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Guilbeault Under Fire for Excessive Climate Conference Spending


Introduction To Guilbeault Scandal

Breaking reports have exposed that Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault was involved in a massive scandal at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai. Newly leaked documents reveal Guilbeault and the Canadian delegation engaged in unethical, inappropriate conduct on the taxpayer’s dime.

With scandals piling up, a panicked Guilbeault is now desperately trying to cover up the inappropriate details. But the minister can’t hide the ugly truth anymore. Evidence proves Guilbeault committed an unforgivable abuse of public trust while hypocritically telling Canadians to bear the burden of his carbon tax hike.

Accounts of misconduct and corruption are also surfacing, sparking a frenzied response from Guilbeault to bury the incriminating evidence. Now caught red-handed, the disgraced minister is in full panic mode trying to conceal his wrongdoing.

Will Minister Guilbeault finally own up to his corruption and stop deceiving Canadians with his sham carbon tax that serves privileged elites while regular folks suffer?

A Fancy Trip Paid By Taxpayers Money

The Fancy COP28 climate conference in Dubai has left Canadian taxpayers with a massive bill, thanks to Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault’s excessive spending. The 633-member Canadian delegation ran up costs of over $1.35 million for the 13-day event. This included over $650,000 just for airfare and nearly $300,000 for accommodations.

One unnamed delegate even booked a luxury suite costing $1,822 per night at the ultra-modern Tryp Hotel. With draft beer going for $42 and hamburgers for $55, it’s clear no expense was spared. And this is while ordinary Canadians struggle to cope with skyrocketing inflation and unaffordable housing.

But the worst part is Minister Guilbeault defending this shameful excess. He says “Every conference represents a unique opportunity for humanity to further our climate fight.”

Well, Mr. Guilbeault, what unique climate action has come out of this specific conference that required spending over a million taxpayer dollars? The answer is nothing. It was just another climate junket for bureaucrats and activists to enjoy a vacation in a sunny destination.

And Guilbeault has the nerve to lecture hard-working Canadians about cutting emissions through carbon taxes while he jets sets around the world. His own department couldn’t even calculate the massive carbon footprint left by the COP28 delegation. Guilbeault hypocrisy is astounding.

This makes it clear that Guilbeault and the Liberals don’t actually care about average citizens suffering from their misguided policies. Things like the carbon tax are just about flashy announcements and virtue signaling, not real solutions.

Guilbeault shockingly admitted that it takes 40+ years to see results on the environment from the carbon tax. This admission by Minister Guilbeault reveals the carbon tax for the epic failure it truly is.

After forcing Canadians to bear the burden of this useless tax that drives up the cost of everything, the minister casually mentions it won’t accomplish anything for 40 years.

An entire generation will suffer under punishing carbon taxes while waiting helplessly for promised environmental benefits that will never materialize.

This proves that the carbon tax is nothing but a tax grab that hurts Canadians already dealing with inflation. The Liberals claim most people get back more in rebates than they pay. But multiple studies, including from the Parliamentary Budget Officer, prove that’s false.

Only those at the very bottom of the income ladder might get back slightly more. For middle class families, the carbon tax means hundreds if not thousands in extra costs every year.

And Guilbeault still wants to increase the carbon tax by another 23% in April, even though he admits it won’t really affect emissions for 30 years. How can he say this seriously? Particularly after spending over a million of taxpayers’ dollars on a climate conference that did not accomplish anything meaningful other than letting attendees live large abroad.

This huge increase will drive the cost of gas, groceries, home heating and everything else through the roof. Yet the arrogant Liberals insult anyone opposed by calling them climate deniers or accusing them of not caring about future generations.

Well, what about this generation of Canadians being crushed by inflation thanks to Liberal policies like the carbon tax? Why is it taboo to stand up for hard-working families struggling to get by?

Canadian families don’t need lectures about climate virtue from jet-setting hypocrites like Guilbeault who rack up massive bills on pointless climate junkets. They need relief from destructive government policies that are making life unaffordable. It’s time the Liberals listened to the suffering of real Canadians instead of climate activists.

