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Trudeau is Exposed for Lying by an Election Interference Report


A Scathing Report on the Elections

A new interim report on the election interference suggests Trudeau and the Liberals have something sinister to hide.

The report from Justice Marie Hogue pulls no punches, describing foreign meddling as a “stain on our electoral process.” Despite the investigation being rushed and hampered, Hogue confirmed what many Canadians already feared – outside powers targeted our democratic process and freedom to vote.

Even more damning, Hogue’s report reveals the Trudeau government actively obstructed the investigation at every turn.

They refused to share key documents or lift cabinet confidentiality rules that could expose alleged Liberal collusion.

With calls rising for a full public inquiry from Conservatives and beyond, these explosive revelations could be just the tip of the iceberg.

And now the liberals are rushing to introduce a bill that targets foreign interference just to quell all the anger boiling.

Who is Trudeau trying to fool here?

Trudeau is Exposed for Obstruction

Conservatives egging on any and every official that has the power to open an inquiry and keep looking into the Chinese election interference that took place during the 2019 and 2021 elections – which saw the liberals win majority seats – has led to an interim report conducted by Justice Marie Hogue into the matter at hand. Wanna guess what was found – or rather confirmed by this report?

The usual and the expected by many keen everyday Canadians was the ultimate result, as Justice Marie Hogue confirmed there was interference and meddling during the 2019 and 2021 election but couldn’t quite confirm the impact of such interference due to her report being rushed and the fact that it received no aid or communication from the Trudeau camp.

Justice Marie Hogue described her findings as a “Stain on the Canadian Electoral Process”. And this is only after the hastily made report that only aimed to provide the necessary amount of transparency to all anxious Canadian people without trampling all over and compromising Canada’s national security. Imagine the magnitude of the findings if she had gotten full permission and freedom to investigate. But I guess Trudeau has something else to say about the matter.

Democracy Watch made it important to point out that the Trudeau cabinet outright refused to provide any and all documents that would help the investigative commission determine once and for all whether there was election interference or not. Trudeau couldn’t even bring himself to use his misplaced authority to waive any cabinet confidentiality in favour of having the commision conduct a fully transparent investigation on the matter.

This is obstructive behaviour from Trudeau and his liberal government plain and simple. This behaviour should be called out and rightfully punished. Other than that, It only leaves us with only one stark question, what could Trudeau and his liberal cronies be trying to hide regarding foreign meddling in our democracy?

Trudeau Can’t even do his Job Right

Detailed in her report, Justice Marie Hogue had to admit that she couldn’t put her finger on the effects of the election interference and how it altered the outcomes, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the interference did in fact affect a portion of the voters leading them to be misinformed or not fully knowledgeable, and thus could not cast their autonomes votes without ultimately being misled. It is simply an act that sullied the Canadian election and the democratic process in general and that’s why it is important to get the facts straight.

In Don Valley North for example, it was alleged that winning liberal candidate Han Dong received support from China’s Toronto consulate, including foreign and international students allegedly arriving in full buses just to vote for Dong.

While Dong obviously denies knowledge of any foreign help and will continue to claim as such to defend his own back from conservative uproar, the claims were not unfounded and thus merit a full investigation at the time; Something which the Trudeau government has failed to even initiate or conduct.

Justice Marie Hogue’s report found out that Trudeau did not do his due diligence and conduct an investigation even after he was informed of Han Dong’s circumstances throughout the election process. Trudeau chose to lie to everyone about how he was taking the allegations seriously and how he and his liberal government are on the case and will do everything in their power to reach the bottom of this matter and hold the people responsible accountable.

He was anxious, speechless, and scared while being grilled by the reporters when everything came to light last year. Trudeau kept talking about enacting policies and having a third party cabinet while he dodged all the important questions regarding the nature of the allegation and how much the liberals benefited from this interference.

More Details are Needed for the Case

And we still don’t know the full extent to which the liberals and Trudeau have benefited from as a result of the 2019 and 2021 election interference. Former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole argues that nine seats were lost to the liberals because of all the election interference. The conservatives’ polling projections were shockingly outside what they had expected in key battleground ridings.

So with the former conservative leader’s words out in the open, alongside many other conservative MPs backing his judgement, it is a little bit weird that Justice Marie Hogue’s report couldn’t confirm any drastic effects on the results of the election. But perhaps it all lies, especially considering the fact that the report was conducted in a short time and that Trudeau did not provide all the necessary documents that may have aided the Justice’s investigation.

Funny how Trudeau is trying – with all his political might, or lack thereof – to obstruct and steer away the investigation from confirming any expected liberal corruption, yet he still couldn’t stop the report from 100% confirming and declaring to the public that there was Chinese interference in the Canadian elections.

The liberals want you to focus on the tiny fine print in the report that concluded the liberals possibly winning the 2019 and 2021 election without any foreign or corrupt interference.

Trudeau wants to take solace and run victory laps while avoiding the bigger issue of the interference itself. At the end of the day the moral of the story is not about winning or losing it is about the Trudeau government being weak and rotten to the core that it allowed a foreign nation to meddle in our elections without any clear consequences.

Trudeau wants you to think that reports like this are not important even when his government tables the long awaited “foreign agent registry” bill just hours after Justice Hogue’s report. Which makes you wonder if they were anticipating it and wanted to let the story die down with their policies or were they rushed into action when a reliable third party called them out.

Because Pierre Poilievre tried to do just that and he was only met with mockery and lies from Justin Trudeau, who is now backed into a losing corner.

Is this really how the liberals think they will continue to govern Canada and its people? Being scrutinised and only getting up to do the deed at the last possible second?

Canadians deserve to know if and how foreign powers have sought to manipulate our cherished right to vote as much as they deserve the ruling party to act in their favor and move on to protect them. Only when the truth is revealed can trust be restored. But we all know how that goes with Trudeau.

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