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Poilievre Announces “Safe Hospitals Act” to combat Trudeau


The Battle for Common Sense Rages on

The battle rages on against Trudeau’s reckless liberal agenda, as Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre leads the charge to restore law, order and common sense to a nation gone mad.

During a fiery speech in Vancouver, Poilievre threw down the gauntlet. He announced that Conservatives will soon introduce legislation to stop the deadly contagion of drug decriminalisation from infecting hospitals and endangering patients.

The proposed “Safe Hospitals Act” is a bold counter strike against the radical social experiments being forced on citizens by Trudeau. Banning drug use in hospitals and imposing harsher penalties for bringing weapons onto healthcare property is the core of the bill.

No longer will hospitals be converted into dangerous and unhealthy drug dens by reckless ideologues imposing social engineering fantasies on Canadians.

The Safe Hospitals Act represents a bold tactical strike in the wider war against anarchic liberal policies destroying communities across Canada.

Trudeau unleashed this ideological pestilence on the nation. Poilievre brings the antidote.

Poilievre Continues the Fight

The fight against the costly and corrupt Liberal-NDP coalition will not end until every stupid and dangerous policy is circumvented, abolished, and replaced by common sense planning and initiatives.

This is the mindset that every hard working and honest conservative should have when approaching anything to do with Trudeau and his band of crooked liberals. And the fight against the abhorrent drug decriminalisation policy is no different.

Poilievre did not have to just stop at forcing Trudeau and the corrupt minister of health and addiction to abide by the B.C. government’s pleas to roll back the public drug policy.

No, the liberal government already dragged their feet for 10 consecutive days while people were dying, so the time to start acting is sooner rather than later. That’s why Poilievre announced during a recent press conference that the Conservatives will soon introduce the “Safe Hospitals Act”.

What is the “Safe Hospitals Act” you might ask? It is a policy that aims to prevent the federal government from granting exemptions to decriminalise hard addictive drugs and weapons in hospitals. Keeping in mind that these exemptions are what allowed British Columbia to embark on its radical decriminalisation pilot project in the first place. And we all know how that clown show ended; an utter disaster.

Poilievre started his speech by painting a horrific picture that every Canadian needs to imagine to understand the severity of the situation; He embarked everyone to imagine a scene where a woman is giving birth to a newborn, and instead of solely focusing on and enjoying the once in a lifetime experience right in their arms, they smell hard drugs in the air.

Or what about a cancer patient or someone suffering from a car accident getting treated and witnessing someone on the bed right next to them doing drugs while brandishing a weapon. And even when that person informs the nurse or the doctor about what he is seeing in hopes of someone striking some sense or justice into this weird situation, they are only met with disappointment because somehow this is allowed now and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

This is what the B.C. nurses union reported with evidence to back them up. They were terrified and concerned right up to the point that some of them couldn’t breastfeed their children fearing poison being mixed in with their milk after involuntarily inhaling hard drugs.

Is this fair for everyday Canadians? Is this fair for Canadians suffering through pain and are just looking to get treated in peace and without any risk? Is it fair for the nurses to not be comfortable in their own space trying to do their work? Of course it is not and Poilievre agrees with that sentiment.

Poilievre describes these scenarios as something akin to a horror film that was allowed after 9 years of pain, misery, corruption and incompetence under the Trudeau regime.

Poilievre Highlights the Cycle of Corruption

Bringing up an interesting point about all the woes Trudeau has caused Canadians all the way down to drug decriminalisation as a program that we are supposed to accept now, Poilievre expresses how it is a self fulfilling cycle of corruption that needs to be put to rest.

And it is quite interesting how programs like “drug decriminalisation” and “safer supply” are the epitome of everything wrong with the Liberals in leadership.

Trudeau will introduce a “woke” policy thinking everything is sunshine and rainbows with everyone accepting said policy because the hypothetical science is somewhat behind, only for said thing to absolutely fail and go under multiple times over, while Trudeau ignores the same doctors and scientists he once championed. It is a contradictory liberal circus that benefits Trudeau and his crooked circle of friends alone.

So what does Poilievre do? He declares that “enough is enough” and introduces the “Safe Hospitals Act” in an effort to fight back against the asinine policies of Trudeau that hinders law enforcement to appropriately punish patients brandishing weapons in hospitals, alongside outright banning the use of hard drugs within the hospital and next to other patients getting treated.

No longer will violent criminals be able to easily exploit the lax rules and bring knives and other weapons into hospitals along with their illegal drugs. This has created a dangerous environment where healthcare workers feel threatened and it is time for the appropriate action to be taken now more than ever.

A Pledge to the People

Poilievre also pledged that a Conservative government would pass the bill proposed by MP Todd Doherty to impose harsher sentences for assaults against nurses, doctors, and first responders. These essential workers already face too many risks and threats on the job. It is not out of this world to demand that they deserve a much stronger legal protection.

There should not be any second thoughts or discussions about it. People are in danger and they need the help right now to combat what the Liberals have brought upon them.

But if you are still struggling to come to terms with objective reality, Poilievre puts it into perspective for you and for everyone on the fence; Would you rather follow the corrupt and dangerous Liberal-NDP coalition that allowed these disasters in the first place? Or Would you rather fight with common sense conservatism and stop this madness once and for all?

The choice is clear. Canada was founded on law and order, not anarchy. Citizens have the right to safe communities and to access healthcare without fearing for their lives.

The Conservative Party will uphold these values and lead the country back to stability and security after years of reckless liberal social experiments.

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