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Trudeau Scrambles After Smith Cancels Multibillion Project


Trudeau Faces Off Against Danielle Smith in High-Stakes 

Trudeau faces a high-stakes political standoff with Alberta premier Danielle Smith. At issue is carbon capture technology, which Smith recently dealt a major blow by canceling a $2.4 billion carbon capture project. 

Her move defies Trudeau’s climate change agenda and shows her commitment to defending Alberta’s vital oil and gas industry.

Smith insists Alberta has jurisdiction over its own resources and won’t indulge Trudeau’s expensive carbon capture fantasies. 

But Trudeau remains fixated on the unproven technology despite mounting evidence it is not economically feasible.

The stage is set for an epic confrontation between Smith, who is defending jobs and families, and a detached Trudeau government pushing carbon capture despite exorbitant costs and technical flaws. 

With billions on the line, Smith is mobilizing to protect Alberta’s interests while Trudeau doubles down. Missed emissions targets in Saskatchewan also raise questions about whether carbon capture even works. 

As both leaders entrench their positions, Canada waits with bated breath to see who will back down first in this high-stakes standoff between Danielle Smith and Justin Trudeau over carbon capture. 

The livelihoods of countless Albertan families and the future of Canada’s energy industry hang in Trudeau and his government’s hands.

Smith Blow Cancel Carbon Capture to Trudeau’s Climate Agenda

Danielle Smith made a bold move to cancel the $2.4 billion carbon capture project in Alberta. This showed her steadfast commitment to defending the interests of Albertans and pushing back against damaging Liberal policies from Trudeau and his government. 

Smith recognized that carbon capture is an unproven, expensive technology being pushed by Trudeau as a means to punish Alberta’s vital oil and gas industry. She stood up for taxpayers by refusing to pour billions more into a boondoggle initiative.

Danielle Smith spoke with reporters five months ago in a conference call stating her points about the carbon capture in Alberta. Alberta already has its own jurisdiction to manage its own resources without any further interference.

Trudeau and his government announced back then an attack on the oil and gas industry in Alberta without consent and bypassing Danielle Smith, as set in 2007 that Danielle smith is responsible for its own province carbon price not Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Trudeau and the Liberals are stubbornly defending carbon capture, despite mounting evidence it is not economically feasible.

The recent collapse of the Capital Power project in Alberta revealed the true costs of carbon capture, with massive government subsidies needed to make it viable. 

Yet the Liberals continue insisting this exorbitant technology is integral to their climate plan. They are detached from the economic realities facing Albertans and the vital importance of oil and gas to Canada’s economy.

The failed Capital Power project showed carbon capture is technically challenging and astronomically expensive, requiring enormous subsidies to be remotely viable.

But Trudeau and his government remain fixated on appeasing climate activists rather than acknowledging this reality. 

They are willing to waste billions of tax dollars on unproven, expensive carbon capture rather than support Canada’s oil industry and the hundreds of thousands of jobs it provides.

Danielle Smith took a stand for fiscal responsibility by refusing to indulge the Liberal obsession with carbon capture fantasy. She recognizes it would be unconscionable to pump billions more into an initiative that has already wasted precious tax dollars. 

The failed Quest project underscored the technical limitations and massive costs associated with carbon capture. Smith is rightly unwilling to repeat past mistakes.

Trudeau’s insistence on carbon capture shows how out of touch he is with economic realities. The exorbitant costs and technical challenges of carbon capture mean it cannot play a significant role in emissions reductions, despite Liberal claims. 

Trudeau Doubles Down on Carbon Capture Despite Failures

Smith is firmly on the side of Albertans by rejecting costly carbon capture dreams. She recognizes the vital economic importance of oil and gas and will defend this industry against damaging Liberal policies. 

Moreover, Smith has stated before if the federal government continues to interfere in their jurisdiction that Alberta will be taking that to court, mocking the federal government as they have already lost two cases before, so it would be a piece of cake to win this as well.

Alberta cannot afford to pump billions more into unproven, astronomically expensive carbon capture when families are struggling to make ends meet. Smith’s refusal to indulge Trudeau’s carbon capture fantasy shows her commitment to stand up for Alberta.

The Liberals are defying economic realities by insisting on carbon capture as the solution, despite mounting evidence it is not viable.

The failed Quest project and the scrapped Capital Power initiative demonstrate the technical limitations and massive costs. 

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, has also defended in a recent press conference the carbon capture and storage technology while attacking Conservative Pierre Poilievre.

Wilkinson has stated that by 2050 if the government did not take actions into consideration by now that Canada will be seeing a major job loss by 500,000 by then and over $100 billion annually.

Not only Danielle Smith canceling a major project, at the same time in Saskatchewan, it seems there are missed emissions goals that are raising questions if the carbon capture is even effective or is it just another ploy by the government.

Trudeau’s unwavering commitment to carbon capture shows his disregard for Canadian taxpayer dollars. Despite the Quest failure and the infeasibility of Capital Power, Trudeau wants to double down on this expensive fantasy. 

But Danielle Smith will not indulge Liberal delusions by pouring billions more down the carbon capture drain. She is committed to preserving Alberta’s oil and gas industry and the hundreds of thousands of jobs it provides for hard-working families.

The Liberals are profoundly out of touch with the lives of ordinary Canadians if they believe wasteful carbon capture is the solution. Families in Alberta and across Canada are struggling with inflation and cannot afford massive new expenses on unproven technology. 

Danielle Smith’s cancellation of the carbon capture project was a courageous move to defend Alberta interests against damaging Liberal policies.

She will continue championing Canada’s oil and gas industry and pushing back against Trudeau’s attacks. 

Smith is grounded in the real economic needs of Albertan families, while Trudeau indulges in carbon capture fantasy.

Her principled stand shows Smith is the leader Alberta needs to advance the province’s interests against an out-of-touch Liberal government in Ottawa.

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