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Trudeau Faces Liberal Revolt As Poll Numbers Prove Dire


The Polls Don’t Lie

The implosion of Justin Trudeau’s crumbling Liberal regime is accelerating – and the meltdowns are absolutely hilarious.

As Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives surge, long time loyal Liberal MPs are turning on their hapless leader in a spectacular collapse of party unity and pathetic desperation.

Veteran MP Sean Casey perfectly embodied the Liberal despair, openly lamenting the “malaise” and “fatigue” setting in after a decade of bungled Trudeau leadership.

And the death blow? The merciless polls showcasing the clear wide gap between the liberals and the conservatives according to Canadians’ choices. And the numbers truly never lie when it comes to Trudeau.

You can smell the desperation as the panicked Liberals turn on each other like rats on a sinking ship. But no amount of distancing from Trudeau can save them now. The people have had enough of this embarrassing lame duck and his party’s insufferable entitlement.

Trudeau Faces Anxiety and Unease

How do you think most failed and hated leaders fall and crumble? Is it through the democratic process called voting? Is it perhaps by forcibly taking them off their undeserved throne? Is it by waiting for them to tire of the ame old games and leave leadership themselves? No, no, and definitely no. These are all either ineffective or quite barbaric in nature. The only moment leaders fall and crumble is the moment their ilk and supporters in leadership revolt against them and everything they stand for.

This is what Trudeau is currently facing at this moment with long time liberal MPs becoming uneasy and anxious as they lose hope for any future where Trudeau might win against Poilievre and secure a unanimous liberal victory across all of Canada.

Veteran Liberal MP Sean Casey captured the gloomy mood perfectly as he conceded that after a decade of Trudeau and the liberals in government, political “malaise” and “fatigue” have set in without a shadow of a doubt.

Sean Casey talks about the liberals being stuck between a rock and a hard place in more vivid detail, explaining how the pendulum have swung all the way for the liberals some time ago but now nature is taking its course with the pendulum swinging back once again in favour of the conservatives and Pierre Poilievre.

It certainly hurt him greatly to have to describe the possibly high level of disdain the people have for his liberal party and for Trudeau. In his mind the people are currently disengaged with anything to do with Trudeau or the liberals and when they do there is nothing but immediate and roaring backlash and scrutiny.

Trudeau Against the Polls

But that begs the serious question that is probably on all your minds right now, what would recently spark this level of self reflection and understanding from a liberal MP that used to support Trudeau? Polls, the answer is – and might always be, the polls. Because it is the one thing the liberals can’t deny amidst all this lambasting.

A Nanos Research poll last week had the Conservatives at 42.8% support compared to just 24.9% for the Liberals, and The NDP at a measly 17 per cent – a staggering 17.9% gap between the liberals and the conservatives, alongside a bigger 25.8% gap between the conservatives and the NDP . Other polls have shown the Conservatives ahead by 15-21 points and outclassing anything the liberals and the NDP can hope for.

This has obviously led to MPs like Two-term Liberal MP Marcus Powlowski noting how his liberal colleagues are nervous and pissed at Trudeau and the establishment for their incompetence and lack of a forward thinking strategy to counter Pierre Poilievre and the conservatives.

Liberals Still Believe They Can Turn it Around

But even through all the doom and gloom the liberals can’t help but act pathetic enough clinging on to long gone hopes of Trudeau turning it around while Poilievre seemingly fumbles the easiest win the Canadian elections have seen in decades.

They say all kinds of bullshit like how the people are just not paying attention now and when they do, they will surely vote once again for Trudeau and for all of us. Clearly rejecting the objective truth of the matter – the people don’t care about Trudeau and the liberals anymore, and the only time they do is when everyone is perked up waiting for the moment Trudeau willingly leaves the office or is booted out by someone with some common sense.

Everything points to Trudeau reaping a legacy of discontent after centralising authority around his office and governing through ideological social engineering and “woke” policies that drive the state of living downwards for every Canadian except for him and his elite liberal friends.

The humbled Liberals have only themselves to blame for this predicament. Years of scandals, unethical behaviour, and broken promises have shredded public trust. Yet they still think that when it matters most Poilievre is suddenly going to lose all the earned goodwill that he has built throughout the years fighting for the average Canadian.

But when it matters most between Trudeau, Poilievre and even the barely mentioned Jagmeet Singh, the Canadian people can see who is truly fighting with conviction, who is biding their time before it all crumbles down, and who is slithering their way into a position of power.

The perfect example to showcase such stark contrast between all three political leaders is when they all had a recent spat between one another in the house of commons that started with Singh calling out Trudeau for giving out taxpayers’ money to profitable market corporations like loblaws.

Trudeau then did his usual liberal PR speak about accomplishments and achievements that are non-existent, only to get absolutely blown out of the water when Poilievre took the stand to lambast both Singh and Trudeau for their costly and corrupt coalition alongside accusations of conflict of interest that went unanswered.

This interaction goes back and forth between Trudeau and Poilievre with Singh being shut down early on, until Poilievre delivers the knockout punch to Trudeau and his sleazy line of argumentation.

If this wasn’t the perfect and clearest example between the has-beens in Trudeau and Singh and the common sense warriors like Pierre Poileive, then I don’t know what else I could possibly do to convince you.

But to everyone else, it makes perfect sense now why most liberal are anxious and uneasy about a Trudeau win. They can see the truth even if they try their absolute hardest to fight objective reality.

But reality is not going to go easy on any of them, when common sense is favoured over liberal corruption and lies.

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