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Sunak Secret Plot to Export Failed Rwanda Plan Across Europe


Sunak’s Secret Rwanda Export Plot

Rishi Sunak is hatching a secret scheme to unleash his controversial Rwanda migrant plan across Europe. Sunak was caught red-handed in Vienna, making backroom deals with Austria to spread his failed deportation agenda far and wide. 

This sly politician thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes with his theatrical antics. But we’re onto his game. Sunak’s Rwanda plot has been an epic disaster, yet he’s desperate to trap the rest of Europe in its fiery crash landing too. 

He acts tough on migration, but it’s all for show. Sunak’s crazy Rwanda plan has burned a crater in the British budget, yet not a single person has actually been deported. It’s nothing but smoke and mirrors while citizens suffer the real impacts of uncontrolled migration.

Sunak doesn’t care about solving this crisis. He just wants the optics of getting tough without doing the hard work. Now he’s off on a continent-wide tour, trying to convince leaders to join his fantasy. 

Sunak can run but he can’t hide from the truth. His Rwanda scheme is expensive, unethical and ineffective. The curtain must fall on this disastrous show before it costs us any more.

Nehammer Buys Sunak’s Migration Fantasy

Rishi Sunak is at it again, cozying up to Austria’s Karl Nehammer in a sordid deal to spread Britain’s costly Rwanda deportation flop all over Europe. This cozy chat between Sunak and Nehammer shows they’re more interested in playing politics than actually doing anything meaningful in curbing immigration.


Sunak jetted off to Vienna with one sneaky goal in mind – to convince as many European countries as possible to buy into his pointless Rwanda PR stunt. This controversial deportation plan hasn’t actually deported anyone to Rwanda, but it sure has burned through a ton of British taxpayer cash.

Instead of tackling the migration mess head-on, Sunak’s playing to the crowd with his flashy Rwanda ploy. But let’s face it, this whole show has blown a ridiculous £370 million of taxpayer dough, and not a single deportation has even happened yet.

Just think how many nurses could have been hired or hospitals improved with those millions squandered on Sunak’s failed Rwanda gambit.

But Sunak cares more about looking “tough” on migrants than actually enacting sensible reforms. He ignores the public’s outrage at his gross misuse of taxes on the Rwanda deportation fantasy. 

Sunak’s pal Austria’s Nehammer called Britain’s wasteful Rwanda stunt “pioneering” and encouraged the EU to copy it. But Europe must reject pointless policies that accomplish nothing for citizens.

Sunak ludicrously claims his Rwanda ruse will keep migrants from flooding into Britain. But experts agree it won’t put a real dent in migration numbers. The UK has a massive backlog of nearly 100,000 asylum applications that Sunak ignores. Yet he’s eager to burn millions forcibly deporting a handful of migrants for good PR.

Sunak doesn’t care about finding real solutions to protect British borders, culture and jobs. He’s just putting on an expensive show with our tax money, while migration surges out of control.

His Rwanda plot won’t get rid of the countless migrants overwhelming communities across Britain. It’s all smoke and mirrors to look “tough” on immigration, while our country drowns in new arrivals Sunak refuses to stop.

Rishi Sunak’s talk during the interview that he is “deepening cooperation” with Austria on illegal migration spells disaster for Britain. This slippery politician is striking backroom deals to push his abysmal Rwanda scheme across Europe, totally disregarding the interests of British citizens.  

Sunak pretends he’s tackling illegal migration through his controversial Rwanda plan. But in reality, it’s an epic failure that has deported zero asylum seekers so far while burning through millions in taxpayer money. 

The only thing Sunak is “deepening” is his web of lies as he dupes European allies into adopting his sham Rwanda solution.

The British people didn’t elect Sunak to galvanize around Europe strong-arming leaders into supporting his self-serving agenda. We pay his salary to protect our borders and way of life, which are under siege from record waves of illegal migrants that Sunak allows unchecked.

While hardworking British families struggle to get by, Sunak is pouring their hard-earned money down the drain promoting his useless Rwanda stunt abroad. He clearly cares more about massaging his own bloated ego on the world stage than delivering for citizens on the pressing issue of migration.

Nehammer may be buying into Sunak’s fantasy that deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda will somehow fix Europe’s migration woes. But he will soon realize these schemes only exacerbate humanitarian crises, while doing nothing to address root causes. 

