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Freeland Claim That Companies Eager for Carbon Taxes


Freeland Remarks on Carbon Tax Raise Concerns

Chrystia Freeland has gone completely off the rails. In a mind-boggling press conference that left everyone stunned, she completely lied about businesses and the carbon tax scam.

Our Finance Minister has ditched reality for some alternate universe where facts don’t matter. Her wild statements are so out there, they sound more like the rantings of a climate change fanatic than someone handling Canada’s finances.

How can she be so out of touch with the havoc her policies are wreaking on the economy?

Let’s face it: Chrystia Freeland has lost it. She’s drunk the climate change Kool-Aid and abandoned the reason for eco-madness.

As she drives our economy straight off a cliff, we’re running out of time to take back control.

Canadians didn’t sign up for this crazy train to ruin with Freeland. We need facts, not fantasies, before her climate madness ruins our future.

The livelihoods of hard-working business owners are on the line. It’s time for a reality check for our delusional Finance Minister.

Freeland Lies Overstating Business Enthusiasm for Carbon Taxes

Chrystia Freeland, our Minister of Twitching, has reached a new level of delusion. Seriously, she’s openly gaslighting Canadians! During a recent news conference about the government’s climate strategy, she had the audacity to claim that companies are practically tripping over themselves to invest in Canada just so they can have the opportunity to pay the carbon tax.

Can you believe it? It’s like she’s living in a whole other reality.

Now, her wild statement has got business owners and experts scratching their heads. Like, is she for real? Are we supposed to buy into this climate change alarmism over hard facts? It’s downright baffling.

You’d think the person in charge of Canada’s finances would have a better grip on reality, right?

But nope, the Minister’s comments show she’s either dangerously clueless or just doesn’t seem bothered at all by the damage these policies are wreaking on entrepreneurship and growth.

It’s like she’s playing a whole different game while the rest of us are stuck dealing with the consequences.

Freeland’s claim is, believe it or not, that the influx of investments flooding into Canada is mainly because foreign investors have apparently come to terms with our groundbreaking strategy of slapping a price tag on pollution and our supposedly mighty climate plan.

This whole gaslighting gig she’s pulling just goes to show she’s either totally clueless or couldn’t care less about what’s really going on.

Let’s be real here—companies aren’t exactly tripping over each other to set up camp in Canada. Nope, it’s quite the opposite. Thanks to her government’s heavy-handed carbon pricing and over-the-top regulations, investment is taking a hike.

Small business owners all over Canada are seriously worried about the economic landscape getting tougher by the day. All her talk about fairness is a total lie.

According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, it’s like they’re getting hit from all sides – crazy high taxes, prices going through the roof, red tape choking them out, and now, these carbon fees that feel like another punch in the gut.

It’s no wonder up to 76% of them are thinking about calling it quits over the next ten years.

If all these small businesses pack up and leave, it’d be a total disaster for our economy. We’re talking about wiping out over $2 trillion in business assets, with companies shutting down, selling off their stuff, and just disappearing.

And it’s not just about the money – these businesses are the heart and soul of innovation, competition, and job creation in Canada.

Think about it – nearly 70% of people working in the private sector are employed by small businesses. If these owners follow through on their plans to bail, we’re looking at millions of people losing their jobs. That’s a whole lot of dreams crushed, lives upended, and communities left hurting.

Shockingly, Business bankruptcies shot up a whopping 129.3% between January 2023 and January 2024. Owners are feeling the squeeze from all sides – costs going up, taxes piling on, you name it.

And instead of easing up, Trudeau’s crew is just adding more carbon fees, penalties, and paperwork. Like, seriously? That’s the last thing struggling entrepreneurs need.

Twitchy Freeland’s wild claims about foreign investment pouring into Canada because of our climate policies. The facts say otherwise.

Foreign direct investment has been stuck in neutral for over ten years now, not budging an inch since 2008. So much for all that global capital rushing to our shores. And slapping on a harsh carbon tax? Yeah, that’s not exactly helping turn things around either.

In reality, Canada’s business game is seriously slipping compared to other places. With entrepreneurship already on the decline, our capital gains tax rates are now among the highest globally.

The Minister just brushes off the warnings that this will scare off investors, choke growth, and push talent and resources elsewhere.

CEOs pen letter demanding Liberals stop tax hike

Her casual attitude doesn’t match the frustration felt by Canadian business bigwigs. Over 100 CEOs, who employ millions, got together to send a letter slamming these tax hikes and the government’s anti-business vibe.

They’re warning that Canada will be off-limits for business if things keep going this way.

Canadian business leaders wrote in their letter: “We invest our time, our ingenuity, and our money. We are betting on Canadians, and we are betting that with hard work and tenacity, we can make the country better.”

“You cannot tax your way to prosperity. But in the 2024 federal budget, we see a government trying to hike taxes on investment. Anybody with experience in entrepreneurship and investment can see how this will stifle growth.”

But instead of listening up, Liberal cabinet members are dissing entrepreneurs, saying if they bail, the government will just find foreigners to take their place. It’s a shocking show of disrespect and shows they don’t get how important these business creators are for Canada’s economy.

This wasn’t even the first time Freeland lied. It seems like these folks have a habit of dodging the truth or avoiding giving straight answers, which just shows they don’t really know what they’re doing with Canada’s finances. It’s like all she cares about is pleasing her masters at the WEF.

Minister Freeland seems to have completely lost touch with reality and taken a wild ride off the deep end.

Her wild claims that companies are just itching to come to Canada solely to fork over hefty taxes sound like the ramblings of someone who’s had a few too many cups of climate change Kool-Aid.

With Freeland and Trudeau’s gang of climate wackos at the helm, it feels like they’ve steered Canada’s economy straight off the cliffs of sanity with their crazy policies. They’re like a bunch of eco-warriors on a rampage, wreaking havoc on our prosperity with their bonkers tax hikes and suffocating rules.

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