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Trudeau Chooses Criminals over Canadians


Criminals over Canadians

The Trudeau Liberals have sunk to a new low in their blatant disregard for public safety and justice.

Their stunning vote against housing dangerous offenders in maximum security prisons confirms they firmly stand on the side of murderers and violent criminals over law-abiding citizens.

This shocking betrayal by Trudeau and his crooked cronies endangers us all. They had a chance to take a stand for victims’ rights, but instead gave a big middle finger to grieving families while cozying up to savage killers.

The Liberals’ shameful vote flies in the face of what regular Canadians believe. We want our justice system to punish monsters like Paul Bernardo, Russell Williams and Alexandre Bissonnette with sentences befitting their barbaric crimes. But Trudeau thinks these animals deserve to live more comfortably than the average Canadian.

While Trudeau peddles fear about Poilievre and his tough on crime approach, the only Canadians who need worry are violent offenders. The rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens will be protected under Poilievre’s leadership. A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for public safety.

Trudeau Makes his Choice Clear

When it comes to punishing those who commit the most heinous acts in our society, the corrupt Trudeau Liberals have made it abundantly clear time and time again that they stand on the side of criminals over law-abiding Canadians.

And this was confirmed without a shadow of a doubt when Trudeau and the liberals recently voted against common sense conservative measures to keep dangerous offenders behind bars. Nothin but a blatant disregard for Canada’s public safety.

In contrast, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives are committed to standing up for victims instead of cuddling up to murderers and violent offenders.

Bill C-351 would have ensured that dangerous offenders convicted of multiple murders are always housed in maximum security prisons. However, shockingly, the Liberals teamed up with the NDP and Bloc to defeat this basic protection and vote against its initiation. Now try to convince me how Trudeau and the liberals are actually in favour of Canadians’ safety and security.

It would be hard to defend Trudeau after this because he voted against what most Canadians believe. The vast majority of us have little sympathy for the likes of Paul Bernardo, Russell Williams, and Alexandre Bissonnette. We expect punishment to fit these egregious crimes. Yet time and again, Liberal judges and the prison bureaucracy fail to deliver true justice.

Today, only 99 of the 736 dangerous offenders are housed in maximum security, with many enjoying relative comfort and freedoms at medium and minimum security facilities. Imagine hearing this number and feeling even a bit of dread at what’s to come under Trudeau.

These are monsters that are living lives more comfortable and more prosperous than most Canadians.

Trudeau Started this Corrupt Trend

Their cavalier attitude toward corrections is enabled by the roster of soft-on-crime judges appointed by the Trudeau government. Again and again, these judges hand out lenient sentences that seem to value the rights of convicts over the rights of victims and law-abiding citizens.

And it all started with tiny little steps as Trudeau tore down the fabric of the criminal justice system to appear righteous and virtue-signal to his heart’s content. It didn’t matter who was affected? How will they be affected? And what are the extreme consequences?

They tabled a legislation in order to gut key mandatory minimum penalties for serious offences. This misguided bill would eliminate mandatory jail time for a litany of firearms, drug trafficking and other heinous crimes committed by heinous criminals.

Trudeau at the time tried his hardest to claim that mandatory minimums often lead to over-incarceration of marginalised groups. But this is nothing but liberal “woke” hogwash and has been debunked time and time again by experts in the field.

Oh but Trudeau didn’t stop there, or we would have been spared this nightmarish scenario where convicts are treated better than most Canadians.

Trudeau also introduced very lax measures circumventing the justified gun crimes’ punishment. Lowering penalties was the least egregious thing in a policy that actively supports illegal gun smuggling and punishes it with a slap on the wrist.

And finally, perhaps the most egregious and unhinged of all Trudeau crime law reforms, we have the corrupt and dangerous bail reforms policy.

Now you can commit multiple crimes or even the same crime multiple times with no signs of remorse, regret, or even sorry, and Trudeau will tell you how very disappointed he is in you before releasing you to society every single time.

This abhorrent and corrupt reform bill was what caused countless crimes and even more countless deaths. Just recently there was an infant and his grandparents being reported as murdered by a repeat offender with a history of violence that was out on bail at the time.

And you know what Freeland had to say about such a despicable act? She pretends like Trudeau and the liberals care about all the innocent lives being lost due to their own incompetence and ineptitude while throwing shade at the only party with the only individual that cared enough to voice their concern for years on end. Truly classic liberal behaviour.

A Future Under Trudeau is Future Full of Crime

Trudeau and his gaggle of crooked yes men will hobble together and announce safety measure after safety measure but when real adversity hits them in their face, they crumble and display their true face hiding behind a ton of virtue-signalling.

Poilievre and the Conservatives however, aim to restore sanity, balance and justice to Canada once again.

Poilievre has rightly called out the light touch too many liberal judges take. He has promised to appoint judges who respect the original intent of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – to protect citizens, not twist interpretations to favour those who ruthlessly violate the rights of others.

Poilievre has also pledged to use every constitutional tool at his disposal to enact stiffer sentences, including utilising the notwithstanding clause if liberal judges overturn the will of Parliament.

Despite Trudeau fear-mongering, Poilievre has clearly stated this would only apply to the worst violent offenders. The rights and freedoms of law-abiding Canadians are not under threat unlike how they are being violated at this very moment under the leadership of Trudeau.

Public safety and delivering real justice should be paramount concerns. On this front, the Trudeau Liberals have utterly failed Canadians. We need a prime minister like Poilievre who has the courage to stand up to liberal judges and a bureaucracy more concerned with criminal comfort than public safety or victims’ rights.

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