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Trudeau Bizarre Rant Reveals True Colors on Oil and Gas


Trudeau Mask Slips as He Targets Oil in Unhinged Rant

Justin Trudeau ‘s bizarre press conference went up in flames after the rattled Prime Minister dodged questions about his collapsing poll numbers and instead waged an all-out war on Canada’s oil and gas industry.

With his political support imploding, an increasingly unhinged Trudeau reveals his deep contempt for the hard-working Canadians who rely on good-paying energy jobs.

Trudeau essentially gave the finger to the hundreds of thousands of Canadian energy workers who keep our country running. His seething contempt for blue-collar jobs poured out for all to see.

This whole episode just tears off Trudeau’s nice-guy mask and shows us the real him – an out-of-touch ideologue who couldn’t care less about regular citizens.

And now he’s doubling down on his extreme views, which spells trouble for us regular citizens just trying to make ends meet.

The fallout from Trudeau’s meltdown is gonna be huge. With Poilievre gaining ground, this could be the end of the line for Trudeau’s reelection dreams.

Poll Numbers Plummet as Trudeau Declares War on Oil and Gas

Rather than address his collapsing poll numbers, the increasingly unhinged Prime Minister chose to wage open war on Canada’s oil and gas sector in a shocking new press conference.

When confronted with the shocking new poll showing his Liberals trailing the Conservatives by a jaw-dropping 20 points, Trudeau dodged the question entirely.

Instead, he launched into a tirade about how his government is actively working to destroy the oil and gas industry that provides hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs for Canadian families.

His mask slipped as Trudeau revealed his deep contempt for the oil and gas workers who help build and power this great country of ours. He smugly declared that under his leadership, Canada is deliberately transitioning away from this crucial sector that has fueled our prosperity for decades.

Trudeau’s words laid bare his socialist agenda, painting our energy industry and the people in it as villains. He’s waging an all-out war on oil and gas and the jobs it provides.

And he doesn’t seem to give a damn about the economic wreckage his anti-oil campaign is causing in towns all over the country. Trudeau’s more focused on pleasing the environmental extremists than on what’s best for our country.

His dismissive attitude toward the plummeting polls just shows how disconnected he is from the struggles of regular Canadians. We want a government that stands up for our energy industry, not one that’s eager to tear it down.

While Trudeau keeps attacking our oil and gas workers, Pierre Poilievre is proudly standing with them. He knows Canada should be a powerhouse in energy, using our rich resources to our advantage, not giving in to radical activists like Trudeau.

Poilievre gets it: the oil and gas game is key to keeping our country humming. That’s why he’s all about letting this sector soar, powering up our economy like never before.

Unlike Trudeau, who’s all about cramping their style, Poilievre is ready to give the energy industry some breathing room. It’s time for the real movers and shakers in this field to shine again after years of Trudeau’s meddling.

With Trudeau’s time in the hot seat running out, our oil and gas crew can see a bright future ahead. The Conservatives, led by Poilievre, know how crucial these energy pros are and will steer the ship for all Canadians, not just the city slickers.

Trudeau’s taking a beating in the polls, down a whopping 20 points. It’s a clear sign Canadians aren’t buying what he’s selling. But somehow, he’s still sticking to his guns, ignoring the loud message from voters.

His frightening detachment from political reality was on full display with the unhinged anti-oil rant. Trudeau didn’t even try to acknowledge the valid concerns about his plummeting support. He just spewed more tired socialist rhetoric totally removed from the priorities of everyday citizens.

Trudeau also ranted about electric vehicles, but what he didn’t mention is how his cozy ties with the World Economic Forum are driving this radical EV agenda.

Reports reveal the WEF has requested each family only have access to one car. Now Trudeau’s WEF pals are getting their wish as the Liberals push policies to make owning a conventional car unaffordable for most Canadians.

Take that new Honda EV plant Trudeau was bragging about. Turns out, they’re going to be hiring a ton of foreign workers instead of giving Canadians a shot. And don’t even get me started on how crazy expensive those EVs are – most citizens can’t even think about affording one.

Plus, there’s hardly any places to charge those things up, leaving drivers stuck in the middle of nowhere. But Trudeau is just bending over backwards to impress his globalist pals at the WEF, shoving their anti-car agenda down our throats and ignoring how much it’s hurting us financially.

The WEF’s radical “one car per family” scheme exposes who’s really pulling Trudeau’s strings. He’s their obedient puppet, serving the WEF’s unelected bosses instead of citizens. No wonder Trudeau parrots their talking points word-for-word – the WEF tells him exactly what to do.

Canadians never voted to be governed by a shady foreign organization like the WEF. But Trudeau surrendered our sovereignty to push their oppressive agenda, from EVs to digital ID. He’s selling out Canada to appease his globalist pals.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s secret meetings with the World Economic Forum in Davos reveal disturbing Liberal conflicts of interest at the highest levels.

Despite both the WEF and Freeland hiding these private talks, documents prove Freeland met secretly with the unelected global organization she helps lead as a WEF Trustee.

This shady two-faced move should freak out every Canadian. Our Finance Minister should be all about us, not cozying up to some sketchy foreign group like the WEF. But her sneaky chats make it pretty darn obvious where her loyalties really lie.

Freeland pledged an oath to Canada and Canadians when she took office. But her behind-closed-doors WEF meetings in Davos betray who she really serves – the globalist billionaires who run the WEF, not us.

No wonder Trudeau mimics WEF edicts like “you’ll own nothing and be happy.” His inner circle is infested with high-ranking WEF agents like Freeland who take their orders from Klaus Schwab, not citizens.

Poilievre Emerges as Pro-Energy Alternative

Trudeau is like a puppet dancing to the WEF’s tune, pushing their wild ideas onto us without even thinking about the economic chaos it brings. He’s all about serving those globalist billionaires who want to run the show, not us regular Canadians.

Trudeau can cozy up with his WEF buddies and act all confident, but the truth outside his bubble is that Canadians are fed up with his self-centered style of leadership.

His totally clueless act is just going to speed up the Liberals’ inevitable downfall in the next election. Trudeau has completely lost control of the narrative, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

Even some top Liberal MPs can see the writing on the wall as Trudeau drags their chances of getting re-elected down with him. Just look at MPs like John Aldag jumping ship – it’s like they’re crew fleeing a sinking boat.

Trudeau is still stuck in his fancy ivory tower bubble, but luckily, Pierre Poilievre has got his boots on the ground, right where the action is. He’s totally dialed into the everyday worries and money struggles regular Canadians are dealing with thanks to Trudeau’s mess.

That’s why Poilievre is surging in the polls while Trudeau’s support implodes – he speaks to the priorities of regular hard working Canadians, not just the woke mob.

In Poilievre, Canadians finally have a battle-tested Conservative leader ready to relentlessly hold Trudeau accountable while laying out a hopeful vision for our country’s future. The days of tolerating Trudeau’s smug virtue signaling while our freedoms get trampled end in 2025.

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