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Trudeau Angers India As Khalistan Chants Pierce His Speech


India is Concerned about Khalistan Chants

Trudeau has whipped up yet another cringeworthy international spectacle, this time angering India by playing nice with violent Khalistani extremists…again.

Once again, our virtue-signaling PM let his egotistical hunger for photo ops undermine national interests. The Liberals have spent years radicalizing Khalistani fringe groups for votes, and now that cozy relationship has exploded in Trudeau’s face.

Khalistani chants broke out as Trudeau delivered his Khalsa day speech and India was admittedly not happy with the procedure.

Trudeau’s spineless pandering has real diplomatic consequences, as India is making ultra clear. Maybe letting extremists hijack national events to chant for the violent dismemberment of an ally’s territory wasn’t such a genius idea after all? It’s time Trudeau learned that virtue signaling has costs – but sadly that lesson may arrive too late to repair the damage.

After years of ethical drift under Trudeau, Canada desperately needs mature leadership that puts national interests first.

Trudeau Draws the Ire of India

Another day, another international embarrassment courtesy of Justin Trudeau and his neverending clueless virtue signaling. The drama queen prime minister has managed to infuriate India yet again by staying silent and allowing for violent Khalistani separatists to hijack his speech at a Khalsa Day event in Toronto as they chant in favor of the still non-existent Khalistan nation.

Eager as always for a woke photo op, Trudeau threw fuel on the fire of Sikh extremism to India’s fury. When will this professional virtue signaler learn that actions have consequences?

The Khalistan chants pierced the air right before Trudeau started his speech and right after he was done with all the PR talk.

Trudeau postured about values, integrity, unity alongside other very gleeful buzzwords that are only aiming to garner enough support for the liberals to win the upcoming elections. Yet, he couldn’t bother to respond or even shut down the chants coming from a dangerous separatist movement.

Infuriated by Trudeau’s tacit support for Sikh extremism on Indian soil, New Delhi summoned Canada’s deputy high commissioner to convey its “deep concern and strong protest.”

In a scathing press release, India accused Trudeau of allowing separatism and violence to flourish unchecked in Canada. It warned that continued tolerance for anti-India extremism by Trudeau’s government threatened bilateral relations and encouraged criminality that endangered Canadian citizens.

This latest dressing down comes after years of strained ties due to Trudeau’s reckless pandering to hardline Sikh nationalists, whom India considers security threats. His dogged support for the controversial Khalistan movement aimed at establishing a Sikh homeland in India has repeatedly provoked New Delhi’s ire.

Yet Trudeau defiantly appeared at the Khalsa Day parade in Toronto where spectators yelled pro-Khalistan slogans, further infuriating India. His office suddenly added the event to his schedule at the last minute in a transparent effort to grandstand before Indian Canadian voters.

Trudeau is Ignorant About Khalistan Extremists

This is not even a full two months after pro-Khalistan fanatics targeted India’s high commissioner with protests across Canada.

Carrying swords and clashing with police officers doing their job and trying to maintain peace, these dangerous agitators challenged the country’s law enforcement and moderate Canadian Indians standing up to their hatred. Their menacing tactics exposed the true face of the Khalistan movement – not peaceful advocacy but violent separatism threatening Canada’s national security.

These disturbing scenes unfolded during High Commissioner Verma’s first official visit to Western Canada. Radical Khalistanis have hounded him at every stop, confirming fears that the fringe movement is growing perilously provocative under Justin Trudeau’s watch. The prime minister’s repeated pandering to Sikh hardliners has emboldened their separatist agenda and blatant lawlessness.

The Inception of the Problem

So why is Canada the hotbed for an international issue between a foreign nation and an extreme separatist movement? It is because Trudeau and the liberals allowed it to be under the guise of “freedom of Expression”. So much for one freedom trampling and endangering others.

We talked about this before but it doesn’t hurt to highlight an inception point with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his reckless accusation implicating India in a Canadian Sikh activist’s death.

