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Trudeau Attacked in Heated House Debate After its Return


After a six-week holiday break, the House of Commons just returned with a bang. Chaos erupted as Pierre Poilievre viciously attacked Justin Trudeau, giving voice to the growing outrage after eight long years of Liberal rule. 

Poilievre held nothing back as he slammed the humiliated Prime Minister with accusation after accusation, unleashing years of pent-up citizen frustration. 

Trudeau could only sit helpless as the Conservative leader relentlessly highlighted his string of broken promises and ineffective policies. 

With Canadians suffering under skyrocketing inflation and cost of living, Poilievre exposed the real state of the nation after nearly a decade of Liberal mismanagement. 

The vocal criticisms were a rude awakening for Trudeau and a rallying cry for Canadians demanding change. 

The Members of Parliament returned to Ottawa following a six-week long holiday recess, but any cheerful holiday mood was swiftly replaced by hostility and tension as the question period got underway.

Pierre Poilievre left the House in chaos after he repeatedly slammed Trudeau and the Liberals, voicing everything that many of us have been wanting to say.

The session kicked off with Pierre Poilievre criticizing Trudeau’s $80,000 Jamaica vacation, paid for by none other than hard-working Canadian taxpayers.

Trudeau gets to jet off in a plane that dumps tonnes and tonnes of emissions into the atmosphere, yet he still burdens regular Canadians with his costly carbon tax, even as they struggle to heat their homes through frigid winters. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

While citizens sacrifice under his policies, Trudeau lives the high life on the taxpayer dime, shielded by Liberal cronies no matter his missteps.

Poilievre gave voice to the rage of Canadians seeing their leader impose standards he refuses to follow himself. After eight years of hypocrisy, empty promises and mismanagement, Trudeau’s free ride must finally end.

And the grilling has just begun.

In response, Trudeau used his stone-aged Liberal tactic to deflect any sort of criticism from the Opposition by claiming that the Conservatives “have no plan” to address climate change.

While Trudeau claims that excess emissions can end up driving up grocery prices – he seems to forget the fact that he contributes heavily to the production of those emissions. Luckily, though, Pierre Poilievre made sure to remind him.

And Trudeau’s reply almost handed the win for Poilievre. He claimed that Poilievre is “muzzling” his own caucus, and that the Liberals, of all people, are prioritizing Canadians.

Trudeau’s response was so absurd that audible laughs and boos could be heard across the aisle in a stunning showcase of just how bizarre this Prime Minister really is.

Poilievre also called for a leadership review for Trudeau – something his own party has been discussing, with Newfoundland MP Ken McDonald openly supporting it.

And Trudeau’s response to Poilievre’s attacks was the usual – irrelevant, all over the place, and simply not the truth.

After more and more subpar Trudeau speeches, Conservative MP Andrew Scheer criticized that the Prime Minister must have sand clogging his ears from his lavish Jamaican vacation, making him deaf to the outraged cries of suffering Canadians who are burdened by his unfair carbon tax.

This led to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to completely ignore the Conservative MP’s question, which was about the carbon tax, and boast about their beloved Housing Accelerator Fund, and rhetorically asked the Conservatives how they plan to cut the federal budget.

And the response to that question was golden. Conservative MP Andrew Scheer really told it like it is, and outlined exactly what the Conservatives plan to cut. He even went as far as making an accusation that made headlines, framing Justin Trudeau of being “pathologically obsessed” with the carbon tax, which seems like a pretty accurate description.

To which Freeland replied by saying that any attempt from the Conservatives to appeal to the working class is just a case of crocodile tears.

The audacity is appalling. And the sound of crickets that followed her speech goes to show just how little the Liberals resonate with the House and members of Parliament.

Freeland and her fellow privileged Liberals are completely out of touch with the daily struggles of average Canadians just trying to afford basic living costs. If she would get off her elitist high horse and experience real life like the rest of us, maybe she would understand.

But instead, she remains ensconced in her downtown Toronto bubble of luxury, unable to relate to the common citizen’s fight to survive Trudeau’s economy. Her partisan policies only benefit the Liberal inner circle, while regular folks continue suffering.

And until Trudeau and the Liberals finally get rid of their costly tax, they’ll always remain completely disconnected from the grim reality of many Canadians.

Poilievre declared to his caucus that annihilating Trudeau’s hated carbon tax remains his top priority. His first move will be pushing through Bill C-234, which provides meaningful carbon tax relief to struggling farmers. The bill in its original form would extend carbon tax exemptions to natural gas and propane for farmers to dry grain or heat and cool barns. But Trudeau’s Liberal senators sabotaged the bill by gutting exemptions for barn heating and cooling in a shady December vote.

Surprisingly, the Conservatives, NDP, and even a Liberal MP, who is MP Kody Blois agree the original bill must pass to aid farmers facing real challenges, and that they must reject the Senate’s amendments.

“We believe that farmers are faced with some serious challenges, and they don’t have an alternative to a lot of their practices that they engage in. There is no real alternative for them that is a lower carbon alternative,” said NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

Even the Bloc Québécois voted in favor of the original bill. So essentially, most of the House is in agreement on something for once, except for Justin Trudeau and his cronies. And we all know by now that what Justin Trudeau says, goes.

But Singh must know that Trudeau won’t budge – the Prime Minister calls the shots for his servants in the Senate, the will of the people be damned.

The man who jet sets to beach vacations has no interest in helping families heat their homes or farmers run their barns. The carbon tax feeds his big government addiction. Canadians will have to wait for a Conservative government to axe the tax and stand up for hard-working Canadians.

But Trudeau knows he’s in trouble. His government is desperately attempting to rebrand their so-called “climate action” rebate payments, which are mere crumbs offered to offset their economy-crushing carbon tax.

A senior Liberal admitted they may deceitfully rename the rebates, trying to fool Canadians into thinking this tax helps them. Poilievre immediately slammed this pathetic ploy, stating no PR stunt can conceal the carbon tax’s immense harm to families and businesses. No lipstick can dress up this Trudeau pig.

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