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Trudeau Draws the Ire of Sri Lanka with Inflammatory Comments


Outrageous Comments Spark a War

Justin Trudeau has done it again. Our virtue-signalling prime minister couldn’t resist the urge to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, igniting the fury of yet another foreign government.

This time, the government accused Trudeau of using inflammatory language to accuse them of a genocide they didn’t commit.

They warned Trudeau of severing international ties, but not before lambasting his statements and debunking it with clear evidence.

This unfortunately was not the first time Trudeau has proven to be a complete clown and a total embarrassment for every Canadian on the world stage. But this might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Canada cannot afford strained relations and trade barriers with major powers because our drama teacher PM can’t resist playing to the crowd.

It is time for a leader that values Canadians and Canada as much as he values literally everything else.

Trudeau Messes Up Again

And just like clockwork, Trudeau has gone ahead and embarrassed Canada on the global stage by angering another country on the prospects and ideals that he loves to endlessly virtue-signal about.

This time, the Sri Lankan government was the one that had to lambast Trudeau for his damning comments and actions against the foreign government, and thus accused him of engaging in electoral vote bank politics.

Now before we dive deep into the criticism and the dangers that might hit Canada as a result, we must first explain the meaning of “vote bank politics” and why this accusation is so damning and in line with whatever Trudeau and the liberals have been preaching for almost nine years now.

Vote banks can be defined as a subset of people, or a community of individuals sharing the same values and beliefs and thus becoming absolutely loyal to a single political party and ideology.

Vote bank politics on the other hand is trying to cultivate a vote bank through divisive policies. It is the encouragement of voters to vote for a singular party or candidate even if it is against their better judgement and will ultimately end up with them losing more than they ever gain.

Now I might be alone in realising this – even if I know the majority of Canadians will agree once they understand – but isn’t this just basically describing the weird trance that Trudeau has the Liberal voter base on?

Trudeau preaches stability, prosperity and fairness for every generation, but year after year things get considerably worse and the people suffer more and more. Yet Trudeau somehow always finds a way to court his loyal voter base back every time.

Most Canadians are finally waking up to the reality of the dire state of Canada under Trudeau, but there is still somehow a voter base that supports this man, and believes every lie that escapes his mouth.

And now that we are accustomed to the meaning of vote bank politics and how Trudeau actually utilises it through his leadership of Canada, it is time to discuss how Trudeau messed up in the eyes of a country like Sri Lanka.

Trudeau was accused by the Sri Lankan government of using inflammatory language and making ”outrageous allegations” that took aim right at the government, accusing them of commiting a genocide against the “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” during an armed conflict that ended all the way back in 2009.

This is basically him appealing to a singular community and engaging with their politics and beliefs in spite of the true damage that he is causing them and other Canadians.

In the statement that is at the centre of this whole international debacle, Trudeau acknowledged a genocide that he thinks happened and advocated for justice and accountability, by urging the Sri Lankan government to take the necessary steps towards respecting freedom of religion, belief and pluralism of every citizen in the country.

Trudeau then virtue-signalled some more regarding the Liberal government imposing sanctions on officials believed to have taken part in what Trudeau claims is a genocide, before announcing that Canada’s Parliament voted unanimously to recognize May 18th as “Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day”.

Trudeau is Warned by the Sri Lankan Government

A statement just like every other Trudeau speech; full of insane amounts of liberal preaching and casual lies spit in your face in the most sleazy way imaginable.

And because statements like this rile the average every day Canadian, it is no wonder that the Sri Lankan government was riled up as well.

The Sri Lankan government blasted Trudeau and his lies right up to orbit, as they dissected his false statement and refuted his unhinged allegations that are trying to paint the Sri Lankan government as a fascist dictatorship of some sort.

They bring up the fact that no competent authority in the world has ever brought evidence to back up these egregious statements about a genocide taking place, and the fact that the party that is being stated as the recipient of such abhorrent actions have been recognised as a terrorist group in over 33 countries including Canada itself.

So not only are they clearly clowning on Trudeau and his weak leadership leading to statements that don’t hold enough ground on the global stage. But they are also rightfully calling him laughably incompetent to the point where he didn’t realise that the group he is out there supporting without a second thought is actually a group that his country and government confirmed to have recognized as a terrorist entity.

It is actually quite maddening that Trudeau talks all willy-nilly about subjects that definitely don’t concern him or any of us Canadians for that matter; And then he risks international relations deteriorating further, and confirming to the whole world that Canada under Trudeau is and will forever be a laughing stock not to be taken seriously whatsoever.

It is Not New for the Liberals to Mess Up

This is not the first time Trudeau angered another country because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

India for instance kept warning Trudeau and his liberal government about their endless and unexplained courting of another separatist group by the name of “Khalistan”, because Trudeau couldn’t help himself without encouraging extremist chants throughout his speeches.

If this incompetence by Trudeau keeps stepping over the reasonable line with every other country, then Canada risks severing important ties with countless other nations as they impose tariffs and cut economic plans.

Maybe things will get out of hand in the future to the point where Trudeau would increase the national security risk of Canada as he butts heads with countries over issues he is not concerned with.

India and Sri Lanka have already showcased how they are fed up with Trudeau’s language and tactics, so we can’t rule out a future escalation or yet another country lambasting Canada.

If anything, this whole debacle further proves that Trudeau is absolutely not fit for the mantle of a leader in the free world. He is incompetent, rash, and most of all an embarrassing representation for every Canadian.\

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