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Trudeau Makes Over $1.7 Million Pasta Deal Creating Just 10 Jobs


Report Exposes Trudeau’s Insane Job Creation Plan

Trudeau is at it again with his outrageous wasteful spending. This time, the king of handouts threw away millions of your hard-earned tax dollars for a tiny number of jobs at some random noodle factory. 

You heard that right – the amount per job will absolutely blow your mind! It’s totally insane!! Has Trudeau completely lost his mind?!

While you and I carefully pinch pennies, Trudeau is living large, wining and dining his inner circle after this lavish boondoggle gift to an Italian pasta maker. Never mind that it does absolutely zilch to move the needle on Canada’s dire employment crisis. 

This is our out-of-touch PM in a nutshell – happily forcing middle class taxpayers like you to bankroll his reckless corporate giveaways, while we see zero benefits in return. 

It’s just the latest wacko scheme proving Trudeau still doesn’t have a clue about managing Canada’s economy after 8 painful years of nonsense. He can’t prioritize real growth or treat public money responsibly at all. 

Makes you wonder – how much more of your cash will Trudeau foolishly blow through before he’s finally stopped?

Trudeau Hands Out $170k Per Job in Controversial Deal

A new bombshell report exposes the immense incompetence and outrageous waste of the flailing Trudeau government. Justin Trudeau is spending a mind-boggling $1.7 million of taxpayer money to create just 10 jobs at an Italian pasta manufacturer in Brampton. This works out to $170,000 per job! 

Seriously, Trudeau? Are we funding a pasta party or trying to run a country here? How does blowing $1.7 million for a mere 10 jobs make any sense whatsoever?

Such insane overspending lays bare Trudeau’s utter lack of fiscal responsibility. While hard-working Canadians struggle with finding jobs, especially younger people entering the workforce, Trudeau is throwing away their tax money like it’s confetti. 

Many young Canadians hold university degrees yet end up working at Tim Hortons because so few good jobs are available. 

But did Trudeau seriously think throwing all this public money at a pasta place to create just 10 jobs would make a dent in the employment crisis? His wasteful spending is an insult to the countless young people desperately seeking meaningful work while he prioritizes handing out corporate welfare.

The outrageous handout was announced in typical style, buried in a vague government press release designed to obscure Trudeau’s shambolic math. 

The announcement crows about “over $1.7 million to help Italpasta meet growing product demand and create 10 jobs.” An unbelievable sum for what amounts to negligible job creation.

Picture this: you’re a student, drowning in tuition debt, and your big career move? Making pasta, thanks to Trudeau’s brilliant plan! Can you believe it? 

Let’s unpack Trudeau’s messed-up job math. This 35-year-old pasta company isn’t even making new gigs – they’re just filling 10 empty spots on an existing assembly line. And Trudeau wants a fat taxpayer-funded paycheck for every spot they manage to fill? Seriously?

Even worse, it’s the struggling middle class who’ll foot the bill for Trudeau’s pasta party. Hard-working Canadians already fighting inflation are being forced to shell out for his corporate giveaways. 

And what do taxpayers get? 10 jobs at some random noodle factory most citizens haven’t even heard of. It’s a downright robbery.

This mess perfectly sums up Trudeau’s hopeless handling of the economy after 8 years of blowing cash and screwing things up. Again and again, he puts pet projects ahead of real job-making, all while wrecking opportunities with his reckless spending and anti-energy policies. He’s just clueless.

Trudeau’s lame promise of just 10 jobs for nearly $2 million of our tax dollars is downright insulting to hard working Canadians and struggling businesses all over Canada.

His ridiculous pasta giveaway perfectly captures how little he cares about the real challenges facing small businesses across the country. 

While he’s busy showering big companies like Italpasta with handouts, he’s squeezing the life out of small businesses with higher taxes, suffocating regulations, and barely any support.

Small business owners have been practically begging for help as Trudeau keeps piling on the pain. But does he listen? Nope. 

Instead, he’s slashing their savings by jacking up taxes on investments held in their companies. Nearly half of small businesses stash away cash for emergencies or retirement, but Trudeau’s hitting them with a whopping 66.7% tax hike on capital gains.

According to CFIB data, Trudeau’s reckless moves are set to hurt over half of small businesses. And he’s not stopping there – his plan for a $20 minimum wage would be yet another gut punch for small enterprises. 

A study by CFIB found that this policy could put nearly 600,000 Canadian small businesses on the brink of closure because of sky-high labor costs. But does Trudeau give a hoot? Apparently not.

After taking a beating from the pandemic, small businesses need support to stay afloat, not more taxes, red tape, and burdens from a government that’s completely out of touch. 

Yet Trudeau keeps targeting them while he hands out goodies to his big business buddies. It’s like he’s driving Canada’s economy straight into the rocks just to please his Liberal pals.

And when a pasta company wants to fill some vacancies, Trudeau is quick to flash the cash. His messed-up priorities couldn’t be clearer. He’ll throw taxpayer dollars at flashy projects just to grab headlines and win votes, while leaving struggling industries out in the cold.

Trudeau Prioritizing Flashy Handouts Over Real Job Creation

This whole mess smells like a desperate attempt to win over Italian-Canadians in the vote-rich GTA. Trudeau’s probably hoping to score some brownie points in places like Vaughan-Woodbridge, where there’s a big Italian community. But putting politics before sensible spending? Classic move from our failing PM.

Another nagging question here is: what’s Trudeau’s connection to Italpasta? Why did this company get such a huge chunk of cash? It smells fishy—like a shady deal between Trudeau’s crew and a favored company. 

Maybe Italpasta’s owners are tight with the government, whether through personal connections or financial deals. They might have greased the wheels with donations to the Liberal party, expecting a fat reward in return. It’s starting to look a lot like vote buying.

To any normal person, dropping nearly $2 million to create just a handful of jobs is plain crazy. But math and efficiency? Nah, those are just fancy words in Trudeau’s world. He’s too busy throwing around other people’s money like it’s Monopoly cash, racking up debts for us to deal with down the line.

And don’t even get me started on Trudeau’s track record with these pricey job schemes. 

Remember when he dropped an outrageous $5 billion on that Honda plant for 1000 jobs? Yeah, that’s a jaw-dropper, alright – $5 million per job! His priorities are all messed up, bankrupting the country just to make a tiny dent in the job market.

Trudeau’s Honda mess just keeps getting worse. Not only are we footing a $5 million bill per job, but now we find out most of those gigs won’t even go to Canadians – they’re shipping them off to foreign workers.

Unions are up in arms, shouting from the rooftops that Honda and Nextstar are snatching up workers from overseas while locals are left high and dry. It’s beyond outrageous.

And Trudeau’s response? Deafening silence. He can’t even promise that Canadians will have first dibs on the jobs their tax dollars are bankrolling. By turning a blind eye, Trudeau’s basically giving the green light to this national embarrassment.

And what does Trudeau’s criminal associate François-Philippe Champagne have to say? He refuses to disclose how many local jobs will be created in the new Port Colborne EV plant deal and neglects to mention that Japan will be opening a corporate head office in the town, employing their own people.

Trudeau’s Jobs Creation Math means $1.7 Million equals only 10 Jobs?! What a Rip-off! Enough with the wasteful spending and wild goose chases! 

Canadians deserve better – a common sense government that actually knows how to handle our hard-earned cash and works on real growth, not just scoring political points. 

This pasta giveaway is just another slap in the face. Maybe Trudeau should ditch the schemes and hit the books – starting with Math 101.

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