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Trudeau Authoritarian Actions Ring Alarm Bells in US Congress


Trudeau Echoes Chinese Regime

In a shocking twist, top American representatives are sounding the alarm about Trudeau ‘s creepy plan to turn Canada into a Chinese-style surveillance state.

These congressmen say Trudeau has already shown his true colors by cracking down on the Freedom Convoy with an iron fist.

They warn this was just a taste of the high-tech tyranny Trudeau has in store for Canadians.

With new tech like digital IDs, spying networks, and programmable money, these US officials caution there’s nothing stopping power-hungry Trudeau from crushing civil liberties and sending Canada spiraling into totalitarianism.

Trudeau already froze the bank accounts of protestors he wanted to silence, acting like a classic dictator. Now, he could monitor citizens’ every move, control access to services, and snuff out dissent for good.

Trudeau has set the nation on a fast track to 1984 – and he must be stopped before Canada descends into a dystopia of mass surveillance and automated social control.

Representatives Condemn Trudeau’s Oppresive Measures

The chilling similarities between Trudeau and authoritarian regimes were highlighted in a recent US Congress debate. Several Republican representatives compared Trudeau’s crackdown on the Freedom Convoy protests to the actions of oppressive governments like China.

The debate was about central bank digital currencies or CBDCs. Republican Tom Emmer pointed out how China uses digital currency to monitor its citizens, saying,  “In China, the Communist Party employs a CBDC that can be used to monitor citizens’ spending habits.” 

Then he drew a parallel closer to home, adding, “the Canadian Government demonstrated the power of federal financial surveillance and control when it froze the bank accounts of hundreds of truckers protesting the Covid vaccine mandate in 2022.”

Rep. French Hill emphasized the dangers of financial surveillance, noting, “This legislation is necessary because we live in a world where government can abuse the tools that they have, as noted by the whip, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was freezing bank accounts of people protesting COVID-19 restrictions in his country.”  

Perhaps most chilling were the words of Representative Scott Perry, who warned “We should learn the lessons from the oppressed citizens everywhere from Canada to the communist Chinese before it is too late.”

These damning comparisons in Congress echo earlier criticism of Trudeau’s authoritarian tactics. In June 2022, Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) labeled the Trudeau administration as “oppressive,” drawing comparisons to authoritarian regimes. 

He openly said: “The guarantee provided by our Founders to ensure we remain free from foreign invasion and, yes, from an oppressive government like we see in Canada, Australia, and the Democrats’ beloved Communist China is the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to be armed as they choose,” Good remarked.

Who knew that “Nice Dictator” was a career option? Trudeau’s making it work, one frozen bank account at a time.

The outrage stems from Trudeau’s shocking decision to invoke the Emergencies Act to crack down on the Freedom Convoy. This unprecedented move allowed the government to freeze the bank accounts of protestors, with little oversight. 

Subsequently, $8 million was frozen across 206 accounts, despite no evidence of criminal activity. 

In essence, Trudeau weaponized the financial system to choke off funding of political dissent, bypassing the judicial process. This financial coercion is a hallmark of authoritarian states like China and Russia. Yet Trudeau brought it to Canada, severely curtailing civil liberties.

How far will Trudeau go in his quest to silence opposition – house arrests and secret trials next?

Now, a recent report reveals the extent to which Trudeau hid his actions from public scrutiny. According to the report, a staggering 87% of the 31,844 federal records on the convoy response were kept confidential by the Emergencies Act inquiry. 

Canadians have no way to access the 16,632 documents classified as “secret” and 372 as “top secret” which informed the decision to invoke the Act. Only the presiding judge had full access to the paper trail behind this authoritarian crackdown on protesters. 

It totally smells like a cover-up by Trudeau, keeping vital info locked away from us all. No transparency, no justification – he’s straight-up defying democratic norms!

But here’s the kicker: Trudeau’s power trip didn’t just stop there. Back in January, the Federal Court dropped a bombshell ruling, calling his Emergencies Act move “unjustified” and “beyond the law’s scope.” 

