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Trudeau Allowed Indian Meddling to Infiltrate Canadian Democracy


Report Exposes Trudeau-Modi Treason

Leaked intelligence reveals Justin Trudeau knew of Modi’s meddling operations in Canada but chose to look the other way.

Rather than confront the foreign interference, Trudeau cozied up to Modi and even congratulated him on stealing another election back home.

The revelations cast Trudeau’s ethics and priorities in an even darker light. Despite credible reports of Modi’s agents recruiting Canadian MPs as useful idiots, Trudeau allowed the exploitation to continue unchecked.

He also gave Modi’s intelligence cronies the green light to funnel shady cash to political candidates in exchange for pro-India stances. 

And Trudeau repeatedly ignored warnings from his own security agencies that Modi’s meddling operations had penetrated deep into the highest levels of Canadian society and government.

Rather than defend Canada’s democracy and sovereignty, Trudeau chose to schmooze with Modi and leave gaping holes for foreign actors to exploit at will.

Trudeau Pandered to India Despite Warnings of Meddling

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just congratulated Indian PM Narendra Modi on his re-election, completely ignoring the serious reports about India meddling in Canadian politics. This move shows how clueless and weak Trudeau is when it comes to dealing with foreign interference.

Right after Modi’s win, Trudeau said “Canada stands ready to work together” with India. He mentioned human rights and the rule of law but skipped over all the evidence of Indian meddling in recent intelligence reports.

You’d think Trudeau would be more careful, especially since Canada is now India’s main target for foreign interference after China. But no, he has downplayed the issue, risking national security and public trust.

A new report from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians or NSICOP details how India is messing with Canadian politics. They’re trying to influence all levels of government and shut down critics. Yet Trudeau still wants closer ties without setting any conditions.

One of the most shocking parts of the NSICOP report is that India has managed to get Canadians, knowingly or unknowingly, to act as their agents. These people are essentially working for the Indian government, targeting officials at all levels.

The report reveals that India is using Canadians’ access and influence to push its own agenda and pressure politicians. Some Canadians know they’re helping India, while others have no clue they’re being used.

In some alarming cases, these Canadian proxies have funneled illegal money from Indian intelligence to political candidates and parties. This cash was likely meant to gain influence with Canadian officials and push policies that benefit India.

One proxy claimed to have made multiple transfers to Canadian politicians in exchange for political favors, like raising India-related issues in Parliament. In other cases, proxies donated to politicians and were reimbursed by Indian agencies.

According to the NSICOP report, Canada’s intelligence agency believes the political candidates didn’t know the money came from India. But some officials became aware and willingly worked with Indian interests after taking office.

Several MPs even started collaborating with Indian diplomats to keep an eye on other officials and influence their votes or positions.

India has managed to recruit several well-connected Canadians to infiltrate different levels of government. Some of these individuals covertly assist in intelligence gathering or influence campaigns, while others openly advocate for Indian interests within the government.

Shockingly, the report reveals that many Canadian MPs have directly collaborated with Indian intelligence, essentially serving as spies by passing confidential information to foreign agents. 

These MPs have been sharing sensitive data from inside the government with their contacts in India’s intelligence services. This information is then used by Indian agents to gain insights and identify weaknesses.

By exploiting these politician “sources,” India has gained valuable insider knowledge about decision-making, colleagues’ views, and government vulnerabilities. This is basically domestic espionage facilitated by Canadian officials who are supposed to protect national interests.

And what’s Trudeau actually doing about all this? Seems like he’s just busting moves to his favorite Hollywood tunes in Indian garb.

As more information comes out, it becomes clear that the Trudeau liberals have allowed this foreign interference. Their reluctance to name those involved suggests they are protecting fellow liberals. Ministers like Freeland are prime examples of this evasion. 

When asked about naming parliamentarians involved with foreign adversaries, her response was a masterclass in dodging straightforward questions.

Additionally, these MP turncoats have been actively trying to influence fellow politicians on India’s behalf within the government. Likely guided by their Indian handlers, they push certain narratives and apply pressure to sway votes or policy positions.

This shows how India’s influence goes deep into the guts of Canada’s democracy. They’re like sneaky ninjas planting their people who can shape talks and decisions in their favor.

At the same time, India’s been playing some slick games with Canadian public opinion. The report points out how they’ve tried to throw shade at vocal critics like Conservative MP Michael Chong.

They cooked up propaganda stuff to make Chong look bad in certain ethnic communities, painting him as anti-Indian. Then they spread these fake stories through Canadian media outlets that are big with the Indo-Canadian crowd.

By using diaspora media, India aims to chip away at support for guys like Chong who speak out against Indian interests. It’s like they’ve got this massive strategy targeting everything from news channels to individual MPs.

The findings show a democracy under systemic attack all under Trudeau’s nose, with core institutions like media and government infiltrated by foreign meddlers. From co-opting journalists to recruiting MP assets, India deploys agents across Canadian society.  

Liberals Downplayed Democracy Under Threat

Professor Stephanie Carvin warns that India has been targeting diaspora groups here for decades. But she notes the NSICOP report explicitly frames recent interference as a major threat to democracy. 

While Trudeau was applauding Modi, security experts were sounding alarms about this hostile campaign. But Trudeau has repeatedly downplayed Indian meddling to avoid upsetting his Bollywood buddy.

Last fall, Trudeau dropped a bombshell, pointing fingers at Modi’s crew in the murder of B.C. resident Hardeep Nijjar. But when India brushed off this accusation as “baseless,” Trudeau conveniently dodged the whole issue while cozying up to Modi.

When the opposition demanded an inquiry into Indian meddling, Trudeau brushed it off, saying the allegations were hogwash. But now, recent reports show Trudeau was playing fast and loose with our national security just to keep Modi happy and his international image intact.

Trudeau only caved under public pressure, launching a half-baked review that conveniently left out any recent shenanigans. And even after the NSICOP dropped some serious bombshells, Trudeau just brushed it off, saying they didn’t have all the facts.

The truth is, Trudeau’s all about keeping things cozy with Modi, even if it means throwing the safety of Sikh-Canadians like Nijjar under the bus. It’s like he’s bending over backward to butter up India while ignoring the real risks to our own folks at home.

His congratulatory statement to Modi pledged Canada’s cooperation while mentioning human rights in passing. But he neglected specific, credible reports of attacks on Canada’s rights and freedoms.

Trudeau’s moves are becoming predictable. He talks big about defending democracy and facing down threats, but when push comes to shove, especially with allies like India, he chickens out.

Canada has got a real problem with foreign meddling right now, and the top threats are pretty clear. We need strong, principled leadership to fight back against these sneaky campaigns trying to manipulate everyone from officials to the media to diaspora groups.

But Trudeau? He’s not exactly the poster child for principled leadership, especially when his own political skin is on the line. Look at how he’s handled China – it’s been more about wishful thinking and keeping the peace than what’s best for Canada.

And that kind of weakness? It’s like rolling out the red carpet for meddlers who want to mess with our democracy. Without someone with guts and honesty at the helm, our core values and institutions are sitting ducks.

Trudeau just doesn’t seem to get how serious this is. These intel reports are basically saying we’re under attack by bullies trying to mess with our way of life. But Trudeau’s all about playing nice, even if it means turning a blind eye.

If you’re worried about protecting Canada’s sovereignty and who we are as a country, Trudeau’s track record isn’t exactly inspiring confidence right now. It’s like hoping for a lifeguard who can’t swim when you’re stuck in the deep end.

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