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Hunt Gaslights the British People on Economy


Public Economy Lies

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt just gaslit the entire nation. In a shameless press conference, Hunt portrayed the flailing UK economy as a Tory success story.

Embarking on an epic rewriting of history, he claimed Conservative policies have strengthened growth, boosted living standards and created millions of jobs. Nothing you will ever hear will be more delusional.

Up is down. Black is white. Failure is success. That’s the inverted reality Hunt peddles. He lives in a fantasy land where the UK is thriving, not languishing far behind its peers.

Back in the real world, the numbers reveal a different story. Crumbling public services. Widening inequality. Wages woefully trailing inflation. Growth lagging behind Europe and the US. Homeownership in freefall among the young. Regional disparities engrained. And panic-inducing volatility unleashed by Tory incompetence.

This is the true economic landscape after 12 disastrous Tory years. Not the fairyland depicted in Hunt’s speech.

The British public won’t be gaslit so easily. They know the difference between Hunt’s rhetoric and their own bank balances. No volume of bogus statistics can erase the tangible reality of Tory failure.

Hunt Thinks British Economy is Better than Europe and America

The Tories’ economic record speaks for itself – austerity, soaring inequality, and a thriving British economy driven into the ground.

But Chancellor Jeremy Hunt would actually disagree with any logical economic argument against the Tories and their efforts. He made sure to make it obvious during a press conference that took place on friday.

Hunt stated how he came onto this podium to dispel lies about the Tories and their economic policies, by just furthering the Tory propaganda cycle with even more lies but they are favourable to him and Sunak this time.

He starts his – rah rah – speech by acknowledging how outside global factors have decimated the British economy and left experts predicting catastrophe after catastrophe to hit the British people and how they live their day to day lives.

Oh but fear not, because Hunt and Sunak had the opportunity to step up and show what conservatism is all about, and how it is the best approach to get the people out of this crisis. In Hunt’s mind, they succeeded, but we already know that Sunak and his Tories live in a fantasy land where they are not getting thrashed in the polls everyday and people still overwhelmingly like them and commend their non-existent efforts.

Biggest indicator that fantasy land is clouding every Tory’s mind, is when Hunt egregiously claimed that the UK ‘s economy is doing marginally better than most European countries and even the United States itself. Imagine the delusion to not only think you are not on the precipice of complete and total collapse, but to think you are doing better than most first world countries?

And that claim in of itself is just trumpeting one quarter’s GDP growth that happened to be above the US and Europe. But the full data shows Britain languishing behind its peers in the pandemic recovery.

UK GDP remains years off its pre-pandemic trend, drastically lagging the bounce-back in America and Europe. So why would Hunt blatantly lie in public like that?

A pathetic display of a desperate party and its members trying their hardest to claw back into a position that holds good graces with the people, but it’s too little too late.

Hunt is Rewriting Tory History

The Tory party and Sunak are absurdly rewriting the history and the present, ignoring how the government played a role in causing a bond market crisis and spike in mortgage rates, because the short lived former prime minister, Liz Truss, couldn’t present a competent or even a funded budget in the first place.

Many people are feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis and the many mismanagements in the government that the Tories are to blame for completely.

But you will never hear a single beep from the likes of Hunt as they are too busy virtue-signalling about all the miniscule achievements that the Tories had a hand in.

Hunt will have you fooled about a lot of things without fact checking; Things like living standards seemingly growing beyond any perceived expectations, even including ones coming from the Office for Budget Responsibility that predicted they would fall further and further.

Other things that Hunt postured about include how 14 years of Tories in power preaching the conservative message, has supposedly increased wages, curbed inflation, and created millions upon millions of jobs that benefited the British people and will continue to benefit them in the future.

A bunch of hogwash coming from the mouth of a corrupt politician only looking to spin the narrative in the favour of his failing and dying political party.

Let us dissect this piece by piece, shall we? Hunt talks about Tories fixing and increasing the living standards in spite of all the expert predictions, yet he ignores that real wages and disposable incomes have plunged dramatically under the Tories’ watch.

British people are enduring the worst living standards decline in decades but Hunt is turning a blind eye to what doesn’t suit his agenda.

When it comes to inflation though, only half the story is being told. inflation has fallen to 11% which is what Hunt considers “hitting target” but new reports with new details indicate that the UK’s inflation has been the worst in the G7 and is not back on track to projections that happened before the pandemic.

And let us not even bring up the absurd and out of touch claims about real wages increasing, when the wage increases come after a national squeeze so any increase would be a substitution for what should have been already present; Not to mention the millions of jobs Hunt and Sunak love to boast about, but you will never catch them talking about 2.8 million people not being able to work or find an appropriate job.

Hunt’s rhetorical sleight of hand can’t magic away the damning economic reality for British people.

More than a decade of Tory government has left the economy weakened, living standards eroded, public services on their knees. But yeah let us talk about the true conservative message and purpose that the Tories brought on to the people and ignore the actual blight that the likes of Sunak continues to push further.

No amount of cherry picked statistics can conceal the true toll of Conservative incompetence and austerity.

Think of Labour Even after Years of Tory Corruption

But leave it to Hunt to ignore any amount of accountability and responsibility to throw shade at the Tories’ political opponents in the Labour party by associating them with everything the British people may think is bad or harmful.
So of course he would claim that Labour were the ones that were lying, incompetent and are going to tank the economy with their mindless tax policies.

According to Hunt, Labour is the party of raising taxes and lowering affordability while the conservative party is the one doing all the work hindering Labour and their corruption. It is a classic situation of pot meeting kettle, and the British people are the only ones that will be left losing.

Strip away all the spin and cherry picked stats, and you find that the hard truths remain.
Crumbling public services after unrelenting Tory austerity cuts. A growing chasm between rich and poor. Regional inequality entrenched by ongoing Tory neglect. And over a decade of feeble growth that’s left Britain trailing its peers.

These aren’t consequences of global crises but choices made in Downing Street. Choices reflecting misguided Tory values and priorities. Not the national interest.

Hunt’s rhetorical tricks can’t conceal the reality of falling living standards, declining productivity and eroded competitiveness after 12 Tory years.

Nor will voters tolerate his insulting assumption they’ve forgotten life under the Conservatives.

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