And Guilbeault has the audacity to compare opposing the tax to denying smoking causes cancer. This shows utter contempt for the intelligence of voters. There is zero evidence the carbon tax reduces emissions, unlike the proven link between smoking and cancer.

The Liberals admit they have no data showing actual emission cuts from the carbon tax. It’s a $40 billion dollar tax experiment that might not work. Governments shouldn’t gamble with people’s livelihoods like this.

The carbon tax also doesn’t factor in the huge economic damage it causes by driving away investment and killing jobs. A tax that makes businesses uncompetitive and encourages them to leave helps no one. Many major emitters are exempt anyway, so average Canadians bear the brunt while big corporations get a free pass.

Climate minister Guilbeault in a recent conference challenged anyone to show how Canada can reach 30% of emissions by 2030 without the Carbon tax.

Well, Canada’s own Climate Commissioner previously stated clearly that no research or evidence proves a carbon tax is necessary to reach the 2030 emissions goal.

The commissioner confirmed there is no data showing the carbon tax actually reduces emissions. Unlike Guilbeault’s baseless claims, the commissioner provided facts – there’s no proof the carbon tax impacts emissions.

This strongly contradicts the minister’s carbon tax propaganda. The Liberals’ own expert says a carbon tax on fuel is not needed to cut emissions. Guilbeault has been pushing fiction while ignoring the facts.

The commissioner’s statement proves what we’ve been saying all along – the carbon tax is just an unnecessary money grab sold using climate hype. It hurts citizens economically for symbolic reasons, not because it works.

Minister “Green Jesus” Guilbeault loves preaching from his carbon tax pulpit. But now the commissioner has exposed Guilbeault’s tax evangelism as little more than environmentalist religion, not hard science.

The complicated rebate system bureaucrats say offsets the costs actually requires intrusive monitoring of people’s private energy use. To get the rebate you must submit detailed personal information so the government can track household energy consumption.

The rebate program also has problems, like seniors and rural residents not getting promised rebates.

Another Guilbeault Fiasco

But the environmental extremist minister’s policies don’t stop there. The Trudeau government plans to pile on even more carbon taxes with their so-called Clean Fuel Standard. This ridiculous environment scheme is basically a second carbon tax that will make gas, oil, and electricity more expensive.

Studies estimate this secret fuel tax will increase gas prices by at least another 5 to 11 cents per litre. Natural gas costs are projected to rise almost $2 per gigajoule. And those increased expenses will be directly passed on to consumers.

And make no mistake – the Liberals are well aware the Clean Fuel Standard will jack up costs. An internal government report estimated the impact at over $15 billion annually by 2030. That’s 15 billion in extra costs purposefully imposed on the economy.

The new Clean Fuel Standard rules will hurt many important industries that are key for Canada’s economic growth and success. Major sectors like farming, plastic making, and oil and gas will get slapped with billions more in carbon tax costs. This could put thousands of jobs in danger.

The Clean Fuel Standard shows the government does not care about citizens who are already struggling with high inflation. Having multiple carbon taxes that make life more expensive and slow growth is tough on people. Yet the Liberal government pushes ahead anyway with their plans for carbon pricing that threaten jobs and make inflation worse.

And still Guilbeault has the audacity to say that the federal government has “no control over the price of gasoline,” despite the carbon tax’s increase of the price of gasoline.

Many Countries around the world are recognizing the futility of carbon pricing and eliminating or rejecting it. But the Liberals forge ahead, blindly committed to an ideologically-driven experiment. They refuse to admit the obvious flaws and harms of their cherished carbon tax.

It’s time for all premiers to unite and demand an end to this failed carbon tax policy that is driving up the cost of living without meaningful climate benefit. As more premiers stand up to Trudeau and his ex-criminal extremist minister Guilbeault, more Canadian voices may finally be heard by the deaf Liberals.

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