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Sunak is Called Out by Labour Party for Tax Break Lies


Election Lies Get Called Out

Rishi Sunak and his panicked panicked election dash are off to a catastrophic start.

Sunak’s rash gambit has backfired spectacularly as the Conservatives scramble to kickstart their faltering campaign. But all they’ve managed is a never-ending parade of criticism, with the most recent one coming directly from the Shadow Chancellor.

Rachel Reeves of the corrupt Labour party took the chance to throw shots at SUnak and his economic policies by calling them reckless and an unfunded commitment to garner cheap support.

Sunak wants to blow £64 billion on pre-election bribes, leaving Britain’s finances in peril without any backup plan or strategy.

But can the labour party even be trusted as a credible alternative to Sunak on the economy? I think the answer is as clear as ever.

This election season promises to showcase the worst from both parties as they lie about non-existent accomplishments and bash each other for the same things they do.

If only the British people could truly take matter into their own hands and vote for a complete Reform.

Sunak Gets Called out by the Shadow Chancellor

Sunak’s rash decision to call an early election has taken everyone by surprise and has led to a few days of Tory chaos as Sunak and the Tories scramble to kickstart their incompetent and low effort electron campaign.

But what Sunak found was a string of increasingly embarrassing situations that led to him recently being in the limelight and lambasted by the shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves.

Rachel Reeves took a stark opportunity to call out Sunak, Hunt and all the supporting Tories on the lies and daydreams that they supposedly feed to the people in regards to taxes being cut. It is all an attempt to garner quick and cheap Tory support, but you didn’t need the Labor party to inform you about that.

What is specifically being highlighted by Rachel Reeves here as a big Sunak blunder, is the 64 billion pounds that the Tories claim they have the ability to give out to the British people after slashing taxes like the national insurance and the green levies to make up for the amount.

And since it is election season after all- comparing Sunak and Jeremy Hunt’s economic plans and wasteful spending commitments to the disastrous mini budget that former prime minister Lizz Truss has cursed all of us with before is certainly not out of place.

As Reeves unfortunately rightly stated, the Tories’ desperate last-minute gambits to cling to power are not only reckless but dangerous. Just like under Truss, the Tories are willing to destabilise the economy once again just for a crumb of positive political gain.

That however begs the question, how right is Rachel Reeves and the Labour party in their assessment of Sunak’s economic crisis? Is this something that is actually happening or is that another classic case of Labour twisting the truth to their benefit?

Sunak Continues to Fumble

Well, all signs point to Sunak fumbling the bag time and time again when it comes to the U.K economy as much as it pains us all to see an equally corrupt and incompetent party like labour bringing that up in a bid to win the election as well.

Rachel Reeves’ accusations stem from the belief that Sunak is reckless in his policies and that will end up tanking the british economy even further, and the clear and most recent example of that is the one thing that brought this discussion into question in the first place; it is the fact Sunak called for an early election without consulting with his advisors and party MPs even when there is no clear path to giving out good news about the economy to the voters anytime soon.

Sunak didn’t even let his own failing economic policies simmer for a while. He sends out Jeremy Hunt before the election announcement preaching the Tory gospel and lambasting the Labour party who is not the one in power currently, while inflation soars and affordability declines further and further.

And we have the evidence for that as well, because everything Sunak and Hunt claim they achieved can be easily debunked and refuted if you just took the time to think about the implications and objective reality.
14 years of Tory leadership did not increase wages, create millions of jobs, and stabilise the economy as a whole. 14 years of Tory leadership did the exact opposite of that.

The Tories don’t live in our reality even if they claim otherwise, because how can you declare non-existent achievements nonchalantly when every British person is calling for you to be booted from leadership?

Even the inflation that they are desperately trying to cling to as a sign of Tory economic policy working as intended is only half of the full picture.

Inflation has hit the target that Hunt has put in place himself but that doesn’t mean the U.K’s inflation is not the worst within the G7 and lacking the ability to hit worldwide projections.

What Hunt did and what Sunak clung on without a second thought is like a kid drawing a crooked line with crayons, declaring all problems to be solved once we reach that line, and expecting reality to bend its will just to satisfy their every demand.

But leave it to a chancellor like Jeremy Hunt to ignore all the Tories’ misdeeds that brought the British economy to its knees just to throw shade at his political opponents just like they are doing currently.

Jeremy Hunt Fighting Ghosts

Hunt thinks the labour party is the one responsible for all the U.K’s economic woes; But the labour party was not the one ruling for the past decade or so. It is quite ironic how a decade of Tory rule can be brought to signal achievements and then ignored for cheap political brownie points just minutes later.

But once again it is always a pot meets kettle situation. The labour party is in fact as bad as the Tories economically even if Rachel Reeves would love for you to believe otherwise.

She can claim it is the party of sound money and how they are learning from Margaret Thatcher’s economic policies to better the U.K but every move they make points to the fact that they are not even aware of the true extent of the economic crisis plaguing all of us. It is a party full of foolish, ambitious, and corrupt MPs that think they can easily save the world whenever and however they want.

The only saving grace for a leftist party that is also bad with money is that the British people are sick of a government wearing a conservative mask that It does not deserve one bit. Nevermind a prime minister that lives in an economic fantasyland while all of us suffer in reality.

So is Rachel Reeves right in her assessment and attacks towards Sunak? Unfortunately, yeah.

Is this supposed to sway you away from conservatism because the worst leftist party in the U.K said one right thing about a bunch of corrupt and incompetent Tories running the government? Obviously, no.

The only takeaway from this is that Britain clearly does not need Labour or Tory, Britain needs true conservative Reform.

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