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Sunak Tax Cut Vows Shattered as Hunt Confirms Stealth Hike Plan


Sunak’s Tax Lies Exposed

In a bombshell revelation, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt just blew the lid off the Conservative election campaign’s foundation of lies, exposing PM Rishi Sunak ‘s myth that the Tories are the party of low taxes.

This shocking confession by Hunt confirms what many have suspected all along – that Sunak has been deliberately deceiving the British public about his true plans to hike taxes. It’s an appalling con job that totally destroys the Tories’ core electoral strategy.

For months, Sunak and his crew have been posing as champions of tax cuts, ignoring their shameful record of skyrocketing the UK’s tax burden to world war two levels. 

But now, Hunt has nuked Sunak’s house of lies by openly admitting the Tories will keep raising income taxes through the sneaky policy of frozen thresholds if they win the upcoming election.

This is a massive betrayal of the British people. Sunak looked voters in the eye, promising lower taxes while secretly plotting to rob them blind. 

Caught red-handed, Sunak has tried to cling to his shredded credibility, claiming the tax hikes are temporary. But the sheer scale of Sunak’s lies and betrayal shows his utter lack of integrity and unfitness to lead this country. 

Hunt Tax Admission Deals Hammer Blow to Sunak Credibility

In a jaw-dropping revelation that exposes the lies at the heart of the Conservative party’s election campaign, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt admitted that the Tories plan to keep increasing income tax until 2028 through their sneaky frozen tax thresholds policy.

This totally blows apart the myth carefully built by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that the Conservatives are all about low taxes. 

It proves the Tories have been deliberately misleading everyone about their true plans for tax policy.

Sunak and the Tories have been selling themselves as the tax-cutting heroes of this election. Sunak even declared, “we are the ones putting bold ideas on the table.” 

This talk was meant to hide the fact that the UK’s tax burden has soared to its highest level since World War 2 under the Tories. But Sunak shamelessly tried to paint his party as the champions of low taxes, hoping we’d all fall for the act.

Well, that charade just fell apart, thanks to Hunt’s admission on BBC radio that they plan to keep the income tax thresholds frozen until 2028 if the Tories win the next election.

Hunt openly acknowledged this will increase the effective tax rate on earnings, stating “the tax rises that happened as a result of the pandemic and the energy shock – these two giant shocks – will stay for their allotted time period.” 

Presenter Nick Robinson grilled the Chancellor on whether income tax would rise under a future Conservative government: “You’ve just said you are not increasing income tax. You are increasing income tax until April 2028. Are you now going to reverse that or did you misspeak just now?”

Hunt said: “I took very difficult decisions yes to increase taxes and now in my my budget and the autumn statement last year, I started to bring them down. Have I been able to cancel out all those tax rises? No, but I had to make that commitment so I can absolutely undertake that the threshold freeze that we introduced until 2028 will not continue after that. “

Make no mistake, this is a tax increase on hard working Brits. Frozen thresholds mean more income gets pushed into higher tax brackets, allowing the government to claim an ever greater share. 

An estimated 4 million people will start paying income tax for the first time due to this cynical stealth tax. Another 3 million will get dragged into the 40% higher tax rate. The Institute for Fiscal Studies rightly branded it a “significant” hike.

Yet Hunt had the gall to portray this as a temporary measure made necessary by global shocks. The truth is threshold freezes were already Tory policy before COVID-19 or the war in Ukraine. 

Former Chancellor Sunak introduced them in 2021 specifically to raise revenue, well before those world events transpired. The so-called “difficult decisions” Hunt made were nothing more than a continuation of existing plans to bleed the public dry.

And now the deceitful duo of Sunak and Hunt want to keep this graft going for another four years if the Tories retain power. Hunt can claim thresholds will be “lifted” after 2028 until he’s blue in the face – that’s cold comfort to hard working families facing higher taxes every year until then. 

It makes an utter mockery of Sunak’s grandiose rhetoric about “cutting taxes for everyone in work” and getting the “tax burden down”.

Let’s recap the shameless litany of lies Sunak has peddled on tax policy throughout this campaign. In his fawning interview with The Times, he promised “I am confident that we will get the tax burden down.” 

He went on to accuse Labour of being the real tax raisers, claiming “we are the party who has committed to bringing down inflation, which is the necessary condition for bringing down interest rates.”

He portrayed his party as champions of low taxes, saying “After a difficult few years, where I think most fair-minded people appreciate we did the right things for the country to get them through Covid and to help people with energy bills … Now our plan is working we can start cutting taxes.”

Yet now his own Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has admitted that taxes will in fact keep increasing under Conservative plans until 2028, directly contradicting Sunak’s false claims. 

Sunak brazenly looked the British people in the eye and said “I am confident we will get the tax burden down.” But he knew full well his government planned the opposite by continuing their insidious threshold freeze. His vow to cut taxes was a bald-faced lie, his credibility shattered.

Sunak Low Tax Pledge Left in Tatters

Plus, Sunak’s desperate attempts to take credit for hypothetical future interest rate cuts show just how absurd and empty his campaign rhetoric is. He’s clearly grasping at anything that even remotely looks like an accomplishment, no matter how fictional.

Let’s break down Sunak’s fairy tale that voting for the Tories will ensure lower interest rates. This is coming from the same guy whose government saw interest rates shoot up to their highest level in 14 years at 5.25%, throwing millions into financial chaos. 

Now, with rates potentially set to fall soon due to declining global energy prices, Sunak wants to conveniently claim this as a Tory win. The sheer nerve of it. He presided over the rate hikes in the first place.

Sunak talking about interest rates at all is pure hypocrisy. As a former Chancellor, he knows full well that the Bank of England sets these rates independently. 

Yet here he is, arrogantly implying the Tories have some control over them, shamelessly trying to take credit for any cuts while dodging blame for the increases that have hit hardworking families so hard. 

Does he really think the public is gullible enough to fall for this transparent ploy?

It’s obvious Sunak will spin any narrative to further his political ambitions. He’s shown that integrity, principles, and truth are all expendable in his ruthless pursuit of power. 

Whenever he talks about interest rates, it’s just another self-serving fiction from a politician who will say anything to win.

Sunak preaches about “bold ideas” but reveals none, unless you count his fantasy claims about controlling interest rates. Without real solutions for the country, he relies on empty rhetoric and blatant deception. 

So, Sunak’s been outed as a two-faced fraud by none other than his own Chancellor. Talk about a bombshell. This revelation totally demolishes Sunak’s credibility.

He straight-up lied to us about his tax plans. He stood in front of the country and promised lower taxes, all while secretly scheming to hike them up. 

It’s a real punch in the gut to find out he’s been pulling the wool over our eyes like this. How can we trust anything he says now?

This isn’t the first time Sunak’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, either. He’s got a track record of saying one thing and doing another, all to keep himself in power. 

Remember when he promised stability as PM, then turned around and called a snap election? It’s like broken promises are his specialty. But honestly thank god he did so we can kick him out for good.

With all this deception flying around, Sunak’s lost any claim to moral high ground. How can we let someone like that lead our country? We need leaders who actually care about the truth, not just their own agenda.

This election has become a battle for the soul of our country. It’s time to say no to Sunak and his gang of fibbers and greedy schemers. Come July 4th, let’s show them we won’t stand for their lies and vote them out. Our future’s on the line here.

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