Justice Mosley didn’t mince words, saying there was no real emergency and slamming Trudeau’s heavy-handed approach. Seriously, it’s like we’re living in a police state, not a liberal democracy.

But does Trudeau own up to his overreach? Nope, not a chance. He’s sticking to his guns, refusing to admit he messed up big time with this attack on our civil liberties. Talk about a real sore loser.

His Emergencies Act crackdown totally betrayed the values of transparency, accountability, and justice that underpin Canadian democracy. It straight-up embodied the unchecked power of a dictator, enforcing ideological compliance by coercive financial means.

This scary case shows Trudeau follows the authoritarian playbook of the CCP, exploiting emergency powers to suspend liberties and hide government overreach. His actions are way too similar to the oppressive regimes called out by Congress.

Trudeau Sinister Plan Exposed

And perhaps these US representatives slamming Trudeau’s authoritarian overreach with the Freedom Convoy protesters are sounding the alarm on something bigger and more sinister brewing behind the scenes. 

Their warnings about Trudeau’s financial authoritarianism aren’t just hyperbole; rumors and hidden reports suggest Trudeau is crafting a CCP-inspired agenda.

Connecting the dots, we see the chilling prospect of a social credit system looming as Trudeau lays the groundwork for a central bank digital currency or CBDC in Canada. 

Dusty Johnson, South Dakota Congressman, rightly warned: “The Chinese Communist Party uses a central bank digital currency to track the transactions of their citizens, and in Canada, the Trudeau Administration froze bank accounts of individuals involved in trucker protests.” 

His words should strike fear into the heart of every Canadian, as he hints at Trudeau’s potential to become a full-fledged dictator by adopting a central bank digital currency to track the transactions of Canadians, just like the CCP.

This centralized, programmable currency would grant the government unprecedented ability to monitor and control financial transactions. Trudeau could potentially abuse this power to stifle dissent, similar to his crackdown on the Freedom Convoy.  

A CBDC would provide the architectural backbone to implement a social credit scheme akin to China’s authoritarian system. 

By tracking purchases and behaviors, the government could assign ‘social scores’ to citizens and punish those deemed “untrustworthy” by restricting access to services. Mass surveillance and arbitrary denial of rights would become the new reality under Trudeau.

Trudeau has already shown he’s willing to weaponize the financial system against political opponents. His Emergencies Act overreach to freeze truckers’ accounts foreshadows how a CBDC could enable broader political repression.

Freedoms of speech, assembly, and association would be sacrificed in the name of public order and security.

With CBDCs, the government gains direct control over money flows in the economy. This centralized power is a dictator’s dream, allowing coercion of citizens through programmable currency.

Trudeau could automatically restrict what goods and services people can buy as a means of social engineering, enforcing ideological compliance.

Trudeau’s crackdown on the truckers emboldened him to consolidate power over finances and civil liberties. If unchecked, he’ll leverage tech like CBDCs to make his authoritarian ambitions a reality and silence any remaining dissent. We’re standing at the edge of an Orwellian nightmare.

The dystopian possibilities of combining CBDCs with digital IDs and mass surveillance are bone-chilling. 

Trudeau would have supreme insight into Canadians’ lives and use it to manipulate behaviors as he wants. Our freedoms would be defenseless against his technological authoritarianism.

The chilling parallels drawn by US representatives could become reality if Trudeau actualizes the centralized financial control and surveillance made possible by CBDCs. 

Trudeau’s power-tripping overreach during the Freedom Convoy fiasco shows his scary authoritarian tendencies. 

Him dodging any oversight to freeze truckers’ bank accounts is straight-up dictator behavior. He wrecked the lives of tons of law-abiding citizens with one quick pen stroke, exposing how fragile our rights really are under his rule.

This messed up violation of civil rights proves Trudeau couldn’t care less about democracy’s core principles. 

He governs with an iron fist, crushing anyone who dissents and enforcing his ideology through brute state power. His shady lack of transparency after this whole convoy incident just compounds his disdain for rule of law.

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