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Trudeau is Warned By Doug Ford Over Safe Supply


A Letter of Warning

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has been pushed over the edge standing against Justin Trudeau and his crooked liberals.

In a white-hot letter dripping with righteous fury, Ford slammed on the brakes to Trudeau’s runaway drug crisis train.

Trudeau’s disastrous track record of mismanaging the drug epidemic has already derailed in British Columbia.

But the PM is shockingly intent on barreling down the same failed route nationally. It’s a crisis of staggering incompetence meeting jaw-dropping ideology.

Enter Doug Ford. The staunch conservative Premier stared down Trudeau’s progressive fantasyland and said enough was enough. No more drug decriminalization, and certainly no more safe supply.

The health and safety of Canadians hangs in the balance. Will Trudeau continue to fumble along in progressive make-believe land? Or will Ford’s white-hot conservative fury finally shock some common sense into Canada’s woke overlord?

Trudeau is Slammed by Doug Ford

Ontario Premier and leader of the progressive conservative party, Doug Ford, has had enough with Trudeau and the liberals’ corruption, and their general lack of any and all accountability and responsibility in regards to drug decriminalization and safe supply programs.

That’s why Ford took the greatest of stands against Trudeau and his expansion plan for “safe supply” sites and locations across the entirety of Canada. I guess Trudeau is stubborn enough that he has to learn the same lesson many more times, and have many more Canadians suffer and die as a result, just before he has enough brains to recognize when he needs to hit the brakes and take a break.

In a strongly worded and a rightfully scathing letter to the Prime Minister, Ford called for an immediate halt to federal approval of new “safe supply” sites and a formal review of already existing ones.

If you are not aware, or have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, safe supply is the name of the program that was propped up by the liberals alongside the abhorrent drug decriminalization policy.

Safe supply is used as a term masking the true actions of the corrupt Liberal government where they give out doses of drugs to addicts in an effort to control their addiction and curb their needs for these harmful substances. All of this is liberal “woke” hogwash of course masquerading under the guise of science and facts.

Safe supply sites can take the form of many places, from the obvious like hospitals and clinics, to the less obvious like community centers and supportive housing. Because every community would really love to have a dedicated center for using and abusing hard drugs. Now combine that with the drug decriminalization policy that extends the usage to public places like children parks, and you have a mixture of chaos that will definitely be safe around families and children.

Trudeau Supports the Crisis

The drug crisis requires compassion for the victims suffering from addiction. Because at the end of the day they are our friends and families, and it wasn’t their fault that Trudeau was incompetent enough to allow such a catastrophic drug crisis in the first place.

However, conservatives obviously reject the notion that freely distributing hard drugs on demand is the only viable and possible solution. Treating addicts by giving them even more drugs and facilitating the process itself shouldn’t be a point of discussion and argument in the first place.

We should always emphasize that long-term recovery requires individuals taking personal responsibility for their actions. While addiction is a disease requiring treatment, simply enabling continued drug use through sanctioned injection sites and free opioid distribution prevents people from making the hard choices required to overcome addiction.

It is a vicious cycle perpetuated by Trudeau and the liberals, not to treat and help the victims of the drug crisis as Trudeau would love for you to believe, but to make a profit using innocent people’s suffering.

So with all of that in mind, it is of no wonder that as the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, Ford’s position would reflect small government conservatism and personal responsibility.

Ford makes a compelling case that the federal government has recklessly approved these sites unilaterally, excluding provinces from having any oversight or input. Which is insanely hypocritical of Trudeau considering he always preaches conversation between the federal government and the provinces.

I mean Trudeau went ahead and rejected the egregious Toronto doctors’ request to try out drug decriminalization even after the B.C. disaster, citing the obvious rejection of the leaders of the province – Ford included. So, is it more of a guessing game with Trudeau on whether or not he will approve of provincial policies without the leaders’ permission? Or is he just biting the bullet and waiting til the B.C. crisis heat dies down?

Ford’s letter reflects the conservative emphasis on individual responsibility and limited government. The safe injection approach represents naive utopian ideals. Its failure in B.C. proves the inherent flaws of legalized drug distribution.

Rejecting and Lying

But do you want to guess how Trudeau responded to this very well put and well meaning letter? He simply shrugged it off in the most condescending liberal way possible.

Trudeau simply recited his favorite PR playbook and talked about the liberals’ responsibility to treat every Canadian suffering through addiction and getting them on the road to recovery. How would they do that, you ask? Obviously by following their made up science, data and facts.

How out of touch can you actually be? How can you just blatantly lie and talk about your approach being grounded in science and facts, when we all know that is just bullshit! How can you say or approach is the safest for the community, when injection needles have been spotted on playgrounds and in public parks?

How can you claim it is a safe approach? when the crisis is so dire that the conservative leader Pierre Poilievre – the same one that went after your head for the drug decriminalization crisis in B.C.- is now resorting to tabling a motion for a “safe hospitals” act, that sees nurses and security get more control over a problem that oversaw drugs being used a couple of rooms away from patients and women giving birth.

This is just yet another indication that Trudeau – the man with the job to care for and protect Canadians – doesn’t actually care or bother about a crisis he and his crooked liberals perpetuated and are now fumbling their way into trying to fix.

But the only fix is for Trudeau to step aside and let some common sense conservatism run through the streets.

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