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Poilievre Roasts Trudeau Over “Housing Catalogue” in Smackdown


Poilievre Exposes Trudeau’s Housing Hypocrisy

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre just delivered an epic tongue-lashing of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that’ll go down in history.

After years of crazy high home prices that crushed people’s dreams on Trudeau’s watch, his wacko “solution” to the housing crisis left Poilievre shaking mad.

When called out on his busted pledge to build 550,000 affordable cribs, Trudeau whipped out his secret weapon – a “housing design catalogue” of pictures but zero actual houses.

As Trudeau proudly showed off this joke of a policy, Poilievre lost it. He roasted Trudeau’s lame catalogue to Conservative cheers, blasting the out-of-touch PM for messing with brochures while real Canadians suffer.

Dropping Trinity-level burns about ending up in a tent and not affording the glossy paper Trudeau’s plan was printed on, Poilievre exposed the PM’s empty promises and ignorance of the housing nightmare millions face.

While the Conservatives proposed real steps to increase supply, Trudeau and his crew of coastal elites laughed off struggling young citizens facing lifetimes of crazy rent.

As Poilievre landed haymaker after haymaker on Trudeau the pained look on the PM’s face said it all – his wacko housing catalogue just got shredded along with his credibility. All that was missing was the tiny car for Trudeau’s humiliating exit.

Poilievre Shreds Trudeau’s “Housing Catalogue”

If you can’t afford a house, don’t worry—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has an unbelievable solution for the crisis he created. Want to know what it is? It’s a Catalogue of Trudeau’s Broken Promises. Oh, sorry, I mean a ‘housing design catalogue’ to fix the housing crisis he created. Trudeau is playing games with Canadians who are left in disbelief wondering how a mere booklet can address the pressing need for affordable homes.

But fear not, because Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is here to expose ‘Clown Trudeau’ in a jaw-dropping attack in the House of Commons.

Trudeau got clowned hard last week for announcing a “housing design catalogue” when asked what he’s doing about supply. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre pressed him on his promise to build 550,000 new homes by 2025, but Trudeau dodged giving a real answer.

Instead, he rambled off lame policies like “launching a housing catalogue and getting more skilled peeps.” Poilievre immediately pounced, prompting loud laughs from the Conservatives.

Poilievre roasted Trudeau as his team gave a sarcastic standing ovation. “You can’t afford a home, might end up in a tent, your rent doubled but hey, you got a fresh catalogue!” 

This shows how out-of-touch Trudeau is. A flashy new catalogue doesn’t help the millions of Canadians who can’t afford to buy or even rent a place. Trudeau seems clueless about how desperate many young Canadians feel as home ownership slips away.

While Trudeau touts brochures, home building has actually decreased 21,000 units between 2022 and 2023 according to Statistics Canada. 

The Liberals just voted down the Conservatives’ Build Homes Not Bureaucracy Act which would have rewarded municipalities for exceeding housing targets. Trudeau is all talk but his fancy announcements never translate into real construction. 

Even more disturbing than his catalogue comments are Trudeau’s recent statements that housing must retain its high value. He told the Globe and Mail “Housing needs to retain its value. It’s a huge part of people’s potential for retirement and future nest egg.” 

This shows Trudeau cares more about boosting equity for current homeowners than helping new buyers get in the market.

As home prices tripled in 20 years, a huge wealth gap emerged between renters and owners. The average crib price now exceeds $700K nationally and exceeds $1 million in cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Trudeau shockingly admitted the massive retirement savings gap between renters and owners, saying it’s “not always fair.” But he made clear his top priority is protecting owners’ fat profits, even if it keeps screwing those struggling to secure their future.

Trudeau talks affordability but keeps pushing policies to preserve home values. He’s sacrificing a whole generation of new homebuyers for older citizens’ record equity gains. It’s shady politics ignoring young peeps he claims to help. His “generational fairness” talk rings hollow when his plans reveal his real agenda.

Without major policy moves, home ownership will stay an impossible dream for most young Canadians.

According to a recent study, saving a 20% down payment on an average Vancouver home would take 37 years for a typical family. In Toronto, 25 years of saving are needed for just the down payment on a single family home now averaging over $1.2 million. 

These stark numbers explain why Trudeau is hemorrhaging support among Millennials and Generation Z.

Rather than take bold action, Trudeau insists housing must retain its astronomical value to fund baby boomer retirements. On the Globe podcast he argued high prices are essential because homes are a “huge part of people’s potential for retirement and future nest egg.” 

This shows a callous disregard for younger Canadians facing a lifetime of renting while paying off the mortgages of older generations through their taxes. 

Trudeau’s trying to have it both ways – placating young voters with hollow promises of affordability while reassuring boomers their homes will keep gaining value. This contradictory stance aims to maintain the status quo that’s failed so many wannabe homeowners.

Conservatives Vow to Expand Housing Supply

Conservative boss Poilievre sees the housing crisis clearly and has practical solutions to expand supply. The Conservatives’ plan to reward municipalities for exceeding home building targets was blocked by Trudeau’s Liberals and their NDP enablers. Only the Conservatives represent future homebuyers left behind under Trudeau’s weak leadership.

Trudeau also nonchalantly admitted that his own migration policy has contributed significantly to the housing shortage, saying Canada has taken in newcomers “at a rate far beyond what Canada has been able to absorb.” 

This shows Trudeau lacks the guts to make tough calls needed to tackle the housing crisis. He’d rather keep the status quo than risk pissing off fat cats like rich developers and “Not In My Backyard” city politicians. Trudeau has had 8 years to fix affordability and utterly failed to deliver.

A recent National Bank report warned that without doubling Canada’s home construction to 700,000 units a year, prices will stay out of reach. That target’s near impossible without totally reforming how housing’s approved and built in big cities. But Trudeau refuses to upset the apple cart by taking on powerful forces profiting from scarcity and insane home values.

Clear signs Trudeau’s political nonsense on housing is backfiring as Canadians get more pissed about his crap record on the crisis.

Recent polls show him trailing Poilievre badly with younger peeps and in vote-rich Ontario and BC. After eight years of nada and crazy prices, Canadians realize Trudeau is all talk and no action on the defining issue of our time.

So far Trudeau seems happy announcing flashy catalogues and re-announcements while home ownership drifts away for millions. His big talk about affordability rings hollow when he stresses keeping home values up above all.

Only Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives have shown the guts to take on housing fat cats and fight for the dream of owning a home. With careful policies that avoid collateral damage, a Conservative government would make housing affordable again for hard working Canadian families. It’s time for a Prime Minister who cares more about helping future buyers than making past owners richer.

After eight years of failure under Trudeau’s Liberals, Canada desperately needs Conservative leadership to tackle the housing affordability crisis. 

Poilievre gets pocketbook issues and the challenges average Canadians face paying rent or saving for a down payment. Trudeau pays lip service to generational fairness while keeping policies rigged for wealthy property owners.

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