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Poilievre Launches Attacks on Trudeau Ahead of Parliament’s Return


The wolf is at Trudeau‘s door. And none other than Pierre Poilievre, is sharpening his teeth for the kill. With the House of Commons return looming, Poilievre is rallying his pack to take down the wounded Prime Minister.

With Trudeau plummeting in the polls, none other than Pierre Poilievre is jumping at the opportunity and firing up his Conservative caucus, in a massive blow to the finished Prime Minister.

As the House of Commons’ return looms closer, returning on January 29th, Poilievre seems to be making sure that the Conservatives come back with a bang.

Trudeau seems to be taking hits coming from all directions, from UFC fighters, to American media personalities such as Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

But with pressure mounting within Parliament, Trudeau has nowhere to run or hide. Buckle up, because this could get ugly.

The question now is – will this growing outrage eventually push Trudeau to finally take a walk in the snow after eight long years?

As the House of Commons gears up to return on January 29th, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is rallying his troops for an all-out assault on Justin Trudeau’s flailing leadership. And frankly, it’s about time.

In a fiery speech to his caucus, Poilievre laid all of the country’s troubles at Trudeau’s feet. He promised that a Conservative government would roll back the damage that’s been done since 2015 and offered clear plans to axe the carbon tax, increase housing supply, balance the budget, and crack down on rampant crime.

After nearly a decade of Trudeau’s virtue signaling hypocrisy, staggering incompetence, and blind ideologies, the once proud country of Canada has been brought to its knees. Just look at the disastrous state of affairs Trudeau will be forced to answer for when Parliament resumes.

And Pierre Poilievre seems to be the only major political figure we see that actually realizes that.

Speaking to his caucus on Sunday ahead of Parliament’s return, Poilievre made sure to highlight all of Trudeau’s failures.

Poilievre made sure to point out the reasons this economic calamity befallen us – because of Trudeau’s out-of-control government spending and staggering national debt of over $1 trillion.

And does Trudeau accept responsibility for reducing Canadians to financial ruin? Of course not. He blames everything on the pandemic, Russia, climate change – anything but his own negligent leadership. This is a man disconnected from the suffering of regular, hard-working Canadians.

On the other hand, a leader like Pierre Poilievere actually realizes that. And his “one of the people” populist approach is clearly resonating with Canadians.

In his speech, Poilievre made sure to point out that Canada’s demise is a direct result after eight years of Justin Trudeau.

Poilievre has good reason to be so confident, as the latest polls show the Conservatives with a dominant lead over the Liberals nationally and in key provinces. 

Tracking by Abacus Data reveals the Conservatives up 15 points over the Liberals across Canada, excluding Quebec, garnering 40% support versus just 25% for the governing Liberals.

Even more importantly, in the crucial electoral battleground of Ontario, the Conservatives hold a commanding 14 point advantage – 43% to the Liberals’ 29%. 

This sizable lead in Ontario is a strong indicator that if an election were held today, Poilievre’s Conservatives would likely win a majority government.

According to CEO David Coletto, the Conservatives’ relentless focus on issues like the carbon tax, housing affordability, and crime is resonating with many Canadians who feel the country is on the wrong track.

However, Coletto cautions that there remains a sizable portion of voters unsure of what the Conservatives would actually do in government.

The latest numbers show swelling public discontent with Trudeau’s leadership driving Conservatives into a dominant polling position both nationally and in key provinces. 

It seems that Poilievre has tapped into voter fatigue with the status quo to fuel the Conservatives’ rise.

So it’s pretty understandable that Poilievre is as confident as he is – he has every right to be. Poilievre himself is another frustrated Canadian who is sick and tired after eight years of Justin Trudeau’s disastrous policies.

Under Trudeau’s watch, the housing affordability crisis has shut an entire generation out of the market.

Young families now face a grim choice between lifelong renting or taking on oppressive levels of mortgage debt. 

How did we get here? Because Trudeau failed to curb foreign real estate speculation and runaway equity gains that turned homes into speculative investments rather than places to live and raise families.  

Crime is also out of control after Trudeau’s weak-on-crime approach allowed repeat offenders back on the streets. Canadians don’t feel safe in their communities anymore, and the police have been defunded and demoralized. 

Canadians deserve justice, not a Prime Minister who treats criminals as victims and victims as acceptable collateral damage.

And then there’s Canada’s plummeting standing on the world stage. Trudeau preaches about peace, diversity and human rights, yet admires brutal dictatorships like China and Iran.

He lets China manipulate our politics, steal our intellectual property, and bully us on trade, abandoning our values for photo ops and trade deals. Canada has never been so weak and divided on the international stage.

Even the previously untouched arena of free speech has been corroded under Trudeau’s government. He champions diversity in all but thought. Any dissent from his views brands you a racist or misogynist.

After eight years of this disastrous leadership, Canadians are rightly flocking to Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives to turn the page on Trudeau’s failed ideological experiment. 

In his speech, Poilievre made sure to make it clear as day that it doesn’t always have to be like this. After laying out every costly Trudeau policy you could possibly think of, Poilievere also made sure to make the announcement that things are bound to change after Trudeau’s gone. Canadians don’t have to live like this.

At least someone gets it.

And Poilievre and the Conservatives really do mean it when they claim they will reverse Trudeau’s policies as soon as they take power.

Pierre Poilievre’s office declared that the Conservatives would immediately drop the federal government’s appeal of the court ruling that found Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act unjustified.

By vowing to overturn unpopular Liberal policies, Poilievre is portraying the Conservatives as the vehicle for change after years of Trudeau rule. This disruptor branding appeals to real common-sense Canadians.

The situation of our country is so drastic that even some past Liberal supporters appear open to Poilievre’s pitch to undo Trudeau’s legacy.

Poilievre offers common-sense policies prioritizing economic growth, fiscal restraint, secure borders, law and order, and preserving Canadian freedoms from government overreach. 

He understands regular Canadians’ hopes and fears because he comes from a modest background, not dynastic political privilege like Trudeau.

The Conservative mandate is clear – axe Trudeau’s economy-crushing carbon tax, curb rampant government spending and debt, address the housing shortage, crack down on crime, and restore Canada as a force for moral leadership on the world stage.

With our country so damaged by Trudeau’s misguided premiership, these actions can’t come soon enough.

It seems that the wolf is certainly at Trudeau’s door. 

And as Parliament resumes, expect Pierre Poilievre and the re-energized Conservatives to tear Trudeau’s legacy apart. The Liberal dominance ends now. The fight to restore Canada to her former glory begins today.

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