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Jagmeet Singh and Trudeau Blasted By Poilievre Over Corruption


Liberal-NDP Coalition Clash

In the latest episode of the never-ending soap opera between the Liberals and the NDP, Jagmeet Singh blasted Trudeau over his government handing out millions in subsidies to wealthy corporations.

The verbal smackdown came after revelations that companies like Loblaw and Costco got up to $26 million courtesy of Canadian taxpayers.

Singh tried his hardest but Poilievre cut the circus off at the last second to reveal Jagmeet’s conflict of interest with his brother lobbying for another wealthy corporation.

Trudeau seized the opportunity to attack Poilievre’s character but he was immediately shut down with simple common sense.

Parliament is back in session and you can already see the smoke flying from the Hill.

Jagmeet Singh Calls Out Trudeau’s Corruption

What is a coalition but a strong union between two or more political parties that believe in each other’s overall message but disagree on the finer things and the road to take to reach the end goal? Well, Jagmeet Singh’s NDP and the Trudeau Liberals would have you fooled as they squabble like two divorced parents once again to further prove the point of everyone acting for their own personal benefit alone at the end of the day.

Only thing different this time is Poilievre being present to slam both Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh away with their crooked ways and policies. Like an early christmas present, Canadians wish this was more of a regular occurrence between the three political head figures.

Every story starts with a spark but this one right here somehow starts with a whole house fire as NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh unleashed a scathing attack on Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government. Why you may ask? Because Trudeau was caught red handed – like he fool he is – handing out nearly $26 million in taxpayer money to profitable market corporations like Loblaw and Costco.

Yeah you heard it right, Trudeau once again spent millions of Canadians’ tax money that they worked their backs off to pay just for the cash to land in the hands of wealthy and already profitable corporations. And then Trudeau has the nerve to call out Poilievre for opposing something as disastrous as the capital gains tax because he is tangled with wealthy people. Karma always gets Trudeau back for all his egregious misshapes.

And if you want to be pissed off even more then know that this dumbfounding payment came straight from the Trudeau government’s low-carbon economy fund. So not only is he paying wealthy corporations, Trudeau is actually funding them under the guise of a green agenda.

This is what your taxpayer money goes to by the way. You pay the corrupt carbon tax and it goes straight into the pockets of the wealthy and the elite. And for what? To hopefully support the grocery chains buy new environment conscious fridges? It is a scam all the way down.

The caveat of the whole ordeal with the funding is that Trudeau fell into his classic liberal habits of promising a large sum of money and then somehow doubling it at the end of the deal.

Trudeau promised chains like Loblaw and Costco an amount of money that is in the tune of $10 to $15 million, but then he ended up giving them an extra 10 million for no statistical or apparent reason. I guess he is really driven to trademark the act of “wasteful spending”, because I can’t remember a single Canadian leader that was this bad with money but somehow still prideful in the failing economy he governs. Even Trudeau’s father wasn’t as bad.

So of course with all of this details, and the fact that Jagmeet Singh has had a lifelong rivalry with supermarket chains like Loblaws and Costco as he blamed them for the affordability crisis – that his little friend Trudeau started by the way – based on no facts or evidence whatsoever, it is no wonder that Jagmeet felt betrayed by Trudeau’s funding.

Singh slammed the subsidies as an insult to struggling Canadians who are facing skyrocketing costs at the grocery checkout. He accused the Liberals of being oblivious to the real economic pain people are experiencing across the country.

The corrupt NDP leader zeroed in on the prime minister, blasting his government’s fiscal mismanagement and lack of accountability.

He argued the subsidies to wealthy corporations showed how disconnected Trudeau is from the everyday struggles of working Canadians. Funny how the insults once hurled at Poilievre by Trudeau are spinning back to hit him straight in the face.

Jagmeet Takes the Fight to The House of Commons

Obviously though, that wasn’t enough for the whiny Jagmeet Singh as he took the now common NDP-Liberal spat to the house of commons to call out Trudeau right in his face. And Trudeau took that lambasting and played his liberal speak game where he touted the achievements the liberals haven’t done yet or are about to do with no results.

But of course he couldn’t help himself but act as snarky as humanly possible by suggesting that the liberals are working to enact policies that will favour the NDP’s position on the supermarket chains, but only if the NDP can support them in the house of commons and vote on it.

Having been completely fed up with this NDP-Liberal clown show that is taking place in the house of commons, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre took the chance to lambast both Jagmeet Singh and Trudeau for their corruption and incompetence.

Poilievre first called out Jagmeet Singh for his sudden shift in attitude towards Trudeau’s funding of the supermarket chains since there is no way this money would have been spent without the NDP-Liberal coalition signing off on it. I guess Jagmeet is as forgetful as he is corrupt.

I mean he seemed to have forgotten about his brother’s nature of work as well and needed a wake up call from the conservative leader himself.

Poilievre highlighted how Jagmeet SIngh’s brother is a lobbyist for another supermarket chain by the name of Metro – which Jagmeet never brings up in his affordability rants for some reason.

A conflict of interest as clear as crystal. You think Jagameet’s brother is influencing the corrupt NDP leader to target certain corporations? You think maybe that his uppity behaviour attacking money that he probably signed off on is political theatre? These are the questions Poilievre thought are more important to answer.

Poilievre Takes on Trudeau Himself

However, Trudeau has another thing to say about the matter, as he springs up and garbles his words and sipping to admit that the lobbying is actually hurting the NDP, before correcting himself and quickly veering towards political posturing and accusing Poilievre once again of being in bed with the wealthy because he doesn’t want to support the costly capital gains tax.

Poilievre retorts back and highlights how Trudeau doesn’t even support his own costly policies since he couldn’t even bother to include it in the already failing budget. Funny how that works, huh? Trudeau would rather invest more in taxes that actually affect affordability and people’s well being like the nonsensical Carbon tax.

And just like clockwork Trudeau goes back to his playbook of accusing Poilievre of straight up fantasies.

This goes back and forth for a while until Poilievre delivers the killshot regarding Trudeau shrinking the middle class, and making life more of a hellscape for every hardworking Canadian, while Trudeau lies through his teeth about the non-existent liberal accomplishments.

Canadians are tired of the endless squabbles and broken promises from the two old-line parties.

What we need is a new approach focused on practical solutions to put more money back into the pockets of families struggling to get by. And it just so happens that the conservatives offer just that.

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