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Trudeau in Shock As Young Canadians Threaten Rebellion



Trudeau is shocked into silence as he is faced with the reality of young Canadians choosing Pierre Poilievre over him and his corrupt liberal party.

Several bombshell reports reveal the unhappy reality of Canada’s youth after they realised that Trudeau and the liberals were nothing but incompetent and corrupt politicians.

Young Canadians are now flocking in droves towards conservatives that can aid them against Trudeau’s injustice and ineptitude.

Trudeau is very much aware of this trend as he scrambles about to announce housing policies that aim to bring back all those frustrated young voters, only for his promises to fall short of being anything promising or helpful.

Canadian youth in crisis means a country in decline. But under bold new conservative leadership, the next generation can feel hopeful once more. A grassroots groundswell is already underway.

Trudeau Drives Happiness Down

The latest World Happiness Report reveals a concerning trend in Canada – young people are increasingly unhappy compared to older generations. Wonder what the reason for that might possibly be?

As the report shows, Canada ranks 8th worldwide for happiness among those aged 60 and up, but a dismal 58th for people under 30. This puts Canadian youth on par with developing countries like Ecuador and Honduras when it comes to life satisfaction and overall well being.

Any patriotic Canadian would surely find this data as alarming as it sounds.

A nation is only as strong as its next generation. If Canadian youth are unhappy now, what would that possibly mean for our future competitiveness, prosperity, and social cohesion?

Clearly something is amiss when our young people feel so pessimistic and disconnected from the country’s success. And maybe young Canadians could answer this very easy puzzle we have here with one name and one name only; Justin Trudeau.

In the age of the woke liberals and corrupt Trudeau running rampant causing chaos left and right in Canada, older millennials are facing concrete and increasingly frustrating challenges that were set out by our dear prime minister.

student debt, insecure jobs with stagnant wages, a sea of unexplainable and useless taxes, and a housing crisis that created the feeling that achieving traditional milestones like homeownership may be out of reach for a young Canadian looking to move ahead and start their own life responsibly.

Is it any wonder the Canadian youth feel endless frustration and gloom when Trudeau is their leader and this is the state of their beloved nation?

For decades, liberal politicians headed by Trudeau have ignored problems like housing affordability, prioritising “woke” globalist visions over common sense domestic priorities. This has allowed home prices to skyrocket beyond the means of most young people.

Instead of addressing issues like supply and urban density, liberals virtue signal on climate change – while shoving unnecessary and costly taxes down our throats – and expanding the provably harmful and countless immigration policies, making life harder and harder for younger Canadians looking to set their foot and carve their place in their own country.

At the same time, Trudeau has allowed alarming debt levels across both the public and the private spheres, leading to younger generations bearing the harsh burden of paying all of this back, limiting their own prosperity and success.

And how could we forget about all the “woke” ideological experiments in schools and workplaces that have left younger Canadians feeling disconnected from their own country’s history and values. Is it really surprising they feel unhappy and alienated from their homeland?

This behaviour is not surprising in the least as we are witnessing young Candians wake up to the truth of Trudeau and the liberal clown show, as they flock in droves to a more common sense and conservative approach.

Trudeau is Losing to Poilievre

These young frustrated Canadians are looking towards none other than conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is tapping into a deep well of discontent in Canada. And the polls back it up with an ongoing online poll revealing how over 60% of young Canadians under the age of 40 have a favourable view of Poilievre.

But the online world is not the be-all end-all because despite the warm weather and lack of an impending election, Poilievre’s recent “Axe the Tax” rallies across Canada have garnered massive support from people looking to voice their concern when it comes to the Carbon Tax Trudeau seems to be in love with.

This outpouring reveals how the liberals and Trudeau have lost the faith of many Canadians who may have once backed them many years ago.

In 2015, Trudeau swept to power on a wave of lies under the guise of hope and optimism, promising “sunny ways” after a decade of seemingly “corrupt” Conservative rule. Oh how the tables have turned.

