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Trudeau Rolls Out Questionable Housing Scheme


Housing announcement timed to distract from foreign collusion

Trudeau pulled a sneaky move this week, rolling out a weak $1.5 billion housing plan to distract everyone from the huge treason mess his government is in.

Now that a bunch of Liberal MPs are caught up in shady deals with foreign actors, Trudeau’s scrambling to throw money at us taxpayers, hoping we’ll forget about his scandals.

But let’s be real, his housing scheme won’t fool anyone. It just made him look even more desperate, like a PM willing to splash public cash to cover up his party’s shady business.

He trotted out Freeland to sell this recycled, ineffective plan they dug up. But come on, the Liberals’ track record on housing stinks, so their sudden concern seems pretty fishy.

This whole vote-buying scandal proves Trudeau will do anything to stay in power, even if it means lying to Canadians. But we’re not falling for it. It’s time to boot out this failure of a leader before he messes up our country even more.

Trudeau Wheels Out Housing Pledges Amid Election Desperation

Justin Trudeau rolled out a desperate $1.5 billion plan this week, calling it a new co-op housing program. But let’s call it what it is: a shady attempt to buy votes.

The tired old Trudeau crew is drowning in scandals and failures, so they’re throwing our hard-earned cash around, hoping we’ll forgive and forget. But sorry, Trudeau, we’re not falling for it.

After nine years of doing squat while housing prices went through the roof, Trudeau now expects us to cheer for this puny program. But come on, it’s just the same old stuff wrapped up in a shiny new package.

Canadians are fed up with sky-high rents and mortgage payments. We need real solutions, not these half-hearted attempts to save face. It’s time for Trudeau to step up or step aside.

Trudeau’s co-op plan offers far too little, far too late. Housing Minister Sean Fraser claimed this is the largest federal investment in co-op housing in 30 years. But the program’s $1.5 billion amounts to a drop in the bucket of what is needed to tackle this crisis.

And the measly 5,000 units it may build by 2028 will hardly benefit the millions of Canadians suffering housing insecurity. This is mere window dressing from a government that has actively exacerbated housing unaffordability.

Fraser touted the plan as focusing “on people over profits.” But the Liberals’ track record reveals the opposite. Their policies have enriched wealthy developers while making home ownership impossible for many hard-working young people.

This pattern of betrayal is why Trudeau is hemorrhaging support among younger voters. After being elected on bold promises, he has failed to deliver on the issues they care most about.

Take housing – Trudeau pledged to make it more affordable. Yet average home prices in Canada have jumped over 50% during his time in office.

In major cities, the crisis is even worse. Vancouver has gone from a benchmark price of $788,300 in 2015 to $1.1 million now under Trudeau’s leadership. Toronto saw its average price skyrocket from $588,000 to $1 million over the same period. And in Victoria, once-affordable home prices have nearly doubled from $478,000 to over $900,000.

These shocking increases have locked an entire generation out of the housing market. But only now, facing an election, has Trudeau stirred into action. Even then, his inadequate plan does not begin to match the scale of the crisis.

This is because the Prime Minister refused to tackle the real roots of soaring housing costs. He left restrictive zoning rules and excessive red tape in place. Construction of new homes slowed to a trickle, creating a massive supply shortage.

With demand massively outpacing supply, especially in major urban centers, home prices detached from local incomes. Yet Trudeau stood by idly for years as this unfolded.

Liberals mute on treason allegations as housing plan rolls out

Trudeau had his favored minister, Chrystia Freeland, announce this program in a new press conference. This appears to be a blatant bribe in broad daylight to distract from both their failures and the treason scandal exposed last week, revealing how Canadian MPs were involved in leaking very sensitive and secretive information about Canada.

Isn’t it just hilarious how Freeland comes in to state the obvious—that housing is one of the biggest issues facing Canadians right now? Like, thanks for the newsflash!

And of course, she focuses on younger Canadians, whose dreams of owning a home are more like fantasies thanks to sky-high rents and insane home prices. But don’t worry, she says, because the government has a “No Holds Barred” plan.

Yep, they’re going to tackle the cost of homes with sheer willpower and the magic word: “Supply, Supply, Supply.”

She goes on about billions being poured into affordable housing to fix up the old and build the new. And today’s big news? A shiny new $1.5 billion Cooperative Housing Development Program.

This, she proudly claims, is the biggest investment in co-op housing in thirty years. How convenient that this announcement drops now, right when they’re in a tight spot.

Freeland rambles about loans and contributions to help build new co-ops and maintain existing ones, like throwing money at the problem is going to make it disappear.

She promises thousands of new co-op units by 2028. A timeline so far off that we’ll probably have forgotten about this big announcement by the time we see how little it actually delivered.

But hopefully, by 2028, Canadians will have voted them out, and we’ll have a government that actually keeps its promises.

She wants us to believe this is “important and necessary,” a key part of their plan since 2015. But let’s be real, this is just a desperate move to cover up their many failures and scandals.

Freeland’s personal stories and heartfelt praise for co-op housing are just distractions, trying to hide the reality of their incompetence.

And just to prove to you that this is just a bribe to hide the Liberals’ treason in wake of the recent special report on foreign interference released by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, look at Freeland’s response when directly asked if MPs who collaborated with foreign powers should be excluded from the nomination process. 

Instead of giving a straightforward ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ she deflected, mumbling about the Minister of Public Safety and how the government takes foreign interference “very seriously.” 

It’s like she’s dodging the question altogether, which only adds fuel to the suspicion that they’re trying to cover up something shady about Liberal MPs involved in this treason. 

It wouldn’t even be surprising if she herself was the one who leaked such information.

It’s as if she believes a shiny new housing plan can bribe Canadians into overlooking the sheer magnitude of their betrayal. 

This housing scheme is nothing more than a desperate attempt to cover up their failures and treason.

So, after twiddling his thumbs for ages, now Trudeau wants a pat on the back for his tiny co-op plan. But sorry, Trudeau, throwing out recycled budget promises won’t fool young voters who’ve been struggling with housing under your reign.

Especially when this obvious pre-election giveaway still dodges the real issues causing the affordability mess. Trudeau’s basically tossing coins at a problem his own government helped create. 

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