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Trudeau Secret Scheme to Lift Russia Sanctions Exposed


Macron Strong-Arms Trudeau

This bombshell will make your blood boil. Trudeau ‘s filthy backroom scheme to lift Russia sanctions exposed. He betrayed Ukraine and disgraced Canada, all to line his cronies’ pockets and steal the next election. 

Get ready for the sordid details: smoky threats, shady election rigging, and spineless surrender. Trudeau sold out to Macron’s mafia-style pressure campaign. Now Canada’s democracy teeters on the brink as Trudeau trades principles for Putin’s help in stealing power.

Every sinister revelation takes us deeper into Trudeau’s web of deceit. Craven corporate pandering, reckless deals with dictators, dangerous dependence—he’ll stop at nothing in his desperate bid to cling to power.

This scandal shreds Trudeau’s lies, exposing the shocking lengths he’ll go to rig elections and deceive Canadians. But we won’t be fooled! It’s time to rise up and take back our country from this crooked hypocrite.

Follow the trail of greed, lies, and treason. Watch as two-faced Trudeau sells out Canada to dictators. See why this scheme could end our democracy forever.

Trudeau Sold Out Canada to Appease Putin

A shocking exposé reveals Justin Trudeau’s government secretly negotiated with French President Emmanuel Macron in March to lift sanctions on Russian titanium exports, undercutting Ukraine.

What happened to all the talks about supporting Ukraine to face Russian aggression?

According to insider sources, Macron directly lobbied Trudeau in a March 29 phone call to exempt European aerospace giants like Airbus and Safran from Canada’s Russian sanctions. Airbus’ entire supply of titanium landing gear for its top A350-1000 jet comes from a single plant in Ontario, putting it in the crosshairs.

The personal call came just before French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal visited Canada, where he reinforced Macron’s demands. Attal increased the pressure on Trudeau to back down on sanctions to assist the critical operations of Airbus and other major French firms.

A source close to the French leader said Macron had made a “significant effort” to convince Trudeau to grant an exemption for European companies.

“Many messages were passed at all levels,” the source added, referring to broad diplomatic and industrial pressure.

The Canadian source said: “It was not easy to get the sanctions lifted. I think if the French government had not raised it continuously at that level, we would have held pretty firm.” 

Ukraine’s ambassador criticized the sanctions relief as undermining Western unity against Russia’s unprovoked aggression. But Macron strong-armed Trudeau into lifting the sanctions by exploiting French industry’s supply chain fears.

Within days, Trudeau’s government granted secret waivers to Airbus, Safran, and other aerospace companies dependent on Russian titanium.

The way they caved in smells fishy, doesn’t it? Like some shady backroom deal between leaders more interested in selling weapons than standing up for what’s right. Word on the street is Trudeau and Macron cooked up a scheme to ease sanctions, screwing over Canada and Ukraine in the process.

As Canada’s next election creeps closer, gossip is flying that Trudeau struck a secret deal with the Kremlin to help him win in exchange for lifting sanctions. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? The Russians would much rather deal with Trudeau’s crew than face a tougher Conservative bunch.

While Trudeau hasn’t flat-out denied any shady election deal, the sanctions exemptions raise some serious eyebrows about sneaky Russian campaign financing. Lifting these embargoes could open a backdoor for Russian metals money to sneak into Liberal party funds.

The timing is super suspicious, coming just a year before Canada’s next federal election, especially with the Liberals trailing behind the Conservatives in the polls. This is fueling rumors that Trudeau might be setting up a sneaky cash pipeline from Kremlin-connected firms to boost his party’s chances.

There’s buzz that Russian entities could mask financial donations through complicated corporate setups to dodge transparency laws. On paper, it would all look legit, but the money would actually be coming from sanctioned Russian metals giants.

This could mean Trudeau’s re-election campaign gets a secret influx of massive foreign funds just when the Liberals need it most. Exploiting Canada’s loose campaign finance rules like this risks turning the country’s democracy into a pawn for Russian interests.

If Trudeau is indeed compromising ethics for power, it would be a deeply troubling betrayal just to cling to office. The timing and context of these sanctions keep fueling uneasy speculation of a shady deal for financial and election support.

This scandal makes us wonder whether Trudeau is willing to bargain away national interests to win at all costs. His compromise on Russian sanctions surrendering to corporate lobbying already shows a leader guided by political winds, not principles.

The revelations are a stark warning that behind closed doors, Trudeau puts political ambition above standing up to tyranny. His public rhetoric extolling democracy rings hollow when he appeases dictators to appease voters. 

