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Poilievre Condemns Demonization of Canadians by Trudeau


Poilievre Unloads on Trudeau

Pierre Poilievre didn’t hold back in one epic press conference, tearing into Justin Trudeau like never before.

The Conservative Leader went all out on Trudeau’s eco-radical buddies for ruining millions of Canadians’ lives. Poilievre exposed how insane it is for Trudeau to think higher taxes mean fewer wildfires.

In a brutal smackdown, Poilievre doubled down on his promise to kick Trudeau’s hated carbon tax to the curb. He shouted it loud and clear: it’s time to stand up for workers against those UN climate big shots.

No punches pulled here—Poilievre made it crystal clear he’s got the backs of the truckers and tradesmen Trudeau loves to trash. And he didn’t stop there. Poilievre tore into Trudeau for living the high life while slapping working Canadians with carbon taxes.

From calling out Trudeau’s ridiculous $3 million Dubai vacation to exposing his wild climate double standards, this press conference was one for the books. Poilievre brought the thunder, leaving Trudeau shaking in his boots. 

Conservative Leader Rips into Trudeau’s Climate Hypocrisy in Fiery Press Conference

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre heroically stepped up to the mic to defend the very soul of Canada against Justin Trudeau’s sinister carbon tax madness.

In a fiery exchange at a recent press conference, Pierre Poilievre slammed Trudeau’s government for its outrageous rhetoric.

When a reporter mentioned the term “climate criminal” in relation to everyday Canadians driving cars, Poilievre didn’t hold back. He accused Trudeau and his team of using extreme language to intimidate taxpayers into submission. According to Poilievre, this isn’t just a debate about environmental policy; it’s a blatant attempt to squeeze more money out of hard working Canadians.

Poilievre is absolutely right to condemn this dangerous demonization of hardworking Canadians by Trudeau and his eco-radical allies.

It is unacceptable for government officials like Catherine McKenna to refer to opponents of the carbon tax as “arsonists” who want to let Canadians pay with their lives. This is not only false, but promotes an extremist climate agenda that seeks to shame and suppress dissent.

Poilievre also brilliantly pointed out the flaw in trying to link the carbon tax with reducing the impact of natural disasters like wildfires. He said dismissively: “If we paid higher taxes, we’d have less for forest fires? Come on. Let’s bring people together instead of tearing the country apart.”

The Conservative Leader promised to “axe the tax” if elected, stating “it’s time” Ottawa stood up for Canadian workers and families instead of elite climate interests. “That is the right thing to do. It is the patriotic thing to do.”

Poilievre made it crystal clear: he’s got the backs of hard working Canadians who drive trucks and cars. To him, they’re not the “climate criminals” Trudeau makes them out to be. 

Instead, he sees them as the backbone of our country—the electricians, plumbers, and builders who keep things ticking. But he didn’t stop there. 

Poilievre laid it all out, slamming Trudeau and the NDP for what he calls their radical agenda that’s been putting the squeeze on these working-class heroes.

While Poilievre stands up for the forgotten men and women of Canada, Trudeau continues to blow millions on pointless climate events that do nothing for the environment.

In the latest egregious example of Trudeau frittering away our tax dollars on extravagant climate summits instead of investing in real needs here at home, Trudeau outrageously sent a massive 742 person delegation – larger than some actual UN member countries – to the UN Climate Change Summit in Dubai last November.

This whole thing cost us Canadian taxpayers a whopping $3 million. Just imagine how many struggling families that cash could’ve helped, or all the good it could’ve done for projects right here in Canada.

And get this: Trudeau dropped over $800,000 just on plane tickets to fly his ministers and bureaucrats halfway across the world. Then he blew another million on fancy hotel rooms in Dubai, where rooms went for as much as $816 a night.

To add insult to injury, part of the $1.3 million spent on a glitzy “Canada Pavilion” went towards paying a rapper to perform a silly song condemning climate change “disinformation.” As the Canadian Taxpayers Federation rightly asks, “will hosting a rapper halfway around the world really help the environment?”

While Trudeau recklessly burns through millions on these pointless spectacles, he continues to burden hardworking Canadian families with an ever-increasing carbon tax. 

His initial pledge to keep carbon taxes low has been abandoned, with a proposed $170 per tonne carbon tax expected by 2030 that will make gas nearly 40 cents more per litre.

Clearly Trudeau is more into looking good for the climate crowd and cozying up to UN big shots than actually doing anything meaningful or helping out regular Canadians. 

He’s quick to bash the middle class for driving to work, but then he’s off to Dubai, racking up a $3 million hotel tab.

Poilievre Exposes Trudeau’s Outrageous Climate Double Standards

Not only was Trudeau’s huge delegation an insult to taxpayers, but the entire COP28 summit was an exercise in hypocrisy. As Poilievre pointed out: “Now they’re off with 70,000 other people at an air conditioned dome in the desert in a petrol state.”

The Conservative Leader is absolutely right to highlight the absurdity of gathering tens of thousands of people in the middle of the oil-rich desert to supposedly “fight climate change.” 

Trudeau’s climate recklessness does not stop with pointless summits and speeches. 

He has showered billions in subsidies to “green” companies with no accountability or emission reduction requirements. 

According to a recent report, a whopping 70% of companies that got cash from Trudeau’s $8 billion Net Zero Accelerator didn’t even promise to lower emissions.

Yeah, you heard that right—Trudeau’s handing out taxpayer money to big polluters with zero strings attached.

And get this: when the Environment Commissioner was asked about it, they confirmed that 12 out of 17 of these companies faced zero consequences for missing their emissions targets. It’s like Trudeau just handed them a blank cheque from our wallets.

This whole deal totally contradicts Trudeau’s image as some kind of climate hero. He talks a big game about sacrifice and “building back better,” but then he goes and hands out cash to polluters like it’s candy.

It is working Canadians who end up paying the price through Trudeau’s increasing carbon taxes and high fuel prices. His policies restrict affordable energy production in Canada then subsidize foreign oil imports. Now we learn much of the subsidies meant for “green” investments are just more Liberal slush funds.

Trudeau’s climate double standards are just plain bold. He’s out there bashing Canadian workers for heating their homes and getting to work, all while jet-setting around the globe, blowing millions on UN summits. 

And don’t even get me started on how he’s handing out billions to big corporations with no strings attached.

Pierre Poilievre is absolutely right to call out this outrageous “carbon tax madness” that places the burden on hard working Canadians while the Liberal big shots live it up. It is time for a common sense government that respects taxpayers, stands up for Canadian industries and workers. 

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