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Poilievre Ejected from Parliament by Liberal House Speaker


The House of Commons was a Liberal Bubble

Chaos erupted in the House of Commons on Tuesday as tensions reached a boiling point between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre. What unfolded was a shocking spectacle that plunged Parliament into disarray and disgrace.

The drama began when Poilievre pressed Trudeau about his lack of action on British Columbia’s opioid crisis.

With overdose deaths spiralling out of control, the province has pleaded for help from Ottawa. But Trudeau dodged the substantive issue, opting instead to smear Poilievre with outrageous accusations.

Poilievre fired back as he defiantly called Trudeau “wacko” for his extremist policies, prompting his outrageous ejection from Parliament.

It was a blatant double standard from a weak Speaker determined to shield Trudeau from scrutiny.

This shocking meltdown shows how unmoored the Liberals have become in their desperation to cling to power.

With no solutions for the crises hurting Canadians, they resort to theatrical distractions and character attacks. But Conservatives remain focused on holding Trudeau accountable while highlighting the issues that matter.

Tuesday’s debacle proves that a new and more common sense leadership in Ottawa is urgently needed.

Poilievre Stands Accused of Nonsense

Parliament sunk to a new low on Tuesday, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and aided by Greg Fergus, the weakest liberal Speaker in Canadian history.

It was a session like any other in the House of Commons, with Trudeau and the Liberals being rightfully on the receiving end of conservative lambasting in regards to all their nonsensical and corrupt policies.

But when confronted by conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, once again about the very real issue of the opioid crisis and the slow government response to re-criminalise drugs in British Columbia, Trudeau mustered all the brain power he could will to veer away form the subject at hand and resort to baseless personal attacks accusing Poilievre of courting white nationalists.

Poilievre simply responded to Trudeau’s remarks by calling out the prime minister for being a racist during his younger days when he put on a black face, only for the speaker of the house to suddenly wake up and find a problem with Poilievre’s comments that were only in response to Trudeau and his baseless accusations. Poilievre proceeded to replace the word racist with extremist and continued to lambast Trudeau for his weak and corrupt leadership and brought the much needed focus back on the drug decriminalisation crisis.

Facing ever-increasing opioid overdose deaths and chaos from public drug use, B.C.’s NDP premier asked the federal government to re-criminalize hard drugs in most instances after the dangerous social experiment has proved to be a complete failure. Wonder if there was ever anyone with some common sense who warned Canadians about this drug policy?

But Trudeau does not want to face accountability or to ever be held responsible for the same “woke” policies that he shoves down every Canadian’s throat. So he resorts to accusing Poilievre of playing ball with extremists.

Trudeau and his crooked Liberal party have been banging on this drum for days, desperate for anything to turn around their sagging polling numbers.

Their claim that Poilievre met with white nationalists is due to an impromptu stop the Conservative leader made to chat with anti-carbon tax protesters on a highway near the New Brunswick-Nova Scotia border last week.

A photo was released online with Poilievre standing with the group of anti-carbon tax protesters and a white nationalist’s group symbol was drawn on the side of a parked vehicle in the back. They symbol was among other ones like the peace and heart symbol.

You are probably thinking that this can’t be the full extent of it right? But indeed it is. That’s all there is to it. This is what Trudeau has been hinged on for the past couple of days in a sleazy effort to garner support and sympathy.

So of course Trudeau kept hammering on the subject further and further without any form of pushback from the speaker. Rules for thee but not for me I guess.

Poilievre Speaks The Truth

Conservatives in the house were outraged at the double standard practised by the speaker allowing Trudeau to continue virtue signalling to his band of crooked liberals as they cheer and clap mindlessly to every word.

This led to the speaker slowly unravelling his mask hiding his true bias and he expelled the first conservative MP for standing up against the authority corruption in the house of commons.

A self congratulatory liberal bubble continued in the House of Commons until Poilievre dared to speak the truth into words by calling Trudeau and his policies crazy and wacko.

The mask the house speaker used to hide his bias was full off by then as he found the conservative leader’s comments particularly offensive for some reason. Trudeau can allude to Poilievre being a white nationalist but Poilievre is somehow prohibited from calling it like it is.

If anything, Poilievre was rightfully speaking the language of every Canadian by calling Trudeau a wacko, but the speaker clearly does not care about fair discourse so he asked Poilievre to withdraw his comment, only for Poilievre to stand his ground and just replace one phrase with another.

This back and forth continued escalating until the corrupt speaker expelled the leader of the opposition from the house of commons as loud boos and shouts came from the conservative side unhappy with the unjustifiable action.

Most Conservative MPs followed their leader out of the chamber with some voicing their displeasure about the favouritism and complete lack of respect displayed in the house of commons.

This should never have happened but this bad look will come and bite the liberals in the back come election day.

The Liberals Are Shook

The Liberals have been flailing politically for months now. With Canadians facing a myriad of crises, Trudeau seems to have no real plan to address. His recent budget was panned as being totally out of touch with the struggles of working class families.

Rather than defend their poor record on inflation, housing costs, taxes and deficits, and the drug crisis that they have championed for so long, the Liberals have resorted to baseless personal attacks against Poilievre. They accuse him of cozying up to racists despite a complete lack of evidence.

Canadians expect and deserve better from their Parliament and their prime minister. Question period should be an opportunity to hold the government accountable on policy issues that impact people’s lives. Instead, Trudeau uses it as a chance to sling mud at his critics and dodge legitimate questions.

The Speaker of the House is supposed to be a neutral arbiter who enforces decorum and fairness. But Greg Fergus has repeatedly failed in this role by allowing Trudeau’s abusive rhetoric while cracking down on conservatives. His blatantly partisan application of the rules culminated in the disgraceful expulsion of Poilievre.

Poilievre’s word choice pales in comparison to Trudeau’s misconduct. The prime minister debased his office and demeaned Parliament with his unsubstantiated accusations. He is the one who owes Canadians an apology.

This debacle demonstrates how detached and desperate the Liberals have become. With no real solutions for the problems facing working people, they resort to mudslinging and theatrical distractions.

Conservatives remain focused on the issues that matter, holding Trudeau accountable while putting forward better policies on affordability, prosperity and freedom.

Canadians deserve a Parliament that deals earnestly with issues of substance, not petty partisan squabbles.

Trudeau and Fergus have brought dishonour upon Canada’s highest democratic institution.

The Liberal government is in disarray and unable to cope with the nation’s challenges. Canadians increasingly see that new leadership and a fresh perspective in Ottawa is urgently needed.

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