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Trudeau Negligent as India, Pakistan Meddle in Elections


Foreign Meddling in Elections on Trudeau Watch

Bombshell reports from the CSIS are sparking panic within the liberal party. Documents reveal our democracy has been defiled – foreign enemies infiltrated and manipulated the 2019 and 2021 votes right under Trudeau ‘s nose, and perhaps even with his knowledge and conspiracy!

India and Pakistan deliberately contaminated election integrity, turning immigrant voting blocs into puppet populations controlled from abroad! They brazenly hijacked our sovereignty while hapless Trudeau stood by obliviously like a doormat.

Now the truth of how external forces seized Canadian democracy is out! Borderless information warfare allowed foreign tyrants to seize power within our borders – we’ve been lied to about free and fair elections!

With enemies effortlessly hijacking our institutions at will, how can Canadians ever trust election results again? Will your vote even matter when foreign agents lurk unseen, pulling strings and dictating outcomes however they please?

This is an unprecedented national emergency that threatens the viability of Canada itself! Trudeau’s negligence gave the perfect opening for sketchy foreign interests to attack our institutions. 

India & Pakistan Accused of Election Interference

Shocking reports have emerged that the governments of India and Pakistan attempted to interfere in Canada’s 2019 and 2021 federal elections. 

According to alarming documents just released from Canada’s intelligence agency, these foreign powers tried to meddle with our democratic processes by targeting specific voting blocs and candidates. 

The report released by CSIS suggests a growing number of countries see Canada – and particularly its large diaspora populations – as a target for subterfuge.

It said India had “intent to interfere and likely conducted clandestine activities” in the 2021 Canadian federal election, including the use of a government proxy agent who attempted to provide illegal financial support to pro-Indian candidates.

But are you even surprised that other countries get involved in our business under Trudeau’s leadership?

While this news is definitely alarming, it unfortunately isn’t shocking given the Trudeau government’s poor history in defending Canada’s independence.

Prime Minister Trudeau has repeatedly shown weakness and naivety when dealing with foreign powers like China, and now India and Pakistan too.

It’s hard to forget Trudeau’s accommodation of Chinese Communist Party spies living free in Canada. Those agents tried to influence our democracy and steal biological research secrets, yet faced little punishment.

With this type of documented foreign interference happening right under his oversight, it isn’t surprising that Trudeau failed to detect or deter meddling by India and Pakistan as well.

As the information comes from Canadian Security Intelligence Service, it is not something that can simply be brushed off or ignored. The implications are serious and require a strong response from the government. However, so far Prime Minister Trudeau’s reaction has been tepid at best. 

He has stated vaguely that the government will “continue to do everything necessary to prevent interference from whatever country it comes from.” This is simply not good enough in the face of such concerning allegations. 

The government should strongly condemn any foreign election interference and commit to fully investigating exactly what happened. Trudeau’s weak response gives the impression he is not taking this seriously enough. This fits a pattern of Trudeau putting political self-interest over Canada’s interests.

Trudeau’s muted response is likely because he and the Liberals may have directly or indirectly benefited from this foreign meddling. It’s possible Trudeau wants to avoid scrutiny that could reveal inappropriate ties between Liberal officials, and Indian/Pakistani donors.

There are legitimate concerns about links between Trudeau’s inner circle and Indian political and business figures. Trudeau received extensive Indian government help during his 2018 India trip. He’s attended opulent receptions hosted by influential Indian businessmen tied to the government. This raises questions about where Trudeau’s true allegiances lie.

A full investigation could uncover deeper connections between Liberal insiders and Indian political players. Trudeau seems intent on preventing any probe that could implicate Liberals and donors.

Most troubling is the possibility that Trudeau knew about the interference but calculated it would help Liberal electoral chances, so he ignored it. There are reports of Liberal candidates mirroring divisive ethnic tactics outlined in the CSIS documents. Trudeau may have turned a blind eye to give Liberals an advantage.

If proven true, this would represent a shocking betrayal of Canada’s democracy for political gain. It could explain why Trudeau wants to quickly bury these allegations to avoid public investigation. He likely knows the truth about Liberal involvement in foreign interference could be scandalous if uncovered. For Trudeau, holding power mattered more than protecting the integrity of Canada’s elections.

