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Sunak is Blasted By Nigel Farage After Early Rwanda Scheme


The Tories Are Trying To Fool Everyone

Sunak and his flailing Tory government trumpeted their first removal of an asylum seeker to Rwanda as a victory for their disastrous policy. But it was no triumph – it was a bald-faced con job according to Nigel Farage.

Farage blasted Sunak and the Tories, urging the British people not to fall for their deceitful spin about the Rwanda deal. Because the touted “deportee” actually flew voluntarily after being rejected asylum and paid £3,000 of taxpayer money to relocate.

As Farage incisively stated, this African man didn’t even cross the Channel illegally. He followed proper process but was denied asylum. Now the corrupt Tories want us to believe their policy works because someone chose to leave and got paid for it. How much more disingenuous can they get?

Sunak is pathetically desperate for any pre-election deportation optics in Rwanda, even voluntary removal. it does nothing to resolve the core incompetence of their absurd Rwanda ploy however.

What’s worse, the incompetent Tories have now lost track of thousands of asylum seekers they aimed to deport to Rwanda. Out of 5,700 identified for removal, only 2,143 still report to the Home Office. The rest have likely absconded to dodge the Tories’ inhumane scheme

With the Tories’ latest corrupt hijinks, it’s clear the time has come to finally replace their bankrupt government with real change. No more pointless spin and delays – it’s time for action.

Sunak is Called Out By Farage

Sunak and his failed Tory government trumpeted its first removal of an asylum seeker to Rwanda as a victory for its beleaguered policy. But it was no mere triumph – but simply a devised con and a scheme according to Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage put Sunak and the Tories on blast as he urged the British people not to be conned with the government’s spin on the Rwanda deal, because the first man that was supposedly deported was only part of a voluntary scheme after being rejected asylum.

An unnamed migrant flew voluntarily to Rwanda after having his asylum claim rejected. He received £3,000 in taxpayer money to relocate. 

This was not done under the controversial Rwanda deportation scheme, but a separate voluntary program.

Sunak Is Desperate Before the Elections

As Nigel Farage rightly said, this African man did not even cross the Channel illegally. 

He went through proper channels but was denied asylum. Now Sunak and his corrupt Tories want us to believe their policy works because someone volunteered to leave, and was paid to do so. Can you get any more slimy and disingenuous than that?

So don’t be fooled – this proves nothing. The government’s real scheme remains grounded in the courts. No one has been forcibly deported. Despite claims of deterrence, small boats keep coming.

Suank is desperate and basically pleading for any pre-election deportation to Rwanda, even a voluntary removal. This is mere window dressing to create the illusion of progress before the local elections. But it does not address the core failure of their nonsense Rwanda policy.

This is the stale establishment politics that Reform UK aims to shake up. They believe in open and honest discourse about the danger of increased and illegal immigration, not tired virtue-signalling and mudslinging.

The Rwanda scheme is a mess because the Tories refuse to take the bold action needed. Trying to offload migrants after they arrive is too little, too late. Reform UK would have stopped the boats leaving France in the first place.

The Tories and Sunak offer half-measures that satisfy no one. They pledged to stop the boats but failed completely. Now they want to deport those who arrive to Africa, heedless of the diplomatic and legal difficulties.

Even if achieved, it will not prevent thousands more making the crossing this year alone. But the government clings to the policy to save political face, while hard working British people foot the bill for Sunak and his vanity projects. 

The British people have real concerns about illegal immigration that demand real answers. 

The Tories have lost control through sheer incompetence. We need pragmatic reforms to re-establish order, while affirming our tradition of welcoming genuine refugees.

The Rwanda scheme will not achieve this. Even if implemented after numerous delays, it is a financial and moral failure. We need bold yet practical policies, executed competently, to resolve this crisis.

Because the alternative is a Tory government headed by the likes of Sunak exerting effort and shovelling taxpayer money into nonsensical policies.

Policies that the Tories and Sunak are too incompetent to even enforce in the first place.

The Tories Lost Contact With the Immigrants

Documents reveal that thousands of asylum seekers earmarked for removal cannot be located by the inept Tory government.

Out of 5,700 identified for the scheme, only 2,143 still report to authorities. The Home Office ludicrously claims the rest are not “missing”, just harder to find. But experts confirm these migrants have likely absconded to avoid deportation.

What an utter clown show. Exposing the total failure and mismanagement of the Tories’ inhumane Rwanda plan seems to be second nature to Sunak at this point. 

The Tories vowed to take back control and stop the boats. Now they have lost track of the very people they pledged to remove. It is rank incompetence, simple as.

The government says it has “a wide range of tools” to track asylum seekers. But bullying tactics like electronic tagging were ruled illegal. And many do not live in government housing or have strict reporting requirements.

In truth, Sunak created a shambolic system where migrants can easily disappear if threatened with removal. 

The Tories’ Rwanda policy is so delayed and litigated that thousands set for deportation have vanished into Britain’s shadows and no one has enough data or power to track any of them down.

The policy was delayed so long by court challenges that identified migrants have melted away, making removal impossible. The Tories’ cynical politicking has directly enabled this outcome.

Their spin about deterring crossings through deportation threats is also untrue. Nearly 8,000 have arrived this year – an increase on 2022. Migrants know the chance of reaching the UK remains high while the risk of removal is low.

Truthfully however, the Rwanda scheme aims to satiate their voter base and virtue signal about stopping the boats and doing all the imaginary things that they failed to achieve in reality. 

Sunak couldn’t be bothered to solve the crisis. It is political theatre that lets the Tories posture as hardliners without fixing the broken system.

MP interventions could delay deportations further. This allows Sunak to parade toughness while avoiding enforcing a disastrous policy that members privately oppose. They want to have it both ways.

As Farage said, the Tories’ approach is “spin and gimmicks” that fails to address the root problems. We need honest discourse and pragmatic reforms, not posturing.

Tories Have Lost the Plot

Rwanda scheme or not, the Tories have lost control of our borders through sheer incompetence. We need a government that matches compassion with competence. That accepts the reality of the issue head on, not steering away and shouting empty slogans while not even attempting to do the job they set out for themselves right. 

The immigration challenges are obviously complex due to Sunak and the Tories, but it certainly doesn’t have to be like that. Because it is very much possible to reform our immigration system into one that is firm, fast, and concise. 

The first step is honest discussion, not a clear politicised spin about a single voluntary removal.

This vain development does not prove Rwanda deportations will work. 

If anything, It proves quite the opposite actually, with Sunak and his crooked Tories being shamefully desperate to show any kind of progress to tout and point at before the election. 

But spin and gimmicks will not stop the boats or restore control of our borders. And it will certainly not stop British voters from voicing their opinion and disdain for Sunak and the Tories as they vote the corrupt away from office and power. It is has been long overdue at this point

It is time for Britain to be great once again. It is time for some real reform.

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