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Trudeau Questioned after Obstructing Foreign Interference Inquiry


Questions with No Answers

Trudeau is desperately twisting himself into rhetorical pretzels to avoid accountability over foreign interference tainting Canadian elections and how his government is handling it in an embarrassing fashion.

He is pulling out all the stops: Redacting important details; obstructing the flow of information; providing the bare minimum of documents. And then he has the audacity to turn around and run a victory lap about his government’s non-existent transparency.

Trudeau will stop at nothing to get Canadians to believe his hype, even if he has to blatantly lie about the conservatives’ effort to get to his ultimate end goal of absolute power.

The stakes for our national sovereignty could not be higher. Foreign actors are brazenly attacking the integrity of Canadian elections while Trudeau’s government looks the other way.

But the evidence is stacking up against Trudeau. The people are waking up in droves. And time is ticking for the failing liberal prime minister.

Trudeau Continues to Lie

What would be a great motivator to lie? The answer can be very different to everyone. Some will say power; Some will swear by money; Some will talk about family. No matter who you ask and where you ask them – there will always be an answer for this question.

But what if I asked you a different question? Something with a little twist; Something like, what would be a great motivator for you to lie, after you have been caught red handed and cornered? Not as easy, isn’t it? Well, Trudeau will have you covered on that.

Because it wasn’t clear enough for him and his crooked liberals that every Canadian has already figured out the Chinese interference in the 2019 and 2021 elections 100% happened, and now Trudeau is trying to cover it up for his own good.

But if you really wanna see a stone faced liar twist the narrative in his favour, look no further than the recent press conference Trudeau held, where a reporter asked him about his government’s withholding of important cabinet documents and the incessant redacting of details in papers released.

Now, do I even have to ask you the rhetorical question regarding how Trudeau answered this very simple question? Obviously no, since we are already well aware in terms of the tired liberal playbook that Trudeau always reads off of.

However, Trudeau spices up the conversation by just blatantly lying about how his corrupt and incompetent liberal government has somehow shared more cabinet confidentiality, and provided more government documents than any other government that came before them, including the conservatives.

Which is just an egregious lie that can be refuted by going back to early last month when Justice Marie Hogue and “Democracy Watch” exposed the Trudeau government for not allowing their inquiry full permission and freedom to investigate.

Trudeau was reported to have held the majority of the required documents and only provided the bare minimum to the inquiry on foreign interference. Which, funny enough, was still decent enough to confirm Chinese meddling taking place, but not enough to pinpoint the level of facilitation that the liberals are accused of.

All in all, it doesn’t look like Trudeau and the crooked liberals are very honest about their approach in regards to providing confidential and important documents. If you are so sure about your openness and transparency, why would you feel the need to lie about the history and accomplishments of your government? Easy, because optics are the most important thing for Trudeau at the current moment, even if evidence piles up against his unfounded claims.

Trudeau Doubles Down

Even when the reporter corners Trudeau and asks him about promises made and subsequently broken by his government some time ago in regards to providing the foreign interference inquiry with all the requested documents and details, Trudeau still finds it in himself to defend his actions and judgement.

But instead of refuting the claim directly, Trudeau states that it is just simply wrong, before going on the same old dizzying tangent about how hard at work the liberals have been, doing non-existent efforts strengthening communications between governmental institutions, and putting in place systems to better guard Canada and Canadians.

One of these so-called “efforts” was a “national security and intelligence committee of parliamentarians” that Trudeau claimed to be filled by people from all parties, and was proposed and worked on by the liberals and not the conservatives.

Which again, is a complete and abhorrent fabrication of the truth. Trudeau was not the one that came up with the idea or was even incessant about its existence. He was too busy lying and defending himself from election interference accusations to bother with such important matters.

Poilievre and the conservatives however were the honest and hardworking people that justifiably lambasted the liberals to no end, vowing to work on creating the committee until Trudeau was cornered and realised he should stop being incompetent for a fraction of a second.

Notice how Trudeau only did the deed when he realised it would benefit him after being cornered by countless reporters with facts and evidence trying to gouge his mindset and what his government will do next.

Never Responsible, Never Accountable

Trudeau will look over and copy from the conservatives when it suits him, but he will never admit this and will just turn around and attack the same people like they are corrupt and slimy grifters.

But this little effort will fool no one. Trudeau will keep doing this song and dance while he keeps trying to control the strings in the back.

Don’t believe me? Well, you better believe the conservative MPs who were ready for a committee hearing on another case of Chinese foreign interference, but were immediately shut down by the corrupt Liberal-NDP coalition.

Until Canadians have the full, unredacted truth about foreign meddling, doubts will forever remain.

No leader should be able to hide behind legal loopholes to avoid accountability, nor should they have unbridled power to shut down hearings and investigations.

The time has come for real leadership that respects democratic principles and the right of citizens to know when exactly our sovereignty is under attack, and who is facilitating it.

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