So at the time, young progressive voters turned out in droves, embracing Trudeau’s vision of equality, inclusion, and responsive government.

Doing silly and slimy stunts like legalising cannabis further cemented Trudeau’s credibility with this main demographic.

Nearly a decade later, and everything the conservatives predicted would happen, has happened.

Disenchantment with Trudeau now runs high, even among these former liberal supporters.

Attendees at Poilievre’s rally cited a litany of frustrations that were discussed many times and was just talked about earlier – things like unaffordable housing, ballooning debt, ignorance towards several key domestic problems.

Young Canadians are coming out of the woodworks as they finally realise that Trudeau does not give a single damn about them or their problems, he only ever cared about their vote and their voices that will bring him immense power and control.

“Trudeau is not the same man he once was” is a common talking point between the frustrated masses, and sooner or later they would realise that he never was that man they envisioned just like how they realised that he is not a competent leader of a great nation like Canada.

With Poilievre, these voters finally see a leader who cares about kitchen table issues.

His command of facts and policy detail as he speaks to their lived experiences – unaffordable homes, mounting bills, insecure futures for their children, earns their trust..

They believe he will deliver pragmatic, common-sense solutions instead of lofty visions that never materialise beyond future disastrous scandals that shame the likes of Trudeau and the nation at large.

In particular, Poilievre’s focus on reducing the cost of living resonates strongly.

Tackling housing affordability, cutting taxes, and reining in liberal waste all offer hope and glimpses of a future with financial relief.

This contrasts sharply with Trudeau’s plan to increase the carbon tax in April despite high inflation. Poilievre’s rallying cry against this tax hike channels the ever growing populist anger.

Trudeau is now backed into a corner as even his most staunch supporters since 2015 have justifiably turned their backs on him and his failing ideological liberal party. And like every cornered dog Trudeau starts barking for support, but his voice is all in vain.

Trudeau’s Last Stand

In a desperate attempt to woo back millennials and gen z voters, Trudeau introduces a flurry of announcements aimed high at satisfying young Candaians, but ultimately fall just short of anything meaningful being put in place.

And when Trudeau is asked about all the young voters that once overwhelmingly voted for him and are now turning their backs to vote conservative; Trudeau is shocked to complete silence as he thinks carefully over his next few words.

Only for him to cowardly resort to cheap politician ploys and divert everyone’s attention to his sob story of winning an election 8 years ago and how he is focused on fixing the system that undermines young Canadians.

So he is blabbering about aiding the youth in fighting a system that is stacking up against them, but who exactly was the leader of the nation and in turn facilitated all of these very same corrupt systems that are harming young Canadians?

Is Trudeau just glossing over his responsibility? Or is he going to address how he is the biggest driver for every issue with Canada and Canadians by resigning from his position as a prime minister?

We all would love for it to be the second one but every hard working Canadian knows who Trudeau is and that’s why the first reading is unfortunately almost always the correct assumption.

Trudeau then went on in his speech to promise another one of his vain initiatives where he is personally invested and looking forward to making every young person paying rent count towards their credit score for a future mortgage.
I mean where do we even begin with such an insulting statement? Trudeau is once again promising to do something about a thing he can’t even begin to understand. That has always been his motto.

He is more concerned about young people’s credit scores as if banks don’t have any other factors to consider when granting mortgages.

Factors like how much the individual is getting paid with their wage and if they would be capable of paying off the monthly mortgage rate.

This is just one of many factors Trudeau has affected negatively but instead of correcting course he is more concerned with just sounding like a saviour and not acting like one.

Housing affordability has been worsening for Trudeau’s entire tenure, yet substantive action was always delayed.

Now, with an election looming and youth support haemorrhaging, they rush out empty proposals and hope people forget their years of inaction. It is sad political theatre.

Conservatives have sounded the alarm on issues like housing affordability for years, while the liberals dismissed concerns and let the problem fester.

This is why young Canadians who are more media literate and have a sense of self awareness have flocked in droves towards the common sense conservatism of one Pierre Poilievre, and away from the liberal circus of Justin Trudeau.

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