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Trudeau Fiddles While $8B Climate Fund Goes Down The Drain


Liberal $8B Climate Fund Shrouded In Secrecy, Delivers Little

You’re never going to believe where Trudeau and his Liberals just flushed $8 billion of our taxpayer dollars. 

A shocking new report has blown the lid off the Liberals’ sketchy Net Zero Accelerator slush fund. They’ve been keeping it under wraps for a reason – it’s an epic failure.

This clandestine program was supposed to subsidize big manufacturers to cut emissions. But despite funneling them billions behind closed doors, they’ve got absolutely nothing to show for it.

Now, an environmental committee led by Conservative MP Dan Mazier is taking the Liberals to task over this squandered $8 billion pile of cash. And the Liberals are running scared, because they know the truth will leave taxpaying Canadians seeing red. 

They don’t want you to know that this secretive program delivered less concrete climate action than a compost bin behind a vegan cafe. While the Liberals were high-fiving over their greenwashed press releases, emissions barely budged.

$8 billion could have transformed our ailing healthcare system. Built affordable homes for thousands. Fixed crumbling schools. Empowered small business innovators. But nope – down the drain it went.

We’re getting to the bottom of this epic Liberal scandal- $8 billion wasted on virtue signaling and corporate handouts. 

Trudeau’s $8B Scandal: Net Zero Accelerator Slush Fund Fizzles

A damning new report has exposed yet another messy scandal of Justin Trudeau recklessly frittering away billions of taxpayer dollars. The Commons environment committee dug into this $8 billion Net Zero Accelerator program, and what they found is pretty shocking—it’s like a secret fund for the Liberals.

This green initiative, cooked up by Trudeau’s gang in 2021, was supposed to help companies cut emissions. But surprise, surprise—after handing out $8 billion to big corporations on the down-low, it seems like they’ve got practically nothing to show for it.

The report makes it crystal clear: Trudeau and his crew basically ran this whole thing without proper oversight or transparency. It’s like they treated public money as their own personal piggy bank—again!

But are you even surprised at this point?

While Trudeau stays focused on his woke agenda, he’s basically steamrolling Canadians in the process. He just recklessly threw $8 billion out the window on some program that totally flopped in cutting emissions. 

This whole Liberal slush fund debacle did nothing but make rich corporations even richer.

And seriously, if you’re lining up at food banks just to get by, who even has the energy to care about emissions or climate change? We’re knee-deep in a living cost crisis!

The stunning environmental committee findings provide more proof that Trudeau’s endless virtue-signaling and lofty rhetoric never matches his government’s actual track record. 

The Liberals’ pattern of mismanaging billions while avoiding oversight has shortchanged Canadian taxpayers for far too long. 

Trudeau thinks he can just keep on shoveling public money out the door to his corporate pals, buying their loyalty without expecting anything in return. This whole Liberal cronyism thing, where they play by their own rules and don’t answer to anyone, seems to be Trudeau’s go-to move.

According to these blood boiling reports, this program never even tracked outcomes. The Commons environment committee, led by Conservative MP Dan Mazier, recently voted unanimously to order the disclosure of subsidy contracts signed under the Net Zero Accelerator in an effort to provide accountability and transparency surrounding the spending of these billions of dollars.

As Mazier pointed out, “Usually when a government announces $8 billion in spending they brag about it for years and talk about the results. Now we know why they have been so quiet.” Indeed, the Trudeau Liberals have been suspiciously silent about a program involving such a massive amount of public funds. 

Bloc Québécois MP Denis Trudel called the secretiveness an “embarrassment” and pointed out that “We are talking about $8 billion here. We represent taxpayers. There are taxpayers who want us to do our job and figure out how the government is spending their money.”

This whole secrecy thing seems like they’re just trying to cover up how much this program has bombed. Environment Commissioner Jerry DeMarco slammed the initiative as an “abject failure”, revealing the costs amounted to upwards of $523 per tonne of emission reduction. 

And get this—many of the companies who got the funds didn’t even bother to set any targets for cutting emissions. That’s ringing alarm bells about accountability, big time.

As Mazier put it, this is just another one of those shady Liberal slush funds. Trudeau and his crew are known for running these programs without keeping anyone in the loop or making sure they actually work. 

It’s like they’re throwing money around without a care, saying “trust us” and not delivering squat in return.

Conservative MP Dan Mazier has been very vocal in exposing Trudeau’s woke agenda and carbon tax scam, which painfully and harshly damages the livelihood of every Canadian.

Along with other Conservative MPs like Lianne Rood who have said that Canadian farmers “cannot afford to grow food.”

When challenged on this latest scandal, Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden had the audacity to claim the program has “been a real success story.” Yet all evidence points to the contrary. 

The Parliamentary Budget Officer has revealed that only 15 of Canada’s top 55 corporate emitters even applied to the program. And of those, only 2 actually signed contribution agreements to reduce emissions. 

Hardly the widespread corporate buy-in and commitment to emissions reductions that an effective $8 billion program should deliver. As Environment Commissioner Jerry DeMarco concluded, the Trudeau Liberals have clearly failed to manage this initiative effectively. The lack of value for taxpayer money is evident.

Trudeau Misplaced Priorities

With housing prices going through the roof and job security falling apart, who’s got the time to even think about climate stuff, right? Trudeau’s priorities seem totally out of touch.

Just picture what could’ve been done with $8 billion if it was used smartly for things that actually help regular Canadians. We’re talking housing, healthcare, schools, fixing up roads—stuff that actually matters to us.

But nah, the Trudeau gang quietly slipped all that money to big shots through some lame program that nobody’s keeping an eye on. 

And meanwhile, we’re stuck waiting forever for appointments and dodging potholes on the daily. It’s enough to make your blood boil.

That $8 billion could’ve hired more doctors, nurses, and teachers, improved schools, built more houses and made public transport actually reliable. 

But nope, Trudeau blew it on some shady subsidy gig that nobody really understood. It’s like he’d rather play nice with the bigwigs than actually help out the rest of us. 

This scandal just shows how messed up the Trudeau government really is. They act like they’ve got a blank check, throwing cash around without keeping an eye on where it’s going. It’s like they’re stuck on repeat—big promises, tiny results, and our money down the drain.

So, here we go again, another mind-blowing scandal from Trudeau’s Liberals has been uncovered—the colossal $8 billion Net Zero Accelerator slush fund disaster.

While Trudeau talks a big game about climate action, he went ahead and flushed 8 billion of our tax dollars down the toilet on a program that went absolutely nowhere. And who’s left footing the bill? Yep, us—the taxpayers, as per usual.

Trudeau’s scandalous track record has been bleeding taxpayers dry for way too long. It’s time to kick this fiscal disaster of a Prime Minister to the curb before he blows through another chunk of our hard-earned cash.

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