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Trudeau Apologizes for Partisan Attacks on Poilievre


Bias Leads to Chaos

Speaker of the House Greg Fergus, long accused of serving Trudeau’s interests over those of all Parliamentarians, now stands exposed as a blatant partisan individual once again, and the Conservatives are calling for his ousting.

The scandal erupted when Conservatives discovered a Liberal event in Fergus’ own riding shamelessly used incendiary partisan attacks against Poilievre in its online description.

Advertising the gathering as an “exciting opportunity” to spend time with the “Honorable” Fergus, the propaganda portrayed electing Poilievre as a dire threat to “our health, safety and pocketbooks.”

This bald-faced Liberal fearmongering targeting the Conservative leader strips away any pretense of Fergus as neutral arbiter. This is not the first time that he allowed his name and prestige as Speaker to promote Trudeau talking points, slagging the opposition.

Trudeau and the Liberals are trying to apologize; calling the description a result of miscommunication between them and Fergus. But Canadians have already sniffed out their sleaziness and corruption from a mile away.

Trudeau Tries Lambasting Poilievre

Time and time again Trudeau and his crooked Liberal party prove that they are sleazy and corrupt without any intentional prodding or questioning by the Conservatives. Time and Time again they prove that they have Liberal moles acting as neutral parties, with the clearest most recent example being someone like the House Speaker Greg Fergus. This time however, It was the third strike for the supposed neutral and unbiased speaker, and the Conservatives are calling for him to be out.

The most recent debacle started when Conservatives found out that the Liberal Party scheduled a partisan event to take place in Fergus’ riding of Hull-Aylmer in June. The event was described as a “Summer Evening with the Honourable Greg Fergus” and an “exciting opportunity” to join the incompetent Liberals in discussing what they deem as a better future for Canada. Seems like just the absolute worst time you can ever spend, but nothing that extreme.

Well, it would have been just another boring Liberal propaganda event if it wasn’t for the event’s extensive description being full of partisan language attacking every Conservative and calling out Poilievre’s very sensible policies and demands as radical and extremist.

Trudeau Faces the Consequences

It didn’t take long for the Conservatives to realize the level of bias and acceptance Fergus had to give out to the Liberals to allow this partisan language to describe an event in his own personal riding. And as such, the Conservatives renewed their calls for the Liberal Speaker of The House to resign once again.

Conservatives believe Mr. Fergus’ naked bias renders him unfit to continue serving as Speaker. The Liberal language used to promote a partisan event in his riding is beyond the pale.

Advertising that electing Mr. Poilievre would “risk our health, safety, and pocketbooks” exposes the Speaker’s fundamental bias against Conservatives. He has irreparably compromised the dignity of his office.

Conservatives called on everyone – even the NDP party – to come together and expel a speaker that is using his position to add more benefits and gain to the Liberals at the behest of the Conservative party and its prominent leader.

The backlash was so intense that Trudeau and the Liberals had to quickly rush to formulate an appropriate response to put out this fire.

In a short letter written by the Liberal party’s national director Azam Ishmael, the Liberal party formally apologized for using partisan language and implicating the House Speaker without his approval beforehand.

Yes, you heard it right. Trudeau and the Liberals are resorting to the same old tactic of pure and ignorant miscommunication between both parties. Does Trudeau honestly think that we are gullible enough to believe the miscommunication part, especially when we are already aware about speaker Fergus’ history of bias? Do the Liberals honestly think this implicating misstep will get us to gloss over the insane partisan language used to attack Poilievre as part of their advertising?

Maybe they do actually think they can get away with it. I mean Trudeau has been incompetent and corrupt for so long and he is still somehow the prime minister of Canada. But it is going to be exhaustingly harder to apologize when the facts are already out there.

A History Of Bias

It hasn’t even been a full month since Speaker Fergus unraveled his Liberal bias hiding behind his mask during a House of Commons session that should have been as normal as every other session that came before it.

Poilievre was in the midst of fighting the insane and abhorrent drug decriminalization that has torn B.C. apart and caused more drug overdose deaths in the province than any other time before this policy cursed Canadians. Trudeau was repeating the same old and tired Liberal playbook in deflecting and avoiding answering a simple question, and while the Conservatives tried to oppose him as the Liberals cackled and clapped mindlessly after him, the speaker started showing his true colors by expelling the first Conservative MP from the House.

All she did at the time was voice her concern and disdain for a Speaker of the House that is incapable or unwilling to do his job properly. What’s ironic is it didn’t take much time before she was proven absolutely correct.

Because when the debate started getting even more heated and the two party leaders threw insults and criticisms at each other back and forth, speaker Fergus chose to side with Trudeau and expel Poilievre for his extremist language. What kind of language exactly? Poilievre called Trudeau and his policies “wacko”.

This is the hilarious level of unbias that the speaker claims to hold. He will stay neutral until someone slights the Liberal party and calls them out on their bullshit.

And the current scenario that we are going through at the moment was what took place at the time; Conservatives left the House in droves and called for the House speaker to resign after his shameful public display towards Poilievre.

The speaker refused to resign at the time; somehow seeing no issue with his extremely biased actions. Right now he is refusing to hold any amount of responsibility for the language that was used to promote the event.

The Liberals are trying to take the fall for him because they desperately need a man in the House of Commons that is running things and can frequently give them the benefit of the doubt.

At the end of the day whether it was a rash decision made by a Liberal using the event description as an unhinged rant, or it was a Conscious decision made with the explicit approval of Fergus himself, it is nothing more than a pathetic display by a Liberal party that is doing everything it can to remain relevant and accepted.

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