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Trudeau Caught Sleeping As Chinese Agents Infiltrate His Caucus


Oblivious, Denial And Chaos

A shocking new report reveals sitting MPs have been brazenly assisting foreign meddling operations. 

In an appalling security failure, lawmakers provided confidential data to foreign agents and sought to influence colleagues on behalf of foreign interests. 

This betrayal from within cuts to the heart of our democracy’s vulnerabilities. Despite longstanding warnings, the government failed to shield Canada from this infiltration. 

Now both sovereignty and elections face manipulation by outside forces cultivated from inside parliament itself. The damage inflicted on public trust may be beyond repair. That such activities could occur in the highest offices exposes negligence at the top.

With foreign tentacles reaching ever deeper into the halls of power, decisive action is essential to fortify institutions before it’s too late. Those engaged in such treachery have shattered faith in impartiality. 

This crisis demands accountability for compromised officials and urgent reforms to protect Canada from threats seeking influence through witting allies at the center of power.

Trudeau Oblivious As His Own MPs Aid Hostile Foreign Powers

In a new bombshell report directed in the way to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government, a number of MPs have been willingly helping the Foreign Interference countries as China and India in meddling in Canadian Politics.

While the government has been assuring the Canadians that the interference is under control and they have been acting on it since the warning from 2019, they couldn’t suspect any suspicious moves among their own party.

Once again, Trudeau has completely failed to protect Canada from foreign interference right under his nose.

The new revelations in the reports show his own MPs were actively assisting foreign state actors, including sending them confidential data. This stunning security breach exposes Trudeau’s incompetence on the world stage.

In one case, NSICOP members said they saw intelligence suggesting MPs worked to influence their colleagues on India’s behalf and proactively provide confidential information to Indian officials.

In another case of an MP seeking a meeting overseas with foreign intelligence to provide confidential data is shocking treason. This brazen betrayal of both office and country for foreign interests is a massive national security failure demanding consequences.

An MP maintaining continued engagement with a foreign intelligence officer is unacceptable double-dealing. Backchannel relationships between Canadian lawmakers and hostile agents threaten our sovereignty. This infiltration has clearly compromised parliament.

The report’s revelation that MPs communicated with foreign missions to secure diaspora support in campaigns through foreign embassy mobilization is alarming foreign meddling. The electoral processes are being manipulated by outside forces.

That sitting MPs would respond to foreign officials’ directives in order to pressure colleagues for foreign advantage is unthinkable. Lawmakers acting as double agents controlled from abroad to subvert Canadian policy makes a mockery of our institutions.

While Trudeau virtue signals about democracy abroad, his government cannot even control dangerous foreign influence operations penetrating his caucus. China and India brazenly cultivated relationships with Liberal MPs, who shockingly obliged. This is a massive embarrassment for a PM claiming global leadership.

Trudeau Naps Through Warnings Of Early Meddling

These MPs would betray their country by assisting hostile foreign intelligence should outrage all Canadians. But for a clueless PM who claims ignorance about everything, this intelligence disaster is just another day. 

A PM concerned with Canada‘s interests would have heeded warnings and implemented anti-interference protections long ago. Yet Trudeau dismissed expert advice, leaving us vulnerable to ongoing meddling. His failure to shield our democracy is an unforgivable dereliction of duty. 

In an interview with Minister of Public Safety Dominic Leblanc, regarding the report of MPs with national security access helping the foreign interference. A warning has been issued to the government since 2019, yet the government has been taking a slow act towards it.

Leading to serious consequences and meddlings, Leblanc shockingly defended his government work claiming it was not a slow act and they were the first government to take actions and measures against the meddling. 

Where exactly are the measures and actions they are talking about? If they were rightly served, Is the report of MPs a scam? Is this another excuse for the liberals to shield themselves from a coming backlash against them?

Additionally, the news has spread among the public and the trust the Canadians have in the policies and the government has officially faded away. How is the government expecting the Canadians to trust them again regarding the continuous failures and risks?

A new legislation from Justice Hugge came out as less dramatic than the media, the public and the report itself have indicated. Leblanc claimed that they are working collaboratively and there is good news around the evolving issues. The gaslighting of this government is astonishing.

As the opposition have accused the Liberals of benefiting from the foreign interference in their favor, it seems like a perfect conclusion considering the slow act and the reckless amount of time they wasted from 2019 to take an action.

As a cover for themselves and their failures, Leblanc bluntly accused Pierre Poilievre of ridiculous assertion against them and revived an old regime when Poilievre was prime minister in 2013.

How is Poilievre in 2013 connected to the Liberals in 2019 when he was not a minister then? The denial of this government never ceased to amuse their own people, framing themselves as clowns for the public.

As a result of these mislooked consequences, the public has stated the fear of manipulating the next federal elections in the Liberals’ favor. Concern is in the right place as it is supposed to be.

Leblanc Scrambles To Cover Up Trudeau’s Treasonous MPs

Leblanc yet claimed that not every top secret document can be put out to ease people’s minds, but exposing it to the foreigners and hiding 9% of 33,000 documents from the public inquiry and the investigations is totally fine with them.

Leblanc seems fixated that his country is doing their best in fighting the foreign interference, meanwhile they are not doing the bare minimum of what any government should have done earlier. 5 years ago when foreign interference meddling was raised as a major concern.

Astonishingly, Leblanc also refuses to confirm if the traitorous MPs are still sitting in the caucus. Is he so politically craven just like his PM to put his hold on power above Canada’s interests? 

In contrast, Trudeau’s appointed committee to study interference threats, then promptly ignored their recommendations. Once again he demonstrated that posing for the cameras matters more than doing the hard work on critical issues. His negligence has endangered national security.

This treachery at the highest levels must serve as a national wake-up call. Canada clearly cannot rely on flawed human nature to repel foreign interference. Decisive action is needed immediately to fortify our institutions before it’s too late. The future of our democracy hangs in the balance.

This bombshell report further confirms Trudeau is just an actor playing dress-up on the world stage. While he prattles on about democracy and human rights, his naive incompetence leaves Canada wide open to foreign subversion even within his inner circle.

Canadians should be outraged that under Trudeau’s negligence, foreign actors have infiltrated the highest levels of government right to the very MPs meant to represent us. He has failed his solemn duty to defend this country against those working openly against our interests. Trudeau must go.

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