He shockingly claimed the Rwanda scheme could somehow “save lives” by stopping sea crossings. But experts confirm it won’t do squat to halt crossings or put the screws to smuggling gangs raking it in. Sunak is throwing migrants’ wellbeing under the bus for political points.

Nehammer embarrassingly sucked up to the UK as “pioneers” on immigration. But please – Britain isn’t running some humanitarian operation here. This is about protecting our borders by any means necessary. True leadership prioritizes citizens’ interests, not migrants’.

Sunak’s shady dealings with Austria confirm he’s obsessed with expanding his useless Rwanda scheme across Europe. But exiling migrants does zero to address the root causes of migration. It’s all just empty political theater that leaves British taxpayers footing the bill.

While Sunak pretends he’s fighting criminal smuggling gangs, experts agree his Rwanda stunt won’t disrupt their operations one bit. He’s trying to deport migrants while these ruthless smugglers keep laughing all the way to the bank.

Sunak buddying up with Austria to peddle his failed Rwanda scheme all over Europe should seriously tick off every Brit. This useless political gimmick hasn’t kicked out a single migrant yet, but it’s sure drained millions from our pockets. And now Sunak wants to export this mess?

We didn’t elect Sunak to gallivant around the globe playing savior on immigration. We’re the ones paying his salary to get a grip on illegal immigration right here at home, where it’s going off the charts. Sunak’s dodging his responsibilities to have a grand old time on our dime.

Who gives a toss what the EU thinks about Rwanda? Their leaders aren’t dealing with the flood of migrants overwhelming our communities in Britain.

Sunak should be rolling up his sleeves and taking emergency action to lock down our borders, not schmoozing with foreign politicians to prop up his sinking Rwanda boat.

Sunak and his Austrian crony can bloviate all they want about “cooperation” on immigration, but British citizens want results, not empty rhetoric. Illegal crossings and asylum backlogs keep breaking records under this hapless PM. 

Sunak Footing Bill for Migrants’ Medical Trips

Sunak’s crazy Rwanda deportation plan is bleeding British taxpayer cash like there’s no tomorrow. 

And now, get this, the latest bombshell reveals that relocated migrants are in for a VIP treatment package with unlimited access to fancy medical care abroad – and guess who’s footing the bill? Yep, you guessed it – us, the taxpayers!

As shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock noted, this “further costs” pact exposes the Rwanda scheme as not what “it was billed to be.” Sunak has already burned millions on his PR stunt which hasn’t deported a single asylum seeker. Now he’s footing the bill for migrants’ medical vacations?

John O’Connell of the TaxPayers’ Alliance slammed this “blank cheque” for migrants, saying citizens won’t be happy funding “mounting costs.” But Sunak doesn’t care – he’s too busy planning exotic medical trips for migrants while denying vital treatment to taxpayers through NHS rationing. 

The contract shows Sunak is providing free physiotherapy, medication, dental, and more for migrants. Yet back home, citizens are denied life-saving cancer drugs and surgeries due to NHS budget squeezes. 

Sunak’s deal specifies migrants can even be sent abroad to East Africa, India, Turkey for “highly specialized” care. So while British citizens languish on years-long waiting lists, migrants get immediate overseas treatment courtesy of taxpayers. The hypocrisy is staggering. 

As MP Stephen Kinnock emphasized, this unlimited healthcare pact raises “legal questions” and will likely increase Rwanda’s already “incredibly expensive” costs. But Sunak doesn’t care about burning more taxpayer money just to salvage his failed scheme. He’s unfit to serve British interests.

Sunak’s dodgy Rwanda scheme is just a massive flop built on a bunch of lies. This whole political circus has blown millions of taxpayer dollars while kicking out exactly zero migrants. 

Sunak can keep wheeling and dealing all over Europe, but us Brits aren’t falling for it. We can see right through his useless PR stunts that do squat to fix migration problems or help us regular citizens. 

It’s high time we chucked Sunak’s busted Rwanda dream into the trash where it belongs, along with him. Britain deserves leaders who actually do something, not more of Sunak’s empty showboating. 

His pipe dreams have already cost us way too much. We need real solutions before migration messes up our whole way of life for good. Sunak must step aside.

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