conservative MP Philip Lawrence warns, the NDP-Liberal coalition is promoting “unmitigated corporate greed” that continues to send prices skyrocketing. Their sole focus is extracting as much cash as possible instead of any real solutions to help suffering citizens.

Singh is blatantly exploiting public anger over high grocery bills to push through this tax cash grab. He slammed Trudeau and the Conservatives for “failing” to address costs, conveniently ignoring his own party’s role in fueling rising prices.

With a know-it-all attitude, Singh wrote a mocking letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, claiming the NDP was prompted to act because both had “refused to meaningfully tackle corporate greed.”

Singh wrote, referencing the recently organized boycott of Loblaw stores:

“Due to your failure, Canadians are paying high prices and they’ve had to take matters into their own hands by boycotting big grocery chains.” 

“Forcing big grocery chains to pay what they owe would encourage them to lower their prices. It would also help recover some of the money you have both handed-out to big grocery chains so that Canadians could get another grocery rebate to give them more breathing room in their family budgets.”

Let’s get real – the NDP helped ram through Trudeau’s job-killing carbon tax which has driven up costs across the board. Now they audaciously claim new taxes are the solution? Give me a break.

And don’t forget, this whole grocery tax drama started with the NDP’s Daniel Blaikie who first introduced the motion. Another stunning act of hypocrisy from the party that campaigned against affordability struggles.

A Conservative spokesperson rightfully called out Singh’s latest political ploy as “truly bizarre.” The statement exposed Singh for shamelessly “selling out Canadians to support a Liberal government that has overseen a 12% increase in the cost of food.”

Singh’s crocodile tears for citizens ring hollow when he props up a government causing citizens so much pain in the first place. His motives aren’t compassionate – they’re driven by a thirst for power and control. 

Don’t believe Singh’s claim that squeezing grocers will “encourage them to lower prices.” That’s fanciful socialist rhetoric detached from economic reality. These corporate taxes inevitably get passed down to consumers through even higher prices. 

And do Singh and Trudeau really believe everyday citizens will fall for their false promises of “rebates?” People know these schemes are temporary schemes that quickly evaporate. Just political tricks to disguise their insatiable greed.

Singh may spew lofty rhetoric about “fighting corporate greed.” But this deceptive power-grab proves the only “greed” at play is from power-drunk politicians.

Conservative MP Philip Lawrence was on point when he identified the “easy solution” – eliminating Trudeau’s oppressive carbon tax instead of piling on new burdens. 

But that would require political courage which Singh and Trudeau utterly lack. It’s much easier to just keep smacking citizens with new taxes instead of fixing the real problems they created.

Let’s recap how we got here. First, the NDP joins hands with the Liberals, who have totally bungled the economy into runaway inflation. Then they force a motion to tax grocery stores more, because why not? It’s not their money after all. 

And now Singh hypocritically slams the Conservatives as if they are responsible for the mess his coalition made. The man’s sheer audacity is simply breathtaking. 

Word of advice to the power-drunk NDP leader – stop blaming others for the direct results of your own failings. Canadians are fed up with this endless cycle of socialism ruining the country, followed by more taxes to supposedly “fix” the self-created problems.

Singh Tax Collusion Driven by Political Greed

Singh has put on a masterclass in socialist double-speak throughout this whole grocery tax debacle. He fear-mongers about “corporate greed” to disguise his own bottomless greed for tax dollars. This guy couldn’t care less about real people – just power.

His hypocrisy really jumped out when Singh slammed the Liberals for handing nearly $26 million to Costco and Loblaw. Guess it never dawned on him that the billions his proposed grocery tax would divert also go to corporations?

With the NDP pushing for a vote on their wallet-squeezing grocery tax, it’s a make-or-break moment. 

So Let’s call out Jagmeet Singh’s true motivations here – securing a lavish MP pension on the backs of suffering Canadians. Singh admitted he’s losing confidence in Trudeau’s disastrous leadership. But he cravenly keeps propping up the Liberals to avoid an election before his pension fully vests. 

Singh is holding the whole country hostage, making us put up with Trudeau’s mess until 2025 when he can cash in on his pension. Singh’s totally drunk on power and the perks that come with it, while regular citizens pay the price.

By sticking with Trudeau’s sinking ship, Singh is basically saying he cares more about his pension than the damage being done to us. He could put an end to Trudeau’s circus act anytime by withdrawing NDP support, but he won’t because his pension means more to him than the mess we’re all in.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when one guy is greedy for a cushy pension decides the fate of the whole country. Singh’s locking us into more years of Trudeau’s disaster, all for his own gain.

Canadians want Trudeau out, but Singh is stubbornly keeping him afloat. It just shows how messed up and rigged our system is. A tiny fringe party like the NDP shouldn’t have this much power, letting Trudeau run wild.

Both Trudeau and Singh will hit rock bottom by 2025 once Canadians get the chance to kick them out. But how much damage will they cause before then? Singh’s self-serving pension grab has sentenced us to years of Trudeau hell. And that’s just not right.

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