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Trudeau Blasted By Smith Over “Unconstitutional” Assessment Act


Backlash From Danielle Smith Over Liberal Overreach

Trudeau most vocal opponents Danielle Smith has emerged, fiercely defending her province’s autonomy against repeated federal intrusions. 

The latest flashpoint is Smith’s criticism of Trudeau overstepping into provincial jurisdiction with amendments to the Impact Assessment Act.

Which she warns could enable disruptive federal interference in major provincial projects like oil sands developments, highways, and power plants. 

Smith argues these changes undermine Alberta’s authority over resource development within its own borders. She asserts Trudeau failed to properly consult Alberta on amendments that trespass on provincial powers.

This follows Smith’s bold move to cancel a $2.4 billion carbon capture project in defiance of federal climate policies.

By scrapping this initiative, Smith showed her willingness to stand up to Trudeau’s climate agenda which she sees as detrimental to Alberta’s vital oil and gas industry. 

As the defiant premier of Canada’s oil heartland, Smith is shaping up as a conservative champion against liberal overreach from Ottawa.

She has accused Trudeau of unconstitutional overreach and intrusive federal meddling in provincial affairs like healthcare and housing. 

With a pugnacious style, Smith is eager to position herself as a bulwark against Trudeau’s centralization of power. As federal-provincial tensions mount, the stage is set for more rancorous wrangling between this conservative premier and the liberal prime minister.

Danielle Smith Erupts At Trudeau For Disregarding Provincial Powers

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has once again shown that she is the superior premier for defending and standing against any meddling and interference in Alberta’s affairs without consent.

Danielle Smith is right to criticize Prime minister Justin Trudeau for meddling in Alberta’s affairs without consent.

The recent amendments to the federal Impact Assessment Act overreach into areas of provincial jurisdiction and undermine Alberta’s authority over resource development projects within its own borders. 

Trudeau failed to properly consult with Alberta on changes that could hinder major projects in the province. 

Smith has warned that the amended Impact Assessment Act puts oil sands developments, highways, and power plants at risk of disruptive federal interference. She argues that this is unacceptable infringement on Albertan autonomy. 

Trudeau has shown blatant disregard for Alberta’s right to control its own intra-provincial projects without federal obstruction.

In October 2023, The Supreme Court already ruled that sections of the original Impact Assessment Act were unconstitutional overreach into provincial powers and for meddling.

“The federal government’s failure to accept the Supreme Court of Canada’s opinion that the Impact Assessment Act is unconstitutional and abandon this bad act is causing unnecessary confusion across Canada,” Minister Rebecca Schulz said.

“This interim guidance does not help reduce confusion – it only adds to it.”

However, Trudeau’s amendments still fail to fully respect provincial jurisdiction. Smith rightly resists federal meddling in areas that clearly fall under Albertan authority.  

Trudeau claims he consulted with provinces, but Smith asserts that Alberta was not adequately consulted on the Impact Assessment Act changes. 

She further says Alberta was not even given advance notice before the amendments were proposed in Parliament. This is more evidence of Trudeau’s dismissive attitude toward Alberta.

Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault arrogantly dismissed Smith’s legitimate concerns, essentially saying Alberta should fall in line with Ottawa’s environmental agenda regardless of constitutional jurisdiction. 

Guilbeault clearly prioritizes ideology over the rule of law by defending unconstitutional federal overreach. Smith stands up for core principles of federalism and provincial autonomy against an overbearing federal government.

The mining industry says the Impact Assessment Act amendments have potential if well implemented. However, Trudeau’s record does not inspire trust that Ottawa will exercise its powers responsibly. Alberta has every right to fear intrusive misuse of federal impact assessment powers on provincial projects. 

Smith is being pragmatic in questioning the constitutionality of Trudeau’s Impact Assessment Act amendments. Alberta cannot trust that unconstitutional federal interference in provincial jurisdiction will be avoided based on mere promises from Ottawa.

Trudeau failed to undertake meaningful consultation with Alberta on changes that undermine its provincial powers. Smith is therefore right to consider fighting the Impact Assessment Act amendments in court. Constitutional violations that disrupt Alberta’s economy cannot go unchallenged. 

Smith’s tough stance against Trudeau’s overreach stands up for Alberta’s interests. Her willingness to fight unconstitutional federal interference shows she is a strong defender of provincial rights.

Trudeau Called Out By Smith For Meddling With Alberta Oil Projects

Considering that this is not the first instance between Justin Trudeau and Danielle Smith, Trudeau has a record in meddling without any plan or consent, if you’re going to meddle in, then as prime minister you should at least have a plan in hand.

Back in April, Danielle Smith stood against Trudeau and his government to limit the federal housing funds without returning to the province and for going directly to the municipalities and called them out to “Stay out of my backyard bill”.

Smith is standing up to Trudeau’s pattern of ignoring provincial powers in favor of expanding federal control. She argues, correctly, that it is inefficient and unconstitutional for Ottawa to negotiate separately with hundreds of local entities in Alberta.

Moreover, In a recent speech at the Canada Strong and Free conference, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith once again showed her willingness to directly confront Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Smith used the speech to sharply criticize federal overreach into areas of provincial jurisdiction, arguing that Trudeau should focus on national priorities rather than intruding on provincial responsibilities.

Smith specifically called out Trudeau for dismissing provincial concerns about the federal government’s interference in health care and housing as mere “jurisdictional squabbles.” As she also decided to cancel a $2.4 billion carbon capture project in Alberta, defying Trudeau’s climate change policies. 

This major move demonstrated Smith’s commitment to defending Alberta’s interests against federal intrusion.

Overall, Smith’s combative tone and actions highlight her eagerness to position herself as a champion against Trudeau’s perceived disregard for Alberta’s autonomy.

As it seems that Trudeau and the federal government can’t take a hint that not all provinces are welcoming their hypocritical and invasive moves in their own affairs.

Trudeau failed to take care of his own Ottawa’s issues and only focuses on meddling in others issues.

Instead of random attack moves on different provinces and applying different programs and plans, Trudeau should be addressing current issues such as housing, energy, school and day care programs.

Not only spending the taxpayers money on useless and reckless projects.

Alberta premier is standing as one of the leaders who are taking their job to another level and protecting its own tirelessly instead of complaining about how hard her job might be or how she thinks about quitting, unlike Justin Trudeau. 

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