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Freeland Embarrasses Herself in Pathetic Speech


A Speech Full of Lies

The Liberals’ house of cards is collapsing right before our eyes. Their catch-and-release policies have backfired spectacularly, with auto thefts skyrocketing out of control under Trudeau’s watch, Freeland now pretends to fix it.

Desperate to stop the bleeding, Deputy PM Freeland rushed to the podium to unveil her miraculous 11th hour plan to curb auto theft. But this is nothing but political theatre at its finest, a Hail Mary to fool voters before the next election.

With thefts surging to 90,000 per year and insurance claims ballooning to a jaw-dropping $1.5 billion, the Liberals created this mess and are now scrambling to clean it up. Too little too late.

And their so-called solutions? Strict penalties and increased enforcement they could have implemented years ago and are being championed by conservatives to this very moment.

It is more clear than ever that Canada needs a government that is actually serious about stopping criminals, not enabling them.

Freeland Pretends She Cares about Crime

The liberals and Freeland have paraded themselves recently by issuing a press conference to reveal the unexpected, that they have finally woken up from their deep slumber and are now going to be tougher on the crime of car theft, not crime in general no, just car theft. But it is so blatant how this is just political theatre to garner much needed support from disillusioned Canadians who are just looking forward to being safe and sound.

Freeland opens the press conference lying about how the liberals are definitely understanding of the dire crime situation that has been plaguing Canada for a while now. She will never admit that Trudeau and the crooked liberals were the ones behind all the chaos and catastrophe, but she will be happy to pretend that she is going to solve it.

And auto thefts were one of the most egregious examples of the Trudeau administration’s weak approach to crime and criminals. under Justin Trudeau’s watchful eye, auto thefts have skyrocketed with nearly 90,000 cars stolen per year across the country. Insurance claims related to auto theft totaled a whopping $1.5 billion in 2023 alone. This is not just a crime wave threatening the security of individuals and families, this is a crime wave that is going to hit their affordability as well.

Leave it to the likes of Trudeau and Freeland to completely mess up the economy and the security of every Canadian across Canada in one go, and then turn around and pretend that they will be the saviours of the day.

Leave it to Freeland to talk about her plan on tightening security, increasing punishments, and investing in cooperation between the different police and security departments as a novel idea that wasn’t hammered by conservatives to combat car thefts in Canada.

Freeland Tables a Familiar Plan

This is nothing more than the liberals virtue signalling and wasting time talking about nonexistent care and soon to be nonexistent achievements trying to go against a crime wave monster that they have created. If anything, they are saying all the right words now just to capture innocent Canadian minds and fool them before removing the rug from under their feet.

Even the minister of public safety, Dominic LeBlanc, egregiously took the time to showcase his fake sentimentality towards every suffering Canadian, and talked about Canada coming together as one to use practical solutions against the car theft threat.

And let us take a second here to understand the absurdity of including such a bizarre unity statement in the middle of a speech announcing how the liberal government acknowledges the dire situation and is working towards fixing it. It is almost like they are mocking us and our intelligence by providing contradictory statement after contradictory statement. Leaving you puzzled and confused is their path to people eating their hollow and corrupt messages up.

But what about the solutions they offer exactly? Well, LeBlanc stated how the core of their strategy and approach against car theft as a crime will consist and be founded upon three important and key initiatives.

The first one is enacting tougher and much harsher penalties as punishment for car theft; the second thing is the enhancement of cooperation and information sharing between the different police and security departments; And last but not least, the investment into better technology and security protocols. Then he brought up an example of container scanners that would greatly help in the fight against this abhorrent situation.

Now you might be wondering, why wasn’t half of these things implemented already? Why are they parading themselves around like they solved world hunger? But you will find no answer. Because there is no logical conclusion to these questions other than liberal corruption and outright incompetence. This is the only explanation for no coordination or cooperation being implemented. This is the only explanation for no investment seeing the light of day until Freeland and Trudeau were backed into the corner.

Liberals Stumble onto Answers

It is pretty evident how little they cared about the issues plaguing everyday Canadians until it benefited them more to start actually paying attention and pretending to care.

You see this with yet another recent Freeland press conference where she was left silenced and speechless after being asked about the death of an infant and their grandparents at the hand of a criminal that was out on bail.

Freeland struggles to put together a coherent response that defends the Trudeau
government’s actions properly. She talks about measures that they may or may not take to fix the bail process, and uses her only opportunity to appear remorseful and regretful just to call out the conservatives and Pierre Poilievre for seemingly using “awful political tactics” against the liberals.

Freeland unironically tries to paint Poilievre’s very appropriate call out and criticism towards the liberals’ bail policies as him using a tragedy to score cheap political points. How awful of a person do you have to be to not hold yourself accountable and instead throw shade at your opposition? Freeland seemingly doesn’t mind, just like Trudeau, and just like every other corrupt liberal.

But what is ultimately embarrassing and ironic at the same time is how Poilievre – you know? The one they always lambast for his tough on crime approach – has vouched against crime and lax bail reforms much earlier and before any of these liberals raced to pretend they are caring.

And Poilievre did it using the same language and talking about the same kinds of punishments.

It is almost as if the liberals are cheating from the conservative playbook, because they know they have all the good and common sense ideas that will help Canada in the long run.

It goes to show what this country truly needs, and it is not more of Freeland or Trudeau, but much more of Poilievre.

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