According to CSIS, India sought to influence Canadian-Indians they perceived as sympathetic to the Khalistani movement or as pro-Pakistan. They likely provided illegal financing to pro-India candidates as well. 

Meanwhile, Pakistan tried to clandestinely support candidates of Pakistani descent. 

CSIS wrote: In 2019, Pakistani government officials in Canada “attempted to clandestinely influence Canadian federal politics with the aim of furthering the Government of Pakistan’s interests in Canada.” 

Foreign governments trying to manipulate and take advantage of diaspora communities for their own political agendas back home should not be tolerated. Ethnic communities in Canada are Canadian first and foremost. Their votes should not be illegitimately swayed by foreign interests.

Trudeau Passive as Foreign Actors Taint Votes

The Trudeau government has been far too soft when it comes to standing up to countries like India and Pakistan. Whether it’s Trudeau’s infamous bungled trip to India, or his inability to speak out strongly against human rights abuses in these countries, he has consistently failed to put Canada first in dealings with these countries. 

There are legitimate concerns about foreign influence reaching the highest levels of the Trudeau government.

The CSIS documents also noted that Pakistan’s interference attempts were largely focused on promoting their own political and economic interests in Canada. 

This is equally unacceptable, as Pakistani-Canadians should not be used as pawns to advance Pakistan’s agenda abroad. Their loyalty is to Canada first and foremost.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s own nonchalant admission that foreign interference in Canadian politics has been happening for “many, many years” is utterly damning. 

It demonstrates the Liberals’ complete lack of leadership on defending Canada’s sovereignty during their time in office. 

We have heard credible reports of Chinese interference aimed at boosting China sympathetic Liberal MPs like MP Han Dong and the Trudeau government itself. Yet the Trudeau Liberals turned a blind eye, allowing this foreign meddling to taint multiple Canadian elections.

With Trudeau in charge, China, India, Pakistan and who knows who else have been able to freely manipulate our democratic processes to serve their own goals. After almost a decade as PM, Trudeau can’t just shrug and say this has been happening for years. It went down because of his willful ignorance when our self-rule kept getting attacked.

It’s clear Trudeau and his crew were chill with foreign powers mucking about in our elections as long as it helped the Liberal cause. Now we’ve got foreign actors and foreign money entrenched in our political system at every level.

This welcoming of foreign interference by the Trudeau government has sent a signal to external powers that Canada is a soft target ripe for exploitation.

The Trudeau government has also consistently downplayed cyber threats and hacking operations from countries like Russia and China. 

Make no mistake, election interference like that alleged by CSIS is a direct attack on Canada’s sovereignty and democratic values by foreign powers. It is essentially a soft form of information warfare. 

Conservatives have been pressing for years for exactly these types of measures to protect Canadian democracy and sovereignty. 

Prime Minister Trudeau has once again shown weakness when facing threats to Canada’s interests from other countries. His government has left us vulnerable, and we are now seeing the consequences. Canada deserves better leadership that will take decisive action against any foreign election interference and project strength in the face of external threats.

Trudeau’s total failure to protect Canada from foreign election meddling should be the final nail in his political coffin. After nearly a decade of scandals and screw-ups, finding out foreign adversaries were running wild in our democracy under his watch should be the last straw.

He’s clearly shown he doesn’t have the skills or will to stand up for Canada’s independence. Trudeau’s passivity while foreign interference keeps happening is straight up negligent as PM.

At this point, Trudeau’s got to swallow his ego, admit defeat, and say he won’t run again. He owes it to Canadians to bounce and let better leadership take over to restore integrity. 

Trudeau waving the white flag and resigning is the only reasonable move after this disastrous betrayal of public trust.

Canada is drowning in foreign meddling on his watch. For the good of the nation, he’s got to tap out, take accountability for his failure, and clear out of the PMO before more damage happens. Canadians deserve a PM who will actually uphold our sovereignty – not one leaving the door wide open.

Trudeau’s proven he doesn’t get the job done. Time for him to walk away with his last shred of dignity instead of making more of a mess. Let’s get someone in there who will be vigilant and kick out the foreign interference ruining our democracy. Peace out Trudeau – your time is up.

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