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Trudeau Faces Growing Anger Over Ineffective Carbon Tax


Trudeau Stands By Costly, Ineffective Tax

Canadians all over are fed up with Justin Trudeau and his relentless carbon tax that’s squeezing the life out of every one of us. That’s why we’re now seeing people actually rising up from every corner of the country saying “no more” to Trudeau’s failing government.

People are tired of watching their dreams get crushed and their hard work go down the drain, all thanks to Trudeau’s WEF pals and their sneaky climate money-grab. And you know what? The latest polls are backing up this rebellion, showing that Canadians want this carbon tax gone.

But Trudeau? Oh, he’s not budging. He’s dead set on funneling our cash straight into the pockets of UN big shots and those fancy elites over at the World Economic Forum, pretending like it’s all for saving the planet, and now they’re not even hiding it anymore, the WEF proudly bragged that they received billions from Trudeau.

Meanwhile, emissions just keep on climbing, showing this tax for the joke it really is.

Yet, Trudeau and his crew won’t give up on this failed plan, even as they hide their own embarrassing data. But from small towns feeling the pinch to suburbs fed up with the nonsense, Canadians are saying “enough is enough.”

Farmers Demand Carbon Tax Relief

Canadians have had enough and they’re loudly demanding that Trudeau scrap the carbon tax that’s pushing them to the brink. And this time, the outcry is coming from the backbone of our nation: farmers. These hard working people who put food on our tables are feeling the pain of this carbon scam, and when they suffer, we all feel it.

The anger is real. New polls show that a whopping 7 in 10 Canadians want the carbon tax scrapped for farmers, who are bearing the brunt of the costs. 

These are the people who work from dawn till dusk to ensure we have food, yet Trudeau’s government seems determined to squeeze them dry with a tax that promises nothing but misery.

To make matters worse, the elitist World Economic Forum bragged that over $100 billion was taken from taxpayers globally through carbon taxes last year. These taxes, championed by the WEF, line the pockets of bureaucrats while hurting everyday citizens.

Under Trudeau, Canada has become a cautionary tale of how carbon taxes fail. Despite paying more for gas and energy, emissions keep climbing and our economy is struggling under the tax’s weight.

Trudeau has made Canadians guinea pigs in a risky climate experiment dreamed up by out of touch globalist entities. The results are clear: carbon taxes impose huge costs on citizens and businesses while utterly failing to lower emissions.

A new Leger poll from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation shows that 70% of Canadians want the carbon tax scrapped for farmers. Even in left-leaning provinces like BC and Quebec, over 70% are all for a full exemption.

And it’s no wonder why. The tax is hitting farmers hard. Livestock producers are stuck with a shocking $726 carbon tax bill each month. Crop farmers are looking at $2,024, and greenhouse operators are slammed with an average of $17,173 every month.

In some cases, a whopping 40% of a farmer’s energy costs come from Trudeau’s tax. Despite shelling out big bucks for gasoline, propane, and natural gas, farmers are seeing zero environmental benefits.

The carbon tax barely makes a dent, with an Environment Canada official admitting it probably only reduced emissions by 1% at best.

After loads of people got ticked off about it, Parliament finally got around to passing a bill to give farmers a break on carbon taxes for propane and natural gas. But then Trudeau’s Senate buddies went and messed it up, watering down the relief farmers really need.

And get this, even the three-year break they’re throwing in is just a temporary fix. Trudeau seems dead set on keeping the pressure on farmers with this useless tax, all while cozying up to city activists instead of looking out for farmers in rural areas.

This whole carbon tax thing perfectly sums up Trudeau’s snooty leadership style. His government pays the UN-backed WEF nearly $500,000 for reports cheerleading the regressive tax, while ignoring real input from suffering farmers.

Trudeau slapped a gag order on Canada’s Budget Officer, so they can’t spill the beans on how much of a mess this carbon tax really is. This reeks of a cover up of failures too embarrassing for Canadians to see.

Not surprisingly, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has taken center stage to defend the indefensible, brushing off claims that she’s suppressing a bombshell PBO report showing the Liberals’ beloved carbon tax is driving up the cost of living for Canadians. 

Freeland, in her usual “nothing to see here” manner, downplayed the revelations from Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux, who dared to confess that the government has its own damning economic analysis on the carbon tax but is keeping it under lock and key.

Giroux dropped the bomb during a Finance Committee meeting, casually mentioning that his office has seen the government’s secret analysis but has been explicitly told not to disclose or reference it. 

When Conservative MP Marty Morantz grilled him about the apparent gag order, Giroux confirmed that this is exactly what’s happening. Yes, you heard it right, people—our not so transparent and not so accountable government is keeping critical information about the carbon tax’s impact from its own citizens.

In an almost laughable display of damage control, Freeland expressed her disappointment with the PBO’s findings but chalked it up to an “honest mistake.” She praised the PBO for their hard work while subtly implying they bungled the numbers. 

Freeland declared, with a straight face, that the government firmly believes the carbon tax is putting more money in the pockets of eight out of ten Canadians. “Honest mistakes will be made,” she said, as if that would magically erase the inconvenient truth.

UN, WEF Cash In On Canadian Carbon Tax

The government’s refusal to release its own analysis is a blatant attempt to avoid accountability. Why else would they muzzle the PBO if not to hide the fact that the carbon tax is squeezing Canadians’ wallets harder than they care to admit?

This damning secrecy comes as no surprise, given the growing evidence of the tax’s failure and harms. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland is seen during a news conference, Tuesday, June 4, 2024 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

A 2023 Environment Commissioner’s report depicted Trudeau’s climate programs as ‘guesswork’, implementing solutions “much too slowly.” When a deputy minister admits the fuel tax affects at most 30% of emissions, it’s clear the policy is an abject failure. 

Yet still the costs rise, with the tax set to jump another 23% next April to over 30 cents per liter of gas. This will hit the middle and working classes hardest just as inflation devours their wages.

Even the Trudeau-friendly WEF is singing a different tune in its latest report, admitting that barely 1% of global emissions actually face reasonable carbon pricing. And you know why? Because slapping heavy taxes on people’s energy needs doesn’t magically make them disappear.

A new conservative government could finally lift the lid on all the Liberals’ secrets and lies about this useless carbon tax. First step? Let’s set the Budget Officer free and shine a light on this failed experiment for all to see.

From coast to coast, Canadians are fed up with the tax burden Trudeau’s dumped on us. His brush-off of western gripes and rural woes lit the fuse on this powder keg.

Now, people from Alberta to Atlantic Canada are seeing through the smoke and mirrors of the carbon tax. Even Quebecers want farmers off the hook by a whopping 68% majority.

This tax is nothing but a drain on our wallets, lining the pockets of UN bigwigs. It’s time for Canada to ditch Trudeau’s globalist climate fantasies and chart our own course to energy independence.

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