His evidence-free allegation, aimed at appeasing fringe radicals, has alienated our closest ally in Asia and cast doubt among fellow Five Eyes members. This self-inflicted wound is the inevitable result of the Liberals’ long flirtation with violent Sikh separatism.

For years Trudeau has shamelessly pandered to hardline Khalistanis, granting them legitimacy in a myopic quest for votes.

Despite India’s repeated protests, he allowed this dangerous movement to fester and grow provocative under his watch. All just to reach a point where his government baselessly blames India for murder, straining ties just as democracies need unity against authoritarian rivals. It is a new low for Trudeau’s unprincipled foreign policy.

The fallout was completely foreseeable. Trudeau’s assertion that Indian agents killed a Khalistani militant in Canada was a bombshell certain to enrage India. Yet he offered no proof whatsoever, substituting evidence with slander against the world’s largest democracy. Such reckless rhetoric for partisan gain damages Canada’s interests and reputation. Not even mentioning how harboring such extremists poses a danger to Canadians’ safety, but we already discussed one of their many violent protests.

Trudeau always arrogantly assumed he could boost his personal image by romanticizing violent separatism without consequences. But legitimizing extremists who threaten Indian sovereignty and stability has destroyed trust and goodwill with this critical ally and partner. The damage to vital trade, security and cultural relations will be long lasting.

Now India justifiably denounces Canada as a haven for terrorists and anti-India activities. We earned this stigma thanks to Trudeau empowering radicals with his constant sympathy for their cause. Our government’s secessionist posturing has real-world impacts that Trudeau narcissistically ignores.

Equally worrying is how Trudeau’s allegation stirred unease among traditionally steadfast Five Eyes allies. Fearful of jeopardizing their own ties to rising India, they distanced themselves from his baseless claims and reaffirmed cooperation with New Delhi against violent separatism. Canada now appears a reckless outlier undermining global security.

And when New Zealand’s deputy Prime Minister dared to question Trudeau’s evidence and claims accusing India at the time, Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun threatened the deputy prime minister.

Pannun, who leads the banned terrorist group Sikhs for Justice, already threatened Indian diplomats in Canada over the disputed killing. But he thought it was fitting that his intimidation extends across the Pacific.

New Zeleand’s deputy prime minister, Winston Peters, showed courage by challenging the narrative Trudeau invented to appease Sikh hardliners at home.

As a former lawyer, Peters exposed the total lack of proof behind allegations of Indian misconduct. His honesty provoked outrage from zealots determined to demonize India regardless of facts.

This disturbing saga illustrates the consequences of legitimizing extremism just to win radical votes. Trudeau’s constant sympathy for the Khalistan cause, despite India’s objections, has allowed dangerous separatism to flourish and go mainstream. His government’s secessionist rhetoric spurs fanatics into threatening violence against skeptics abroad.

Extremists like Pannun believe they can intimidate leaders of other democracies into acquiescing to their propaganda campaigns against India. This is the inevitable result of years spent coddling extremist fringes. Their menacing tactics worked on Trudeau, so why not others right? The terrorists thought.

An Inevitable Result

This self-created isolation was the inevitable result of years spent placating Sikh extremists for domestic political gain. Trudeau’s indulgence of Khalistan propaganda has made Canada the hotbed of this destabilizing movement, sullying our international reputation. His partisan pandering has weakened, not strengthened, our moral authority.

Appeasing terrorists abroad wins Trudeau plaudits from radical fringes at home but irreparably harms our foreign policy interests.

His indulgence of violent separatism to flaunt his wokeness has backfired spectacularly, alienating India and allies. This debacle and all the subsequent events that came after it were completely avoidable had he governed with maturity.

But because Trudeau is not known for his maturity and high level of thought, Canada is a hotbed for extremist movements that are further straining the Canadian International ties.

Trudeau’s reckless antics have damaged Canada long enough. Change is essential to get our country back on course.

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