With its brazen strong-arming, France has behaved less like an ally than an extortionist. Macron’s willingness to bully Canada into concealing Russian sanctions damage for Airbus’ benefit raises serious concerns.

His pressure campaign exploited Canada’s economic vulnerabilities and Trudeau’s political insecurities. It reduced principled policymaking to transactional horse-trading between unscrupulous Western leaders.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin surely savored Trudeau’s sanctions surrender. The easement granted at Macron’s behest directly aided Putin’s strategic goals by letting Russian titanium keep flowing abroad. 

Trudeau’s giveaway will boost Kremlin revenues and undermine efforts to cripple Russia’s economy. It also telegraphs disunity and weakness in the Western alliance Putin aims to fracture.

Canada’s own ambassador Sarah Taylor recently confessed that Trudeau’s Liberal government interactions with Russia remain “quite limited” but notably “not unfriendly.” Her shocking admission spotlights Trudeau’s dangerous appeasement of Putin’s tyranny.

Despite Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, ambassador Taylor admitted Trudeau’s policy is “we’re not unfriendly, we’re just waiting for them to change.” This spineless stance aids Putin by avoiding directly challenging his aggression.

Taylor confirmed that under Trudeau, relations with Russia’s dictatorship remain polite and “very correct.” But Ukraine demands principled confrontation of Putin’s war crimes, not passive patience for eventual reform.

Trudeau’s ambassador justified this weak stance by claiming “diplomatic relations are not a gift we give to friends.” But Ukrainians see this as handing Putin a free pass on atrocity in the name of formalities.

With its citizens dying and cities reduced to rubble, Ukraine needs Trudeau to embrace courageous defiance of Russian tyranny. But his ambassador exposes a policy of meek acquiescence in hope the bear will behave.

Taylor shockingly labeled ending Putin’s genocidal war as merely a “starting point” to potentially improve relations later. This appeasement endangers Ukraine by avoiding overt condemnation of Russia’s murderous imperialism.

Trudeau also stays silent on Putin’s domestic human rights atrocities to keep diplomatic doors open. His failure to champion Russian dissidents jailed for criticizing tyranny encourages further crackdowns.

Trudeau’s Neglect Made Canada Dangerously Dependent on Russia

Canada’s ambassador exposes Trudeau’s selective morality by worrying only about domestic oppression in Russia rather than its imperial war machine. 

This misplaced priority highlights a deeper policy failure – Trudeau left Canada unprepared to detach from Russia’s minerals when conflict erupted. His government’s lack of foresight in securing independent critical mineral supply chains made Canada dangerously reliant on autocracies.

That dependency has now put ethics at odds with economics as sanctions disrupt Russian chromium and titanium flows. Trudeau’s moral blind spot is thus fueled by years of strategic neglect in achieving mineral independence from dictatorial regimes.

Trudeau pushed hard to green Canada’s energy supply by clamping down on oil and gas production. But instead of boosting his climate credentials, it ended up increasing reliance on Russian liquefied natural gas or LNG imports.

Instead of supporting Alberta’s oil patch to meet Canadian energy needs, Trudeau tried to appease environmental activists who opposed fossil fuels. By restricting pipelines and domestic gas development, he forced Canada to rely more on dirty Russian LNG for manufacturing and heating.

Trudeau’s Policies stifled approvals for major domestic energy projects, advanced Trudeau’s green agenda but also made Canada more vulnerable by depending more on Russian LNG while crippling Alberta gas producers.

Trudeau also poured government subsidies into speculative green technologies instead of securing viable domestic fuel sources like LNG. Critics argue he wasted money on idealistic schemes that weakened Canadian energy security.

Now, Trudeau faces accusations of selling out Canada and Ukraine to benefit Airbus and other aerospace giants. Their profits took priority over principled sanctions, as contracts mattered more than values to leaders like Trudeau and Macron.

This mess is a wake-up call that Western leaders are all too willing to cut shady deals with dictators when profits or political gains are at stake. Human rights and rule of law are quickly abandoned behind closed doors.

Trudeau’s capitulation underscores the hypocrisy at the heart of globalization. Western nations get economically entangled with authoritarian regimes like Russia and China. But when crises hit, they realize values can become a liability.

The revelation of this sanctions-for-elections-meddling plot confirms suspicions that Trudeau’s lofty speeches hide an unscrupulous hunger for power. Voters now see his willingness to make deals with tyrants for personal gain.

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